Monday, April 25, 2011

The day after...

I am a mess today... bloated and crampy, heavy and full. I went above and beyond yesterday to enjoy too much Easter. I cheated on Sunday with chocolate... it was bound to happen, its the chocolate holiday, its allowed.

Turkey dinner with my in-laws, was great... I didn't cheat with dinner, but I did eat A LOT! I mean 3 helpings of turkey, 2 baked sweet potatoes, a bushel of brocoli. I didn't have the gravy or the stuffing... I was good, until dessert.... warm chocolate chip cookie cookie with ice cream, drizzled with caramel sauce... I am only human!

It was so good, but I am feeling it today and based on the scale that splurge made me gain 3 pounds!! 3 POUNDS! That's insane... I am sure it is also because I ate a mountain of food right before bed (it was late dinner) and we're leading up to that time, when my body retains water and causes a muck.

So all and all... I feel ok with my weekend episodes... I am not proud and I am being accountable for my actions.

I will head to the gym today and run away from it all.

Wish me luck.


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