Friday, February 28, 2014

Weigh in - day 28

237 (-3)

Chest: 40.5 (-1)
Waist: 38.5 (-2)
Hip: 44.5 (-2)

That's 10lbs overall and that feels like progress! Not enough, but something... 10lbs a month is good but I want better.

I am aiming to be 225 or lower by my birthday (April 8).

Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Day 27 - busy week

I should have been writing, because a lot has happen in the past two weeks, but my little napper isn't so 'nappy' anymore, and my little eater isn't so 'eaty' anymore... Both times I used for writing. 

We're on day 27, tomorrow is my weigh in and I have worked all week for this number. 2 workouts on Tuesday, 3 on Wednesday. I've counted every calorie and avoided snacking.

I want to drop 5lbs, because I did nothing last week except gain 1.5inches (what?)

I am on week 3 and seeing what new torture methods Jill has cooked up with each new workout is really motivating. I want to skip ahead and just watch the last DVD, but the surprise is what keeps me going.

I'm shopping today and attempting a few more recipes from the menu plan this week; almond crusted chicken with red cabbage slaw and frozen banana pops, soft cheese spread on toast and oat choco muffins.

Wish me luck... Tomorrow I will post my results, good or bad.

Workout #3 is calling my name!


Ps. Thanks to Richard for letting get a full nights sleep last night... First time in months!

Sunday, February 16, 2014


.... is a group of girls looking to be bikini ready for Michelle's destination wedding next January.

We've got the time and the support, nothing can stop us!


Day 14, 15, 16

It's family day weekend and valentines day! It means big meals, chocolate and family time... Argh.

Friday I weighed in and found success, which is helping to keep me focused, but Saturday I didn't want to do anything, but that's jumping ahead.

Friday I kept to my calories, even with a dinner out (Jack Astors - Smiling Buddha Salad, I highly recommend). I did the double work out and enjoyed a movie withy hubby. I did splurge for some frozen yogurt.

Saturday Richard headed to Acton and left me alone with the boy, who decided not to sleep which left me tired and inevitably hungry, my go to for tired. I I made excuses to miss my workout; until my good friend Michelle, and fellow fitnesser, reported her success and I was so proud, motivated and envious of her I popped on the cardio DVD and off I went.

We tried something new for dinner... Peach and quinoa fajitas, huge hit! Yum!

And now today - Sunday, I am enjoying rest day with the family. We're just eating lunch before heading out for a walk.

I feel good and rested after a morning nap.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Weigh in - day 14

240 (-4)

Chest:42 (-.5)
Waist:40.5 (-3)
Hip:46 (-1.5)

Ok... Maybe I'll stick with it a little longer.


My before shots... Sort of, wish I would have taken some last week.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Day 13 - blah

I already feel myself making excuses to skip today... The excitement has waned (damn) and I just want to have a chocolate bar and a nap. Thomas was up most of the night, my house is a mess and my mother in law is getting at me.

I really don't want to work out today, but I  going too... Only because Richard will ask and then lecture me if I don't. He's trying to help... But I hate when he gets all judgy, things come so easy to him... Hmpf! 

Ok.. More to follow.

The day is over, I am just putting Thomas to bed. I feel good. I'm stressed about money (who isn't), but I made it through... Under 2000 calories with two more workouts in my journal.

These days are the worst, but I did feel better post workout. I felt sweaty, but good.

I'm going to weigh and measure in the am... Wish me luck!

Day 12 - busy busy busy

We spent the morning in the car and at the doctors office, my poor little man needed more shots.

Once we got home and ate, he drifted off to sleep and I pulled out my DVDs... Just cardio, I'm already bored of cardio, but I did it. I like it better as the second half of my workout, not the entire thing.

Same jokes, same moves.

Feeling down today. 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Day 11 - bring it

Ok, workout 2 was a little tougher. I'm a little tender, but it feels good. I had to take Tylenol Before bed last night, because the ache in my legs was unbearable. 

I kept to the calories, I ate less because I kept myself busy... I finally got on top of the baby shower thank you cards (almost a year later, sorry), I sorted out valentines day and printed some pictures (Sidenote: I am all for the ease of smartphones and digital cameras, but nothing is as clear and crisp as film).

We interviewed a third daycare provider in the evening which helped eliminate mindless snacking and limited dinner, because of Toms bedtime.

I'm really working to define and ignore eating out of boredom... So far, so good (says the girl after day two)

Tomorrow is just cardio and I am out of the house for most of the day... Wish me luck!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Day 10 - Jillian!!

Sunday was a crazy blessed day! Little Thomas was introduced to the congregation and baptized. We celebrated with a small party of 8. Thomas did great! He blew raspberries during prayer, laughed as water was splashed on his forehead and smiled at everyone. Things fell apart at picture time, but it also happen to be naptime.

After all of the chaos ended and we returned home, Thomas napped while I started on food prep for the week. I made quinoa (for my quinoa crunch and Greek yogurt breakfasts) and apple pecan oatmeal (to alternate breakfast) and I realized I don't understand quinoa. It is all over my kitchen, thanks to the rinsing... which I believe was unsuccessful, but I wouldn't know because I don't know (pearls of wisdom RIGHT there) I've never prepared it before (I'm trying tonight at dinner).

