Friday, October 29, 2010


BOOT CAMP Circuit: 45minutes
ABS: 10minutes
Calories: 500+

Again today I didn't feel like going to the gym. I have a LONG weekend (not because of actual length, but because of busy-i-ness) a head of me and frankly working out is an inconvenience. Lucky for me… its now routine and I feel weird sitting at my desk from noon to 1. So I grabbed my bag, full of fresh gym clothes and headed downstairs. I have NO plan. I get down there and stand in line… I don't know what for, but it’s a long line of fit people so I stand. When I finally get to the head of the line it’s a sign-up sheet for BOOT CAMP with BAMBI! AH!

I am NOT ready for this, but with a pizza lunch. I had NO choice.

I walked into the empty 'class room' it was cold and dark. The lights weren't on. I got a chill up and down my spine. The goose bumps on arm had goose bumps. Side note: The FINISH word for 'Goose Bumps" directly translates to 'Chicken Skin'… or at least that's what Uncle Manfred for me… He's from Finland). Slowly wary gym goers trickle in, all with a look of panic. They knew what was a head and they looked panicked. I knew I was in over my head. I knew I was in for a work out.

Finally someone speaks…

"I am not ready for this" Said the little hairy man (who would later bump me out of my spot, but literally standing in my spot).

"I haven't been in two weeks and I am still sore" Said a slim woman in full Lulu gear.

Aimlessly we wandered around the room. Trying to keep warm, to prepare ourselves for what was to come.

Suddenly the lights flick on and there is BAMBI.

ha Ha HA!

She smiles so wide and looks so innocent, but quickly gets to work setting up the circuit of death.

Station #1 - Non-stop push-ups
Station #2 - Plank
Station #3 - High Knees
Station #4 - Backward lunges
Station #5 - Step Ups and squats
Station #6 - Backwards row
Station #7 - Hopscotch (Hopping from corner to corner)
Station #8 - Wall Squats (Sitting on an invisible chair with 10lbs in each hand… above your head)
Station #9 - Sprints
Station #10 - Lateral raises
Station #11 - Jumping Jacks
Station #12 - Balance on the Exercise Ball (on your knees)
Station #13 - Jump Ups (Jump on the step, squat and jump off)
Station #14 - Bicep Curl with Forward Lunges
Station #15 - Fast Feet
And finally…
Station #16 - Burpies

All seems feasible, but you rotate every 60 seconds. By station three my muscles are shaking. Beads of sweat trickle down my back and she smiles and she screams 'HARDER'. Each time the whistle blows you breath a small sigh of relief before the next punishment. She is ALWAYS watching. Every pause for a breath she sees and demands more. Every hesitation she catches and pushes you further. It's all a game and she's making the rules.

Terrible words fall my lips as I try to keep pace. Sweat stings my eyes. I push on.

Finally it ends. I collapse in a pile on the floor. I am sweating, shaking and moaning. I am tired. I am exhausted. I am fulfilled. I love her class. I love it so much even with nothing left I stay for ABS.

Now I sit at my desk, full of pizza wondering if it was all worth it.

Happy Halloween everybody!


*** I weighed in, but with the time of the month I am not logging it. I didn't gain. As for push-ups. I did 42 last night.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Apparently NORMAL is out of the question this week...

Step Class: ONE HOUR
Calories: 690+

Wow! I think I died. I don't know why this week I am feeling SO rebellious, but I haven't done anything normal. They say its good to shake things up, but I STILL don't know who 'they' are. I haven't craved the gym like I normally do. I have pushed myself to go, even on the bad days. I suppose that in its self is progress, but why can't I just take it easy??? Today again I intended to spin and again Peter was teaching the class. I opted out and went to the noon class... today it was a one hour STEP class with Angela.

I have never bounced SO much in my life. As I wrote to my Aunt...

" I went to a step class today and realized my limbs are NOT organized enough for this.

The class starts off slow... I step on the step, I step off. I don't completely understand the directions, but the people in front of me seem to be pros' so I follow their lead... until all hell breaks loose and its a... knee up repeat, shuffle, side lift, knee up, march, k... stomp, meringue... WTF?! I am sweating more than I intended and I can't figure out what my feet are doing... my arms aren't even working together... one is up while the other is down... I punched the girl in front of me... twice. I knee'd the girl on the other side of me and fell over my step MORE THAN ONCE.

