Friday, April 16, 2010

Kicking my OWN ass...

Stairmaster: 15minutes (60 floors!)
Rowing Machine: 10minutes (2000m)
Sit-ups: 100
Kick-boxing (+more Sit-ups) : 50mintes (the final class)
Calories: 1355

I thought I had been slacking in the past weeks... I always made excuses... I'm sick, I'm tired, it's my birthday. I still managed to get to the gym 4 times each week, but I just didn't feel like my effort was there.

Someone on my forum also made a GREAT point... as you start to get in shape you have to work HARDER to burn less calories. It's such a simple concept that I never thought about. It may also explain why my regular routine wasn't garnering results like it use too.

So yesterday I thought I would try something new and PUSH it. I didn't want to SPIN (my favorites are Tuesday & Wednesday) and I enjoy running on Monday and Friday... so, Thrusday was OPEN... atleast my lunch hour (KB in the evening).

I thought about what I wanted to try... I set a goal to do 30minutes on the stairmaster and MORE sit-ups. So I packed up my stuff and with the best intentions I headed to the gym. My back-up plan (if the machine was in use) was to run intervals for 30minutes. Secretly, I wanted the machine to be in use, but LUCKY ME it wasn't.

I got on the Stairmaster... I set it to LEVEL 5 for 30minutes. I started... it seemed easy. In an effort to PUSH myself I up'd the level to 6. This is the moment it FELL apart. I don't know how it works, but similar to the Treadmills designated course it has peaks and valleys to simulate hills... I didn't know they built stairs on hill, but I'm game. I gave it ALL I had... and trust me it took ALL I had to offer... I got to 5 minutes and I was out of breath (remember I can run 7.5k AND complete a 45minute SPIN class)... 10 minutes and I was keeled over. Did I stop? NO! I hadn't earned a pit-stop... I did however RE-VAMP my excerise idea. I would do 15 minutes on the Stairmaster and I would row. At 15minutes I am keeled over the machine, sweat is pouring of my body in a way I have NEVER seen before, my legs are burning and shaking. My mind is FUZZ. I am a mess... I get off the machine. Whewf! I thought 'alright arms, its your turn' and headed for the ROWMASTER (it's not called that, but if there is a 'Master' of stairs I think there should be a 'Master' of Row (or Rowing)... and the ROW master is born). I get on and set it to 2000m... I don't know what that means!!! I have NEVER rowed in my life (why did I think this was a good idea?). I start pulling back and find my rythm. I finished in just under 10minutes... I think that is a good time (again, I don't know). I know I worked hard because my BACK was killing me, my arms were burning... but surprisingly no sweat, except for the left over stair sweat.

It was time for sit-ups and BOY, was I ready to lay-down. I practised 'breathing' (ie CAUGHT my breath) for 5minutes and than worked through my 100 sit-ups. My hour was up and I changed (and weighed 'see previous BLOG') and headed upstairs.

I drove home for a quickie... of Ninetendo Wii... not Richard. Although he did play with me... I mean, play Wii with me. After much presuavion... (last time I yelled at him for killing me... it was Mario World and we were SUPPOSE to be a team).

Than I set out to TAN (a gift from Lauren) and go to KB... the last class. I tanned and it felt warm and yummy. I drove over to KB... in enough time to get an oil change and bumped into an old student of mine... yup, one of my 6th graders now OWNS a garage. CRAZY... I am 27. I was a student teacher... I feel the need to clarify!

Anyways... I get to a VERY desserted KB and fear the class has been cancelled. NOT my last CLASS! Obviously it wasn't cancelled or my work-out log would be a lie. Anyways... class is full and Doris is EAGER to torture us! And she does... I worked until I couldn't. Literally, my mind couldn't over power my muscle. They quit... I understand, I gave them little choice, it was a LONG and stressful day.

Class was GREAT! An amazing way to say 'good-bye'. Surprising me... they noticed the change in my body. Both instructor commented on my NEW slimmer body and single CHIN... yup just one. It felt good for them to notice. They took a lot of the credit... pretty presumptious considering I went to KB once a week, but I let them think it was ALL there hard work and thanked them for helping me.

I tried to go home and go to bed... I am used to 10hours AT LEAST of sleep, but with early shift I am lucky for 5 and I am tired. I try to do laundry, but can't AND just as I am about to drift off to dream land... the washer becomes available AND Richard reminds me he needs to study! Needless to say... I am tired today, but happy to report. I finally measured and although it appears my weight is staying the same... I have lost another 3inches, bringing my total to 16inches loss (its more, but I gained in my legs and chest).

I am happy... I am wearing my tight jeans and HEY, they aren't tight!

I am up to run 8k today... wish me luck.


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