I also chopped up celery, pineapple, peppers, cucumbers and apples for quick snacks.

I'm ready for this week... This morning I munched on a oatmeal creation... Small portion and bland, but packed full of nutrition and when Thomas went down for a nap I turned to Jillian.

First my phase one, disc one... 30 minutes of high interval training, which I LOVED! We worked in a circuit, no exercise to long, no opportunity to get bored. She even called me on my shit... I was doing a tricep curl (over my head) and I dropped to one weight (I only have 7lbs weights and it's lot for that muscle group) as soon as I did, she was like 'pick up that weight! I know one weight is easier, but we use too to even train. Pick it up!' How the hell did she know?!?! Or am I that predictable???

I worked up a great sweat! 

Then with my heart racing I started the cardio disc 1. We bounced all over the place, it was motivating and entertaining. Easy enough exercises to understand, but still challenging.

I really worked up a great sweat!

I'm sore now, but the good kind of sore! I can do this!

89 days to go!!

And I've decided after 17lbs lost I am going to go spend a few hours at the salon.

Something to work towards.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weigh in - day 8;!

244 pounds (-3) 

Chest:42.5 (-1)
Waist:43 (-2)
Hip:47.5 (-.5)

So... Calorie counting and drinking buckets of water DOES work, just wait till I get going!


Day 8 - sick and busy

First, I read all the material with my DVDs, including meal plan, journal, fitness plan and advertisements on Friday. Funny part I woke up Saturday thinking 'Man, I am sore' OH right! My DVDs came yesterday, before realizing 'but I haven't started them!' Ha!

The dull ache has to be attributed to 'the sick', but it's funny that that wasn't my first thought. Richard jokes that it was heavy reading material.

No work out today BUT we we're active ALL DAY (which is rare for us on a cold sick Saturday). I shopped and picked up all the groceries we need, including quinoa... Which I have no idea what to do with.

Sunday is another busy day... Thomas is getting christened, Mum is visiting and I think I have blocked milk duct, which means I need to nurse as often as possible to relieve the pain.

Wish me luck!

Day 7 - sick

Today I woke up feeling like poo. I asked Richard, as he was leaving, if it was to skip the gym.

He said, yes and told me to rest. So I did.

BUT my DVDs showed up!! Yay! BUT they we're COD and it was cash only, so the fedex guy took then away.

At 5, I dragged my sick self (and Thomas) to shoppers to pick them up, but the only workout I got was trying to juggle the box, my purse and the car seat.

It begins Monday!! (This weekend we have a house guest and our out for most of it) 

Feels like excuses,excuses.

I WILL do this!!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Day 6 - still snow

It's Thursday, which is usually my off day, but we missed yesterday. We dug ourselves out, loaded up and made it to the gym in 20 minutes. Then... Drove around for 20 minutes looking for parking.


We came home, defeated.

Then I decided I was going to work out! Dammit! And plugged in my iPod, hit play and ran the stairs for 18 minutes while Thomas watched, perplexed. Then I spent 12 minutes crunching, lunging, squatting and lifting weights.

I'm tired and sweaty... I'm calling it a win.


Day 5 - snow day

We didn't make it out of the house... We had snow drift bigger than Thomas.

But we calorie counted... Until about 4pm, then it went to shit. 


Still no DVDs.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Day 3 - run!

Day three went well, Thomas slept in and we hit the gym around 11.

I ran, week 5/day 2 and it included a 8minute block, which I did. Whewf! 

It feels good, but I always get bored running inside. I need new music... I have one song that keeps me going (it's a Kanye West song #obviouslyoffensive).

Any ideas?

Still no DVDs... I'm running out of momentum JILLIAN!

We're resting on Day Four, not really cause I have a 6 month old and shit to do!

Which will include a nap, because I  currently camped out on the nursery floor, while my sick husband 'Captain Snores SO LOUD' snores so loud, poor guy (the floor isn't so bad).

This is my badass biker baby who has threatened to rough me up if I don't stick to it!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 2 - fail

Super Bowl Sunday was not in my favor, an entire day out of the house with no planning meant infavorable food choices. 

By the time I got home at 4pm, I was starving... We laid out snacks for the game and I joined in. We had cashews, grapes and cheese, layered dip and chicken chunks. It was delicious... sad that on day two I failed, but without making excuses... It's ok. The program is 90 days and it hasn't arrived yet. Everyday that it doesn't arrive extends my '90 days'.

There is always pit falls I just didn't expect it so early on.

Go SeaHawks! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Day 1 - 5k run

It's Saturday February 1st. I still haven't received my DVDs so this morning I loaded Thomas up and we hit the gym.

I did my couch to 10k run, week 5-day 1. It actually felt good; my last run (on Wednesday) did not. I followed my restriction list, only cheating once with a half a cup of juice in a snoothee.

Now as promised... My starting point

247 pounds (gah! Getting a new scale stung, the old one has me at 225)


It's bad guys... I thought I was maintaining, not gaining... that was just ignorance ( 

So I am started, I feel good and I'm not going to weigh myself (or measure again) for a week. 

Hopefully my DVDs show up soon.


Check out my belly (and adorable baby)