Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I did it!

Run: 7.59km (55:56mins)
Calories: 851

I tried to make good on ALL my promises from the weekend. I tried to UN-DO all the yuckiness that infiltrated my body. And...

I think I did it!! I ran like a mad-man was chasing me! Woo! I followed that up with 100 sit-ups and push-ups... I felt good by the time I crawled into bed last night.

I felt good this morning when I peeled myself off the soft KING sized mattress sheets at 5am! It's my first EARLT shift... so far SO good, but I can't bask in my results... because dun dun dun... she came today and made me bloated! No weight loss... No goal reached... bloated and retaining water. Ew!

I am going to try SPINNING today with Kerrie... yay!


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