Monday, October 25, 2010

Running on the weekend...

Running: 35minutes (5k)
Calories: 540

I ran on the weekend.. what was I thinking?!

I was thinking about NOT running Thursday, Friday or Saturday. I was also thinking about this afternoon and my dreaded dental appointment. You see this afternoon I am having dental surgery. I am NOT a wimp, but I hate the dentist. Its a necessary evil.

I won't be getting to the treadmill today. Hopefully I am coherent enough to get to the gym tomorrow, but not today.

My run yesterday went well... it is now fall. It is now cold outside. I only did a 5k, because with the heat of my run I couldn't tell how cold I actually was and I can't risk being sick... again.

I did try out a new running program... Runkeeper. My Nike+ sensor is officially dead. Ironic really, I just got the shoes with the little space for it and it dies. Until I can get a new one I am using Runkeeper... I feel guilty, but I like it. It is simple and organized. I really like it. It will be hard to return to my former partner.

I also started my 100 push-ups routine. In fact, I completed 25 push-ups yesterday. My arms were shaking and sweat was collecting on my brow. I felt warm all over, but I did it. I am not as sore today, as expected, but I am sore and happy to be on the right path... For tracking purposes... my arms have always been a 14; by that I mean 14inches around. Gross! I hate my arms, but I am ok admitting their girth, because I am changing them.

Side note: They have ALWAYS been 14. Even as I lost the weight my arms remained 14. Weird.

Ok... I have lots of work to do before I duck our early to have my face hacked open (a little over dramatic??).


Pounds to loose: 15(-9) - Body Fat: -1% - Inches Lost: 7 - Push Ups: 25

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