Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Down One to go!

Spinning: 50minutes
Calories: 851

I just finished Leslie-Anns Spin class and YES! It was amazing... as always! I love to watch the sweat collect at the base of my bike.... (Ew, re-read that... its gross, but a great tell tale of what level you're working at!) I also unfortunaelty (yet, good for my work out) sat beside my '*Gym Crush'... besides having less of a crush (he has bad posture and make a weird noise when he tries REALLY hard... Think about it) I worked harder to not let him down.

**Fellow blogger.... funny BLOG...

We'll see how I feel this afternoon... I have 3 hours to burn between work and Brownies. Not the delicious brownies warm from the oven with crushed pecans and ooey-gooey icing dripping off the edges... Mmmm... but the cute little girls that use that cute-ness to get you to buy cookies EVEN while dieting. You swear you'll give them away, yet there they are in your desk for a weak moment. I am their leader... once  a week.  So I thought what a GREAT time to run my 8k, but I love Leslie-Ann's class... and I AM trying to loose 4 pounds in 9 days... I will double up today. Whewf! Wish me luck!

The real reason I am writing is because I have discovered something. First, let me say I am a BREADOHOLIC... anything bread... the whiter and fluffier the better. My Mum was a baker when I was growing up and BREAD has become a staple of mine. I started this journey determined NOT to give up bread, BUT in this last push (for this month... there will be another next month). I decided, to fill the sandwich void of my lunches, I would make hearty salad that would leave NO room for craving. Last night I set out to pick up some yummies to put in my salad. I love GOAT cheese on a salad so I thought I would grab a chunk... slab... slice... whatever you call it. I found this magical place of cheese (in my grocery store) and stumbled into a world of flavored GOAT cheese. This week i tried Cranberry Cinnamon Goat cheese on a Spinach Salad with Crushed Pecans and Fresh sliced Strawberries... I just ate it and YUM! Good choice! Go ME! PS - my salad was UNDER 400 calories INCLUDING dressing (Low Fat Rasp. Vin).

So I highly HIGHLY recommend a simple salad... I feel full and all my sweet cravings were met.

More to come... unless I kill myself on the treadmill tonight!


*Gym Crush: Cute guy at the gym you enjoy seeing, but have never (or would ever) approach. Mine is tall and fit with tight curly hair... looks like all the heros in my romance novels should look.

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