Monday, May 31, 2010

I couldn't find the time to write...

... but I need to acknowledge BOOT CAMP. I went to BOOTCAMP on Friday afternoon... I died during class, but made it to the end. Today... 3 days later... I can still barely walk, my calf muscles are SOOO sore. Sore in a good way of course, but when I was trying to walk in heels... ON grass Saturday it wasn't the good kind of sore, but it makes it all feel worth it.

I love bootcamp... but I have to miss it this week. There is no way I am going to subject myself to riding 9hours with sore muscles. Yup... the trip happens in 5 sleeps... I have never not wanted to do anything in my entire life, but I am sure I will be happy I did once I am on the road... for all those accompaning me I hope so.

I can't seem to pull myself out of this funk I am in... and finally Richard pointed out that I am not happy anymore. Honestly I thought I was fine (even happier than normal) for months, but apparently I am not as much fun to be around as I thought. Not sure where to go with that comment, but I am heading to the gym this afternoon for a LONG run to clear my head.


Friday, May 28, 2010


I am still a little disappointed. I weighed in this morning and I gained... 2.4lbs. That is NOT surprising since I think I had a FLUKE skinny day on my last weigh in. I am still bloated, but I understand why. The bonus to getting in shape is I finally speak the SAME language as my body and know where the peaks and valley's will (and do) fall.

Even with the 2lbs gain I am still as low as I have been in over a year (minus the FLUKE skinny day).

I am also feeling better because last night... my most wonderful-est boyfriend took me shopping. I am not the typical girl who LOVES shopping, granted on those skinny days (and FAT bank account days) I enjoy hitting the mall, but since the 50lbs gain in the last 2 years its upsetting. I could always avoid mirrors and ignore the weight, but put me in a mall and suddenly I have to focus on my size and more importantly (and furstrating) the sizes that DON'T fit anymore.

On that note... a rant! Yesterday (as we recall) was terrible, but the more I think about it... it isn't my fault. Now, I am NOT passing the buck, but shopping with the boy last night I was fitting into smaller sizes and finding room in what I thought was my size (hence the lightened mood). Yet early that very day I couldn't get the zipper up on something a size TOO big! Did you re-read that? Non-sense, right? So as much as gaining the weight was MY fault (and loosing it is MY fault too). Its the stupid itty bitty dress makers who are trying to get me to feel fat and disgusting. I wear a 12. That's ok, but in the itty bitty store (which I didn't realize was or I would have saved myself the trip) I was trying on a 14 and struggling to get the zipper up.

Anyways back on track. I got a dress...

Isn't it pretty??? I will post a picture of me in it; after the wedding. I want you have the full effect... hari, make-up and heels! So I feel better... on top of fitting into a smaller size. I put it on, for the standard fashion show, when I got home and everyone (including Richards best friend) was stunned by how fabulous I looked. So I am good. Wish I was 2.4lbs lighter, but I am ok with my body today and I know I will loose that again.

I am off to BOOTCAMP today... wish me luck.


PS - it was 38 degrees (with humidity) last night and I didn't run. I was tired and didn't want to kill myself in the heat. I will work EXTRA hard today... I promise.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

I am SO disappointed with myself.

I feel bloated and disgusting. I can't stand my body and I am having a terrible day. I know that realistically I am fine and its just part of the cycle... I am in my bloated fat stage and it will pass and I will feel better, but that doesn't help me now. That doesn't make dress shopping for a wedding this weekend any easier. I have been putting it off because I do feel fat and gross... I am sweating (its like 40 degrees this week) and miserable.

I feel SO defeated and angry. I haven't gained weight, but I haven't lost. I want to lock myself away and binge on yummy foods that give me a feeling or comfort and security. I know that won't help anything, but that is what I want!

I missed the gym today at lunch because I had to go dress shopping... I didn't find anything. Apparently loosing nearly 30 pounds still finds me in plus sizes and that is devastating. I feel like it is all for nothing... its like Mike on the Biggest Loser... he started the show over 500 pounds... half way through he had lost over 200 pounds, but didn't bask in the sucess, because for make-over he had to shop in the fat man store. That is how I feel... 5 months of working SO hard and I am still an extra large... WTF?! The optomistic side says... imagine how you would feel if you hadn't done ANYTHING?! But the whiney, tired Melanie is winning over and I want to curl up in the corner and forget it all exists.

