Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Muscles... burning.

Muscle Up: 45minutes
Calories: 550

I did muscle up today. I was NOT good at it. I could NOT keep up. I am now tired and disappointed in myself... again. And between you and me I am NOT wearing the right panties to be jumping around and kicking... I'm just saying.

I did my 'Intial Test' for Hundred Push Ups. I got to 10. That's not bad... I was shaking by the time I finished. I did it cold, before the class. I think that is a great starting point. I am actually starting the schedule on Monday.

I know this looks like I am weird spider head with LONG arms, but it is me doing a push-up.
It looks better if you squint.

Why this sudden PUSH for more exercise... I had SO much fun on the trip. I fit into all my old summer clothes and THOUGHT I looked adorable. Then I saw the pictures. I was so upset I wanted to cry. I am NO WHERE near where I thought I would be after loosing 36 pounds. ARGH! I wanted to scream... I want to be happy with my body, but no matter how hard I work I am not!

Ok... rant over. I am back on track and hoping to stay that way. I am still hoping to hit my goal before Christmas. Wish me luck.


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 10

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