Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm funny.

At least I think I am. I have funny thoughts about silly things that will make me laugh.

Like, my inability to say 'Abnominally'. It always comes out wrong... and every time I say it I laugh. I never thought anything of this until Richard pointed out that I laugh hysterically at my own own flaw.

I have been know to lose focus while walking... I will focus on something small and forget I am in a crowd of business professionals. The other day I was walking to the gym and something on the floor caught my attention. I then started skipping from tile to tile trying to avoid the cracks. I am bouncing along for a good 2 minutes before I remember I am at the office of one of the biggest media companies in Canada, and I laugh at myself.

I have been known to break in giggle fits over things no one remembers. Like, the day Mat, my co-worker, was stretching after hurting his back the night before playing basketball... one good lunge and he tooted. I am giggling right now.

I am also funny in a non-haha way. Like, I hold my breath when I walk past ugly people because I don't want to smell their ugly. Or I eat only with plastic cutlery, because metal on my teeth makes me cringe. Funny in a way that people don't understand, but love me regardless.

I am funny.

Anyways the point of this blog was to mention the speed and angle of my mind is clearly different than most. And when I get on the scale (see I brought it back to 'fitness-ish') and I see a number I don't like (like the 3 pound gain from turkey indulgence) I think of the day that I was 20 pounds heavier and thrilled to see that number... I remember how it felt to be that size and then I have a little leniency for my slight gain. It's not a get out of jail free card, but a rationalization that I am human and I have flaws... most of which I can laugh at.


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