I was a sweaty ball of nothing when I was done and I still feel hot and gross. Hot and Gross and accomplished. What a class... I wish I had been more prepared. Hopefully it gets my metabolism going..."
She had a nice chuckle at my expense so I thought you should as well. I barely survived the entire class, but I did better than most and that's good enough for me. I think I might attempt her class again next week and make it more of my routine. It's like a swift kick in the gut I need once a week, plus weigh in is tomorrow and I want to be on target. I am still trying to drop the pounds from the cruise.
On the health front... I went downstairs to ask Dr. Dave (we have a Doctor's office in our building for staff only... yea, I am spoiled) about my chapped lips. They are really bad and have been since my dentist visit. I thought maybe it was an allergic reaction. Anyways, I only go to this doctor when I can't get to my family doctor. The left time I went was for my DVT (deep leg thrombosis... the thing that caused all the weight gain and now weight loss). So he asked me about it. I filled him in on the last year and he made me do blood work. Turns out the dry skin on my lips isn't just chapped lips... its a symptom of hypothyroidism i.e my meds aren't working again. This could explain the lull in my weight loss.
So on top of doing a stupid-ridiculous-step class... I had blood taken (it took 3 tries - OW!). I am feeling a little dizzy, but I am following up with my standard chocolate pudding. Mmm...
So I think you are completely up to date on all that ails me.
Sorry about the long post. I have more to say, but it will have to wait. Let's just save there is something savoury simmering in my slow cooker RIGHT NOW. Mmm...

Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 0

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

On The Ball...

On the Ball: 25minutes
Calories: 290

I did Angela's on the ball class. I love Angela. We used weights and worked with the ball, on the ball and off the ball. I wanted to get 15 minutes of running in, but it didn't time out and I didn't have time to waste.

I did my push-ups last night... 33. My arms and chest hurt, but I did it. I don't know if I will make it to 100, but I am giving it the old college try.

Wish me luck. I have a job interview tonight. I am getting a second job to get me closer to a new house.

Pounds to loose: 15(-9) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 33

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Step Class: 45minutes
Calories: 596

I did NOT know what I was getting myself into! I didn't want to spin with a different instructor so I signed up for the noon hour class. I didn't look to see what it was. It was step.

Let me just say I am NOT co-ordinated enough for this class.

I survived, but barely!

Push-ups DAY TWO tonight.


Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 0

Monday, October 25, 2010

Running on the weekend...

Running: 35minutes (5k)
Calories: 540

I ran on the weekend.. what was I thinking?!

I was thinking about NOT running Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I was also thinking about this afternoon and my dreaded dental appointment. You see this afternoon I am having dental surgery. I am NOT a wimp, but I hate the dentist. Its a necessary evil.

I won't be getting to the treadmill today. Hopefully I am coherent enough to get to the gym tomorrow, but not today.

My run yesterday went well... it is now fall. It is now cold outside. I only did a 5k, because with the heat of my run I couldn't tell how cold I actually was and I can't risk being sick... again.

I did try out a new running program... Runkeeper. My Nike+ sensor is officially dead. Ironic really, I just got the shoes with the little space for it and it dies. Until I can get a new one I am using Runkeeper... I feel guilty, but I like it. It is simple and organized. I really like it. It will be hard to return to my former partner.

I also started my 100 push-ups routine. In fact, I completed 25 push-ups yesterday. My arms were shaking and sweat was collecting on my brow. I felt warm all over, but I did it. I am not as sore today, as expected, but I am sore and happy to be on the right path... For tracking purposes... my arms have always been a 14; by that I mean 14inches around. Gross! I hate my arms, but I am ok admitting their girth, because I am changing them.

Side note: They have ALWAYS been 14. Even as I lost the weight my arms remained 14. Weird.

Ok... I have lots of work to do before I duck our early to have my face hacked open (a little over dramatic??).


Pounds to loose: 15(-9) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 25

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Muscles... burning.

Muscle Up: 45minutes
Calories: 550

I did muscle up today. I was NOT good at it. I could NOT keep up. I am now tired and disappointed in myself... again. And between you and me I am NOT wearing the right panties to be jumping around and kicking... I'm just saying.

I did my 'Intial Test' for Hundred Push Ups. I got to 10. That's not bad... I was shaking by the time I finished. I did it cold, before the class. I think that is a great starting point. I am actually starting the schedule on Monday.

I know this looks like I am weird spider head with LONG arms, but it is me doing a push-up.
It looks better if you squint.

Why this sudden PUSH for more exercise... I had SO much fun on the trip. I fit into all my old summer clothes and THOUGHT I looked adorable. Then I saw the pictures. I was so upset I wanted to cry. I am NO WHERE near where I thought I would be after loosing 36 pounds. ARGH! I wanted to scream... I want to be happy with my body, but no matter how hard I work I am not!

