Monday, October 4, 2010

Run for the Cure

5km Run for the Cure: 32minutes

Calories: 521

I did it! I feel all warm and fuzzy and I SWEAR it isn't all the drugs I am on. I finished the Run for the Cure in a FULL run. I even beat my time from last year (my personal goal). I raised $280 (the entire even raised over 5 million). I love doing this run despite the paperwork, website and registration being RIDICULOUSLY complicated. It feels good to be a part of a crowd all running for the same reason. There were kids, teenagers and adults, men, women and pets.

Now the honest part of me. I wanted to die Sunday morning. Our BBQ on Saturday was a HUGE success… there were people everywhere, most of which I didn't know… although (as if through magic) they all knew me. The food was also everywhere and still is. We couldn't get through it all. We will be eating well for a week, at least. At this BBQ I indulged in white wine… my favorite. I am a wine-o! And while frantically running around trying to be a good host, despite all the food, I didn't eat much. Use your imagination for how I was feeling after that. Add in my continuing cold from last week (which I still have) and a un-welcomed monthly visitor… Sunday morning (at 7am) I was a MESS! Most people found a lot of pleasure in my discomfort… ha! At least Richard's Dad did as I ate Chocolate pudding for breakfast, in full run gear with a scarf on.

I was glad I still made it to the run with my good friend Cheryl.

That paints a pretty accurate picture of my weekend. I am still tired, but relieved to be SO busy, but we cruise out THIS Friday and I haven't even had time to get excited… which is making time continue to whizz by! Woo!

Ok… work is CRAZY… No gym today (stupid lunch meeting), but I will be spinning tomorrow.


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