Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm not sick!

YAY! I am finally not sick and actually starting to feel the benefits of this detox.

I feel great. That's it. I have no complaints, other than the mass amounts of work I have to do today.

The only known upset is the fear I am feeling about doing this alone and not being accountable to anyone anymore... based on my benefits package my next visit with Nicole will be my last until the next calendar when I have a new account to empty.

Wish my luck... I am 5 pounds away from my 20-10 resolutions and honestly I never thought I would get there. I am also 5 pounds away from going wedding dress shopping *girly squeal*.

I will keep at it and see what happens... who knows by the ends of next week I could do it.

I am hoping to get to step today... its always a calorie burner and I hope work allows me to go.

I have to run!


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