Ok... rant over. I am back on track and hoping to stay that way. I am still hoping to hit my goal before Christmas. Wish me luck.


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 10

First SPIN...

Spinning: 40minutes
Calories: 640

I swear I was sweating Pina Coladas! I was SO not ready for this class and SO disappointed in myself. I was gone for a week. I missed the gym for only a week (while walking EVERYwhere and swimming for hours every day) and I lost all my muscle. I hate Hypothyroid. It is really screwing with my routine.

I finished the class in a sweaty ball of Pina Colada goo.

Hopefully I fall back into the swing of things this week. I have a lunch on Thursday, but I will try and make it out for a run when I get home.
I also killed my Nike+ sensor... or better yet the x-ray machines did. That was interesting to explain to the airport security. "why do you have a sensor in your shoe?"

Anyways... officially today I am 6 pounds up from PRE vacation. I am still hoping to widdle that number down by Friday, but we'll see.

I am starting a NEW program (thanks to Loseit!) called 'hundred push ups'. It is a  week program that teaches how to do REAL push-ups. I have always hated my arms most of all and never find the time to work them out, because I tend to prefer cardio. I am hoping this schedule will be enough to kick start my arms... or 'punch' start my arms?

I will be posting my daily push-ups, once I get started... let's watch the numbers grow together... shall we?


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 0

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Cruise... the details.

We packed up and left our little house in Acton, prepared for adventure on the VAST ocean.

On Friday night we said good bye to the dogs (Mom did, I quietly celebrated my escape from the hairy, drool ridden monsters). We piled into the van with 2 suitcases each and headed to Oakville to meet our fifth and sixth members… Sue and Dan. Their house was full of excitement with house sitters, kids, cats and puppies all eagerly awaiting our departure.
We hit the Lewiston border around 11pm and with no line-up we zipped through. We found our hotel seconds from the airport and settled in. Mom got a great nights sleep… Richard and I did not. Dad has developed a tolerance for Mom's breathing patterns over their 30 year marriage. I have not. At 5am Richard and I slipped away to find some peace and quiet… which we obtained in the arcade. After realizing all of our money was in BILL form and locked away in our shared room we ventured into the dining room of our Holiday Inn, where we discussed the excitement of our trip. At 6:30 we inhaled our complimentary breakfast and preceded to wake our fellow travelers.

We made it to the airport and through security with no issues… in fact, we made it all the way to Fort Lauderdale Florida without any hiccoughs.

We arrived around 12:30pm and collected our luggage. It was finally time to see the ship. We hopped in our shuttle and headed to the dock yard.

It was MASSIVE… only rivaled by the 'Oasis of the Sea' (biggest ship on the ocean) docked next door.

We made our way through another set of security screens and all the way up to the deck - only stopping for a quick second to log-in and set up our accounts. For those who have NEVER been on a cruise -- you get a magical card that works as your credit card, room key and ID. It is all you need to do anything your little heart can dream up.

Richard and I found our room on the 6th floor (Upper). We were directly across from the elevators (very convenient and easy to find after lounging with the drink(s) of the day). Our Balcony suite was surprisingly roomy and exceeded our expectations. We didn't stay inside for long… we had a BIG ship to explore. Mom came to find us, because there was no way we were going to find our own way to the Lido deck… the Lido deck is where all the fun happens. It's the top of the boat and houses all the buffets, swimming pools, lounging chairs and even a water slide. It offers the best views and is where we spent most of our 'on board' vacation.

After finding the rest of our party we found seats in the sun and had our first drink of the day… drink of the day is a revolving, kaleidoscope of flavor. Richard attempted to enjoy EVERY drink of the day and only failed a few days. My drink of choice was a Hurricane Wave… its one part Hurricane and on part banana daiquiri. Richards drink of choice (beyond Rye and Ginger) was a Miami Vice, a strong reminder of our trip to Mexico, it's half strawberry daiquiri and half pina colada… high in calories and BIG on flavor.

After a quick nap we dressed up (even casual dinners involved a wardrobe change) and headed to the POSH dining room - this is where we ate every night we were on board. Table 310. It’s a fancy restaurant where you have 3 waiters eager to learn all your favorites. They pull out your chair, lay your napkin on your lap and get you anything you ask for.

We ordered a bottle of wine and ordered from the extensive 3 course menu. The food was incredible… (hence the 10 pound gain).

