Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Its Tuesday.

Yup! The countdown has left Facebook, or grown from Facebook on to this blog.

Only a few days left of Mother-in-Law goodness, mere weeks until total independence, and 41762 minutes until NAKED Tuesdays!

And what am I doing to distract myself? Besides making countdowns in every form possible...

I am triumphing over smaller countdowns, like today a countdown ended. The Post-Detox Diet countdown is over today. Technically I can eat WHATEVER I want. I am not going to, because I have no desire to spoil my 6 weeks of hard work, but I could and that is all that matters.

The Post-Detox has gone well... I had a rough week last week and it shows. I battled mother nature, a disgruntled parent, a vigilante bunny made of chocolate and the birthday of a much deserving foodie. I cheated, but I felt the consequence and probably won't do it again. I say 'probably' because we all know I LOVE food and will give in to temptation again, but my cravings have lulled and I feel better about myself. My body is functioning at high capacity and my mind is clear.

I would recommend a guided detox to everyone (and I have).

I am curious about tonight's appointment, in fact I have two. My first is with a 'Food' doctor. She has a 'real' title, but I don't know it. She is going to test my system with over 250 different foods and give me a full break down of my bodies intolerance and possible allergies. I don't know what to expect, but chocolate may be on the chopping block (I teared up, just typing that *sniff*).

I also can't decide if it is all a scam. For 28 years I have been eating food. How can I now have an issue with them? My best guess (because I often argue with myself) is I have always had issues with foods... it would explain all my ailments, but I hate it.

Oh well... I have rambled enough.

29 days... that's it!!



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