Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I did it!

Yup! On Saturday I hit my goal. I strayed from it on Sunday and Monday and even a little bit today, but on Monday I hit my goal. It only took me 15 months, but successfully lost 47 pounds, 5% body fat and over 23 inches.


I celebrated with a BIG bowl of ice cream... not kidding.

I have also revised my goal for another 15 pounds, by Christmas. And another 10 pounds by July 1, 2012.

I feel good about all of it. I never thought I would get this far (I have set this goal MANY times). I think its... wait this is going to get gooey... Richard. He is so supportive. I don't have to hide anything and he makes sure to reward me with all kinds of cuddles. Dorky... I know, but I love when he hugs me and comments on finally being able to get his arms around me.

I needed to prove to him and myself, that I am capable of losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight. I want babies and I don't want to fear the scale with every pregnancy.

On another note...

8 days! 8 Days! 8 DAYS!!

No more double digits... next week, we move out of Acton and into adulthood. Woo!

I am hoping to get to spinning class today, but I have SO much work to do (because I am off most of next week and the following week).



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