After dinner a very tired Melanie escaped to bed, with a slightly less tired Richard in tow.

I triumphed the next morning (Sunday) at 7am I was up, dressed and on my way to the track. We were in the middle of nowhere with crystal blue ocean all around us. The track is on the highest outdoor level (14) and takes you (the runner) around the smoke stack. The track is rubber and soft. 6 laps = 1km. I ran for about 35minutes. It started to get hot and I called it quits.

Back in our room Richard was awake and ready for breakfast… after a quick shower I joined him on the Lido deck for breakfast… the biggest buffet I have ever seen… perfectly punctuated with a Miami Vice hand delivered to my lounge chair, by a very excited Richard.

After breakfast I chose to lay around the Lido deck and read my book.

Richard went to explore with Dad.

In the afternoon Dan took us for a tour… the adult section has everything from hammocks to hot tubs, lounge pods to great views, but Richard and I hadn't found it yet. When we got up there the only way (only way for me) down was the 2 storey slide. It twists all over the place and is a great ride even with the salt water wedgie at the end.

I am that splash.
The afternoon was full of entertainment with a Hairy Chest contest… Richard didn't enter, but I was a judge… a mixology master competition and a steel drum band.

I got a wicked sun burn and headed inside for the evening. It was time to get all jazzed up for our first formal dinner. I put on my strapless, full-length summer dress; Richard wore a matching dress shirt and pants. We met up with everyone at our table in the POSH dining room. The food was again incredible, but this time the waiters put on a show. They had a different dance routine for every night. I believe the first night was 'Apple Bottom Jeans, boots with the fir…' It was hilarious to watch.

After dinner with poised with professional photographers and took some amazing family pictures. The ship has an army of photographers that capture every moment and for a small fee you can take those pictures home with you.
That night we sampled the nightly entertainment… the introductory show. It was hosted by Ryan, our cruise director, and ended with a serious dance competition. We were all laughing through most of it. The non-stop drinks helped that as well.

We slept in the next morning (Monday). In the afternoon Richard and I headed to an art auction… with free Champaign, we quickly realized we were out of our league and headed to the Diamond lesson with Melanie (convenient). We spent under an hour learning about cut, colour, clarity and carat. Which was definitely worth it, but that's for later.

We explored the boat and lounged by the pool, watching the clouds roll in as we docked in Puerto Rico.

The air was thick (97% humidity) and the rain was light. The views from the boat were incredible. San Juan was out first stop and I was excited. We hopped off the boat and began our exploration. We ventured down alleyways and into little shops.

We had missed the castle tours and tourist-ie stuff (everything closed at 5pm as we docked). It was hot and we were sweating. Richard nearly keeled over in a store, because of the heat. The island was tropical and vibrant. The views could have been better, but I enjoyed myself. We ended up at Barrachina - the birthplace of the Pina Colada… where I had a Mijito… I don't like Pina Colada. We ordered nachos (which were awesome) and headed back to the ship. Not before posing with some parrots at the pier and sampling a tequila shooter.

We drank on the boat and fell asleep early. We had a big day ahead of us.

We woke up around 8 (Tuesday) and headed to the Lido deck for breakfast. We connected with Mom and Dad and planned our BIG day of shopping in St.Thomas. Our goal was to spend the morning browsing the shops and the afternoon riding the tram to the peak of St. Thomas for some VOODOO juice. Trust me… after the shopping we did, we needed a BIG drink.

We got off the boat to the warm sun shine. The weather has taken a turn for the better and it was HOT. We caught a cab to downtown and started wandering around the shopping district. We started in Tanzanite International… we had learned about the sparkling blue diamond yesterday and I was curious. The only problem is any attempt at browsing leaves you with a permanent cling on… the sales reps cling to you. I ended up viewing a nearly perfect 4 carat rock… Richard laughed and looked on. He knew I was playing but I thought it made him nervous… Oops.

We wandered further down the streets. The architecture is beautiful and intriguing. I stumbled over my feet to look up over the shops and trees. The sky is bright blue, barely littered with clouds. We are ALL sweating insane amounts. Richard and I snuck off to the pier to see the ship… it's huge, even parked beside the Dream (biggest Carnival ship).

We take pictures with Dad in my Ugly Bum Lucky Pants… I hate these pants and they make my ass look huge. I wish I wasn't wearing them for ALL the pictures that were taken (luckily you don't have to see them as they are on Dad's camera)

These are the 'ugly bum lucky pants' obviously.

