Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm a white girl, by every stereotypical definition of the word. I want to be culturally educated and have travelled the world to better understand different races and religions, but I am still just a un-coordinated white girl.

Imagine my surprise when my favorite step class was been cancelled in order to host a guest instructor... a Bollywood Dancer. I was already in my sweats and looking for a work-out, so I signed up. I am always happy to try new things and have new experiences, but as previously stated I am un-corodinated.

What a class! I hid in the back, trying to hide my in ability to shake it on beat. Most of the movements are a lot of shaking and hip thrusts, with chest thrusts and shaking. There is way too much bouncing and intricate steps, with even more complicated hand movements. I was jiggling all over the place!

I was laughing and enjoying myself AND working up a sweat. I am a little sore right now... an hour of bollywood dancing in an intense work-out. I won't do it again... I like simple things I can follow and push through. I spent most of the class confused, but for your enjoyment... the rest of the class was middle aged, over weight, white women all as unco-ordinated as me.

Go ahead, picture it.

I broke out in fits of laughter several times.

All in all I feel good... relieved and relaxed.

34 days until I move into my house and only 5 days left of post detox.



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