Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First SPIN...

Spinning: 40minutes
Calories: 640

I swear I was sweating Pina Coladas! I was SO not ready for this class and SO disappointed in myself. I was gone for a week. I missed the gym for only a week (while walking EVERYwhere and swimming for hours every day) and I lost all my muscle. I hate Hypothyroid. It is really screwing with my routine.

I finished the class in a sweaty ball of Pina Colada goo.

Hopefully I fall back into the swing of things this week. I have a lunch on Thursday, but I will try and make it out for a run when I get home.
I also killed my Nike+ sensor... or better yet the x-ray machines did. That was interesting to explain to the airport security. "why do you have a sensor in your shoe?"

Anyways... officially today I am 6 pounds up from PRE vacation. I am still hoping to widdle that number down by Friday, but we'll see.

I am starting a NEW program (thanks to Loseit!) called 'hundred push ups'. It is a  week program that teaches how to do REAL push-ups. I have always hated my arms most of all and never find the time to work them out, because I tend to prefer cardio. I am hoping this schedule will be enough to kick start my arms... or 'punch' start my arms?

I will be posting my daily push-ups, once I get started... let's watch the numbers grow together... shall we?


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 0

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