How Cute are they???
 Around 3 our, very dehydrated, group hailed a cab and headed for the ship. Richard and I stopped short and headed for the cable car. After a 7 minute climb we were witness to the most incredible views. We took lots of pictures and finally found our Voodoo juice… this is a BUCKET of 5 kinds of rum. Let's just say a day of shopping in the hot sun, a missed lunch and a bucket of rum leads to a very drunk couple. The tram ride back down was a lot more fun.


We made it back to the boat… where they RE FILLED our buckets (best bartender ever) and we wandered around looking for our other travel buddies.

We went to formal dinner and had Champaign… Mmmm…

After dinner Dan, Richard, Myself and Sue headed to the Havana Bar for a little Latin music. I attempted to accompany Dan on his MAN night, given Pete's disappearance and Richards lack of interest. I smoked a Cuban cigar and drank a single malt scotch… that made my eyes water with every sip. I wanted to do it and I did. Just once.

I went back to our room with Richard and brushed my teeth for 20 minutes.

Oh yea…  in our room was a towel animal. If you are not familiar I will explain. The staff comes in EVERY morning and cleans your room. They also come in every evening and turn down your bed. At that time they leave the daily news paper for the following day, mints and an animal. They use simple white towels and fold them into incredible things… we got a toad, a monkey, an ostrich, an elephant and a pig. We kept them every night and the staff always added to them… once we came in and the monkey was hanging from the light with mardi gras beads around his neck. I will get to how I won those in a minute.

Richard and I had booked an excursion in Antigua and called it an early night. We were going snorkeling off a private island in the morning and needed our rest.

I was taking on the ocean… last time I tried I lost 3 - 0. I needed my rest.

We woke up early (Wednesday) and headed to breakfast. We had to eat quick, our group was meeting on the pier at 9am.

We packed a back pack, bought an underwater camera and headed off the boat in search of adventure! And after a short bus ride and boat ride we found ourselves on Prickly Pear Island. The water was an incredible bright blue, the sand was white and soft and the trees were a vibrant green. It was perfect. We dropped our stuff on the beach, collected our snorkel gear and headed out to the corral reef. I have to add here, I can't swim and I hate fish. My Dad convinced me when I was younger that minnows eat toes. Imagine what the bigger fish ate?!? We started with the beginner course… put on the mask, bite the tube and dunk your head in the water. When I had mastered that I headed out to the advanced course… the one that had us swimming out and around the island. We saw lots of fish in EVERY colour and size. We took LOTS of pictures and I can't wait to have them developed… yup we used FILM!

When we got back to the island (Richard got tired) there was RUM punch waiting for us. Then it was a matter of lounging on beach. Richard searched for corral and shells, while I laid in the sun. I call that a successful excursion.

After a few hours we headed back to the boat and then back on the bus… we made it back to the ship and I had sand EVERYWHERE… the places you're imagining, that can't possibly be true… they're true and they're FULL of sand. We showered and got ready to meet up with Mom, Dad, Sue and Dan. They had ventured out on a taxi tour, but weren't back yet. We got off the boat again to explore, and after some shopping, stopped for another rum punch… these people LOVE their rum. Most drinks are 5parts rum to every 1part mix. I was in a drunken haze most of the trip.

That night we decided to drink… obviously. Richard and I enjoyed at dinner and indulged with dessert. After the sun had set and everyone had disappeared to bed we climbed up to the adult deck and found a hammock. We got on, got our balance with the warm salt air blowing over us, snd fell asleep snuggled up together. It was incredible. I mean picture laying on a hammock at the front of a massive ship, the warm air cascading over you, the stars brightly shining above and nothing to think about but the beautiful sleep you are succumbing too.

We woke up around 2am and made our way to bed.

Tortola found us over night. I was so excited to see Tortola… it's part of the British Virgin Islands and a smaller, less crowded version of St. Thomas. We had a BIG breakfast, connected with our group and headed out. We wandered through the flea market and bought trinkets for our friends at home. We then tip toed into Little Swiss, a high end jewellery store. This is where we found it. Richard's Nicky Hayden Limited edition Moto GP watch. He had been searching the whole trip for it, after all the prices are better AND there is no tax. His Mom and Dad bought it for him as an early Christmas present. He was OVER the MOON. And so was I… I intended to buy it for him, but wasn't sure where the funds were coming from.

