Friday, May 20, 2011

12 days!

12 days and 0.6 pounds... those are my countdowns. Woo!

I wish I was in the mood to really celebrate, but yesterday's post has its ramifications (not the post) the fight. Being at the house (which is not a home) is killing me. It's a tension filled death trap and I loathe going there every night.

It was hard last night to go home and be polite. I lack those acting skills. I kept to myself and it seems to appease the masses, but in their happy little bubble they believe everything is fine. Why would they be upset THEY are getting what they want???


The only upside is its only a few more days till I have my own space, where I can be apart of the rule making. Richard is wonderful and I love him so much... he has temper tantrums like his mother, but his I can defuse and still come to a compromise we are both satisfied with.

That begs the question... Can you love your spouse and despise their family? Is it really a package deal?

Other exciting news... Cassy found her wedding dress! She said it was a terribly traumatic experience, but worth it for the dress she found. I am so happy for her! I wish the news would have come at a time I didn't hate weddings and all they entail, but I think I mustered up enough excitement to keep her on that 'I just found my dream dress, and I am marrying the man of my dreams' high.

Anyways... I am going to take my negativity else where.

Happy Long Weekend!! Three WHOLE days trapped in my Fiances Mothers house.

Love! (?)

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