My life as a Mum.

I am also a Mummy-esque. 

I think that better defines me, because the challenge of being a Mum is greater than the challenge of being healthy. It is also my 'WHY', the reason I do this? To be a better Mama, to live longer and to never be a burden to my son. I will always take care of him... he will never take care of me.

So who makes me a Mama?

This is Thomas and Zachary

Thomas at 10 months old
Zachary at 2 months old

Thomas is in his second year of life. He is a feisty little guy FULL of sass. He is on the go and keeping me active. He teaches me about patience everyday. He is exhausting and wonderful.

Zachary is the newest team member and I don't know him all that well just yet... besides crying his favoutire thing to do is eat. He's a spitting image of sweet Thomas.. wish me luck!

I love you both, the most.

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