We went back to the boat to drop off our purchases and put on better foot wear, because when we got back to the island we were renting scooters and zipping along the coast. We rented 3 scooters; one for me, one for Richard and one for Mom and Dad. They were great little 'bikes'. Suzuki, GSXR 125… we took off down the coastal road. The turquoise water on one side… the lush green trees on the other. We dawned half helmets and got all sorts of mud and bugs in our teeth… no one cared. It was SO much fun. We rode to the west end looped and came back.

Just in time to get back on the boat and set sail for Nassau.

That night was the 'Groove for St. Jude'. It means A LOT of live entertainment and drinks. We had intended to have a girls/boys night… let the couples separate and let loose, but the adults bailed. Richard and I had to drink for the whole team and BOY did we. I remember the boat rocking, which is a convenient way to hide the drunken snake walk. All was fine until the Macarena came on… I flew from my seat to the dance floor and had a great time, which was even better when YMCA and Richard came on. We danced to the chicken dance, joined the conga line and ended it all with the Greek kicking song where I broke my sandal. At the end of all this we were a sweaty mess, things were fuzzy and my cheeks ached from laughing so hard.

At that point they brought out the beads. Everyone went crazy… they made us promise to keep it 'PG' before they started launching the beads ALL over the boat. Richards height was a GREAT advantage and I walked out of there with 6 strands of beads… Richard had 10.

We retreated to our hammock for a cool down before bed. What a good night.

Luckily for me the next day (Friday) was at sea. I slept in till about 10, lounged in bed with my book (The girl with the Dragon tattoo) till around noon. Richard came and collected me with a slushy drink and we ventured out of the room and up to the lido. At that point we confessed he had booked me in at the spa for a back massage, facial, foot massage and entire body exfoliating. Oh yea. I slipped into something more appropriate and we headed to deck 14 for my appointment. He dropped me off and I spent the next two hours in heaven.

I floated back to our room to find Richard. He was eagerly waiting to take me to the shops to meet Mom and Dad. They had found something special and sparkly for me. They wanted to know if it was something I would really enjoy before purchasing. It was. They got me a pair of diamond hoop earrings… my keepsake to remember the trip.

I know… spoiled brat, right?!

Richard and I spent the afternoon relaxing by the pool. We got dressed early for dinner and headed to the casino. We both lost our 20-dollars, but it was worth it. We played in the casino for almost an hour before heading to dinner. At dinner I had fruit cocktail, sweet potato pie and chocolate cake. It was YUMMY!

After dinner we went back to the lounge where Richard requested 'Halo' by Beyonce. We danced and I fell in love with him all over again.

Skipping ahead (wink wink)

We woke up early (Saturday) morning and had breakfast with everyone. We then went down to the picture hut to review pictures from last nights formal dinner. All the while the boat docked early… it did a three point turn in a bay and backed in between two ships. Would have been incredible to see!! Oh well… all the more reason to go on another cruise. After enjoying a drink of the day (it was after 11am) and taking lots of pictures (we were docked beside the 'Solstice') we headed in to the Bahamas. I hoped to get to a beach, but with all there was to see we didn't make it.

We ended up on Paradise Island at Atlantis. Its a MASSIVE pink resort surrounded by vast gardens and shopping villas. The rooms range from $200 - $22 000 a night. The dinner is in a sunken dining room while FISH swim around you. It was incredible to see. We took lots of pictures. The men were most impressed by the dock yard FULL of yachts.

We took a cab back to the downtown district where we had lunch and continued on our shopping extravaganza.

With empty bags we boarded the ship and said good bye to Bahamas.

The next morning we woke up in Florida. It was time to debark. We had breakfast and waited for our number to be called. It was over.

We flew into Buffalo, found our car and made the trek home. It was uneventful, mainly because we were all exhausted.

Now here I am sitting at work… wondering if it was a dream.

Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm back!

I ran around the ocean and LOVED it.

I am working on a BIG blog about my adventures, but wanted to pop in with a quick 'hello'.


This is where I was and I did try to update while away, but drunken fingers wouldn't type and sober minds wouldn't pay the 4-dollars a minute for Internet.

I gained 10pounds as of this morning. I assume (and pray) it is just water weight. We'll see.

I am all caught up at work and will pick up my routine tomorrow with SPINNING.

Until then...


Thursday, October 7, 2010


Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 640

I spun. I didn't want too... do I ever want too???  But i did it and it's my last WORK OUT before my vacation. WOOT! I am finally getting excited.

I will be sitting by the pool with the wind in my hair VERY soon!

See you in a FEW weeks... I will try to update, but I promise they will be boring posts about drinking to much and sun burns.


Cruise: 2 sleeps

Pounds to loose: 11(-13) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 1% - Inches Lost: 7