Friday, October 1, 2010

Sick... AGAIN!

Being Sick: 48 Hours
Calories: I don't know.

Yesterday I was sick. In fact, today I am still sick. Do I have time to be sick? No. Do you know what I have going on this weekend?!?!

I have a BBQ with 50 people, that I AM hosting on Saturday. I still need to grocery shop and prepare all the food. I have the Run for the Cure (you can still sponsor me) on Sunday morning at 8am. Then we are going to an Open House (yay! Found a house) and Thanksgiving dinner in Oakville. Then I have 5 days to pack and shop for the cruise, while working ahead at work.

Q: When do I have time?
A: I don't

On top of all that Richard is SO afraid of getting sick he won't come near me... fine, but we sleep in the same bed and he won't come hear me. Thank goodness its a KING SIZE!

The up side... yes, there is a silver lining... I weighed in and despite missing 3 work-outs this week (today included) I still lost and am happy to say I am lower than I was 2 years ago. I also (in my sick induced state) tried on some summer clothes (for the cruise) and they ALL fit including my favorite white pants. In fact, the really fit.. like not tight at all.

So today I wanted to go to the gym, but can't justify it. I don't want to over do it and my body needs a break. So I am going to go for a walk at lunch... get my eye brows waxed, do a little shopping and just enjoy the crisp fresh air.

Have a GREAT weekend (and wish me luck)


Cruise: 8 sleeps (it's easier to count)

Pounds to loose: 9(-15) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 1% - Inches Lost: 7

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