Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I feel energized (and excited)

Spinning: 50min
Calories: 977

I feel like today is JUST a good day! Richard's EXAM went well... and that is a HUGE weight off his shoudlers! I am SO proud of him.

As for me... the below post gives you a taste. I signed up for the BIGGEST LOSER at work. Of the 3000 employees at Rogers; 30 will get to partake in this event. I handed in my application on my way to spinning and over 200 people had already applied. I can only hope my track record will show my dedication to this and my weight will put in a position of needing help.

A few more details... its a 6 week program starting May 12th. We will be assigned to a team (equal parts male and female AND equal parts Beginner, intermediate (where I put myself) and advanced). With that team we have meetings with a personal trainer and lunch dates with a nutritionist. We are obiligated to daily work-outs and a food journal (much like I am doing now). Just like the TV show we are judged based on our loss of body fat percentage. We weigh in (and get measured) once at the start, middle and finals. The winner gets (not that the support and motivation isn't enough) $1000. YEA!

This opportunity (just the thought of it) has gotten me SO excited about working out... today's spin class I pushed harder than before... I also have weigh in tomorrow and cross our fingers I am down atleast 1 pound (4 to go by Friday).

I also don't have a lot of time at the gym this week.... Wednesday I am going to concert, Thursday I have a business lunch and Friday I am wisking my love away for a weekend adventure on his 25th birthday...

**Sidenote: I asumed the boy who doesn't like reading... and has access to this blog on tape (ie. me talking ALL the time) I made the asumption he didn't read my blog. Yesterday he mentioned (in passing) he saw my blog today. My heart skipped a beat... "had I mentioned the surprise weekend plans" ah! Lucky I had only made vague references to it. Although he did read about my former gym crush... oops.

So... that is all my excitment for the day! Woo! It makes me think I will save HOT YOGA Wednesdays (more to come) and Insanity for the week of May 12th... when The Biggest Loser starts.

Don't think I have forgotten about my commitment to Richard and Insantity. Honestly I think I am scared of it. Scared of not being able to do it. Scared of Richard seeing my like that... I am NOT a pretty sweat-er! BUT if I want to win the $1000, I need to get over that and kick my ASS everyday. I am making the commitment (on this blog) if I am blessed enough to get into biggest loser I will (dare I say it) give up chocolate. AH! It hurt to type... I love you Chocolate, but I need to do this!!

Ok... back to work. I am going to try and spin tomorrow, but we'll see!


PS - POLL RESULTS... 40% of my readers indulge with Chunky Munky Ice Cream - 20% of my readers secertly LOVE Charlie Harper - No one collects POGS or is willing to admit it - 20% of my readers indulge in SMUT (including me!).

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