Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I didn't weigh in today

And it feels funny.

I am decided to re-vamp the blog for a little bit. I am NOT going to weigh in during that time of the month anymore. It just upsets me. I know its natural to gain weight, but I also gain SO much and I can't let that bring me down. So I will weigh in when its over. Which will be my final weigh before the cruise, AH!

I am going to get FAT! I am ok with it... its a ONCE in a lifetime thing. Did I mention I am afraid of deep water, and heights. I get very sea/car sick and I don't like the NON all-inclusive nature of the boat. I won't be cruising again. I am excited about running the track... I can't imagine going for a run on the ocean, but it sounds cool. I am also going to do some early morning yoga as the sun rises and maybe even get a massage.

I spun today with Kerri. It was a great class... she really makes me sweat and it feels GOOD! I couldn't make it to the gym yesterday because of my luncheon, but I won't miss another day this week. I have to make sure all my pretty little outfits still FIT for the cruise.

No drawing today either (what a slacker). More tomorrow. I am trying the BALL course at lunch.


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