Thursday, May 19, 2011

See the below post...

...for countdown. Something fishy is happening in bloggerland.

I feel like I haven't attended this blog in a long time. In fact, I don't even feel like I have been ME in a long time. With so much change going on in my life its a lot to take in.

The change is in 13 days I will be living in a house with my beloved and NO parents. You can't begin to understand what my life is like... let's just say I was devastated when the blogger address 'mycrazymotherinlaw' was taken. Yes, I looked for it. And yes, I went to the blog to compare her scary mother-in-law stories with my own and was incredibly disappointed when it was an abandoned blog!! No posts!! Oh the things I could tell you!!

Let's start with Tuesday nights dinner. We sat down to eat (not me, I cook for myself early in the evening) and Richard decides it is time to discuss our latest revelation, that getting married in Italy would be amazing (I assume you agree, only a fool would not). We thought we could have an amazing life experience and get married in a castle all for less than half the cost of the traditional wedding I am being forced to plan, which doesn't even include a honeymoon.

**Side note: I hate weddings and all they entail. Its a waste of A LOT of my money.

Anyways, we decided to open up the discussion to his very close minded parents. I thought they would object, but still be up for discussion. I have never been SO wrong. His father went from happy to quiet and pissed off while avoiding eye contact and his mother nearly died. Literally! And did I mention I AM paying for the wedding? She stopped breathing, starting convulsing and crying, the entire time staring directly into my eyes with a look of pure hatred.

**Side note: This was not my idea, but it would be eloping ALONE in Italy.

She shook for a solid 30 minutes unable to speak, eat or think. She refused to discuss it. Now the biggest frustration is the fact that my fiance took this childish temper tantrum has a reason to call of the Italian wedding we were both so excited about only an hour ago. This put me into a fit of rage. I have never hated my life, that family or this house more than I did in that selfish moment.

That is why I deserve the 'mycrazymotherinlaw' address. On top of all of that she is still excited about planning this money pit of a wedding in southern Ontario. My quiet rebellion? No more planning. I will show up on the day of and that's it. Let them figure out the details.

Than this happen...

... and I feel better.

I am a foodie. Let's see what the scale says tomorrow. Still 1 pound away from my goal.. ARGH!

Please comment and tell me I am not a terrible person. I feel bad blogging about my mother in law, but it is this or physically hurt myself... i thought this was a better option. ARGH! 13 days! Thank god!


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