Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day One...

I am getting the hang of this... finally. I actually had a satisfying dinner and am excited about my lunch. I am allowed a small amount of goat cheese everyday (1 ounce). I am going to abuse that right and eat goat cheese ALL THE TIME!

Last night I also quenched my thirst of bread... I found gluten-free, diary-free, sugar-free Millet loaf. It was alright... even good toasted with my scrambled eggs. It felt so good to sink my teeth in. I went to bed full... not just because I was congested, but because I had a full day of food and it felt good.

I think the underlying reason for all these food restrictions is to take food out of my every thought and make it JUST food. I can't focus on my diet because its not worth it... I don't dream about, drool about it or fantasize about it, but I think that's because swimming in a pool of chocolate is WAY better than a pool of gluten-free, sugar-free sludge. I am quickly becoming a person that eats to live and doesn't live to eat... a sad realization, but I am happy to make changes to be healthy.

I even powered through spinning yesterday. I survived the entire class and felt good. I haven't done that in weeks... now if I could just shake this stupid cold I would be good.

Vitamin C is my very best friend and the tropical fruit chewables are just like candy ;)

Another day...

Wish me Luck.


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