Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Or so I thought...

I met with  Nicole (my Naturopath, but I hate typing that word) last night. I am happy to say she was happy with my diet over the last 3 weeks. She was thrilled I stuck to it and was impressed by the diversity of my meal plans.

She followed up all the praise with... now we start the POST detox plan. This will take over the next 3 weeks. Its a lot of the same rules, but this time she has limited my portions AND limited my snacks. That being said I do get fruits back, natural sweeteners (honey, maple syrup) and lean beef. I am less regulated on my daily consumption, but I still can't have sugar, wheat or diary.

So I should feel better BUT I don't, because on top of giving up everything I love... I am sick. I have the worst sore throat I have ever had... and because of the pile of papers at  my desk. I am at work.

Oh yea and I get goat cheese... I don't know how I feel about that yet.

All of this is followed up with an appointment with a food... um... I think she is a food doctor, but I'm not sure. She will test over 250 foods with my system and let me know what I am truly allergic too.


Wish my luck.


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