Wednesday, May 11, 2011

3 weeks!

You know where I will be in 21 days?!?!

Yup, 3 weeks, 21 days... only a few more hours (504 actually) until the big day. I couldn't be more excited! Yay!

I am happy today. I don't have an overwhelming reason why... I was late for work, it cost me $52 to fill my hatchback and I am slightly nauseous, but I'm happy and I am not going to let it waver.

I am back on track from the weekend... not that I had lost track, but I still only have 2 pounds to loose. I am THRILLED. I might hit the goal this week... it might be early next week, who knows?!

I did a wicked spin class and I feel like I am finally catching up. For the longest time (2 years) I attended class every week and still it got harder with every class. I did research into my disease, figuring there has to be SOME reason why I can't seem to build the muscles needed to keep up with Kerri. I read a few articles about the muscle growth in people with Hypothyroidism and the lack of memory, but nothing substantial. For now I just had to except I will never be a spinner... BUT the point (long winded at that) is that I am not starting to remember, at least my muscles are. I can feel myself getting stronger and I love it.

Maybe this Detox thing is a hoax, but it feels good and I am happy about that. That is why I am happy... my body is working, finally.

On another muscle related note... my body fat percentage is down 5%!!! Why is that so amazing? Besides the fact that that is a lot... because for 2 years (since I started this fitness thing) I have been at 45% body fat. I doubted the scale and hated that I could never make that number move... keeping in mind i have lost 40 pounds and still it read 45%. In the last 6 weeks it has dropped to 40.8%... still high for me, but at least it is finally moving. Woo!

Part of me things its the fact that I am actual conscious of what I am consuming. The other part things its the 25 minutes of weights I do every night. EVERY NIGHT... go me! I have never been this consistent and I have never had these results... something has to be connected.

I use 7 pound weights and while I watch TV I do arm work (I want a strapless gown at my wedding, it is HUGE motivation). I rarely realize how long i have been doing it, changing sets when I just can't squeeze out one more repetition.

Ok... ramble is over.

This was suppose to be a quick post... oh well.


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