Whewf... needed to get that out. Talk about mood swings from yesterday...


Ps - Sex in the City was awesome... not in the city, but its forgivable!

One more Ps - click the link... its pretty cool BURGERVILLE... calorie reciept???

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sex in The City 2 - TONIGHT!

... not that, that is NOT fitness related, but I am excited! I got advanced screening tickets... work has its perks!

I can't wait to park my toned behind in the city and ogle the ladies on screen... their men and their outfits.

I was just thinking (pondering my normal-ness) did you ever sit with the girls and try to figure who you are? Everyone group has a Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. Everyone wants to be Carrie... but you can't all be.

Before Richard (and not because of my promiscuity.... I don't want you to get the wrong impression of me) I was the Samantha of the group. I am ok with that... we're both very open and free. We both are powerful women and enjoy being the leader of the pack. I had a Charlotte and Miranda, but I dabbled into the Carrie realm. We both write. We both aren't perfect and are ok with it. We both love shoes... although I am not SO into labels.
I remember when one of my girlfriends (my Miranda) claimed to be Carrie. I remember being offended. Knowing that she didn't want to be Miranda... the least attractive and very controlling one in the bunch, but Carrie... no. How do you tell someone 'No, you're not cute and witty.' No you're not stylish and clever either.'??
Sorry this got off topic... well actually its very ON topic, but not for this site. This Blog has been over run by SITC! Back to fitness... its linked. I work-out to be able to wear the fashionable clothes that only fit on skinny people. Ta-Da linked!

Spinning: 50minutes
Calories: 826

Spinning was good. I didn't want to go. I don't feel very motivated. I am on a plateau (I think). I don't feel skinny... although I feel comfortable at this level. I just feel lazy... it happens this time (every month). I am not surprised by it, but annoyed with myself. I can push myself to go to spinning, but I can't get through the class when I just don't feel like it. Today I just didn't feel like it.

Oh... tomorrow is another day. I am bound to be exhausted, but we'll see.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's RAMBLE!

SPIN: 50minutes

Sit-ups: 10minutes

Calories: 951

There is a debate going on, on the Loseit! Forum…. It references logging your daily exercise calories. For those of you who don't have Loseit! It's a daily food journal. That allows you to see what you're eating and what kind of calories are going into your body. On top of that you can track and log your exercise. It calculates the needed calorie consumption to be healthy and loose set amount of weight weekly. It also tracks your goals and lets you have little victories as you watch the little line plummet on the graph. Now that we're all up to speed a simple girl asked a simple question… should I log my hours at work, as a cashier, as exercise? I should mention here… Loseit! Takes your exercise into consideration when deciding your daily calorie allowance… it's like a credit card. Working out is paying it off and eating is racking it up. Back to the point… the simple girls post. Everyone is VERY heated about this. Is work exercise? Do you feel tired after? Can you work up a sweat? Do you walk a lot through out the day?

I have actually thought about it a lot. This is JUST a log… much like this blog. It only works if you're honest and even then its just a reference. I think about this every time I add something… food or exercise. Did I really burn that many calories? Did I really only eat that few? Than I go back to… it doesn't matter. My metabolism isn't going to increase because I logged 900 calories over 600. I am not going to loose weight because my calorie intake is under 1200. You know? I don't know how to properly articulate what I mean…. Just something that is swimming around the old fishing pond.

Any who… it was a nice welcome back. Kerrie kills me… I wasn't in the mood today, but I didn't quit. I found myself watching the clock though. We'll see. I want to loose another 2 pounds before my BIG trip… cross your fingers for me.

It's finally home time and I am TIRED!


Sadly it's not the weekend anymore...

I am back with a peace offering... more so from me, to me... but you can enjoy the reward. Above is a funny video from one of my favorite sites....

Excerise FAIL!

It is also one of my biggest FEARS... eating it on a work-out machine infront of muslce-bound men.

Weekend was good... long and hot and fantastic! It's back at it today. I only managed to get out for one run, but it was a good one... 8km in 46minutes :)

Ok... spinning today and a lot of catch up at work.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Long WEEKEND Woo!!

Hi Internet Readers!

It is MAY 2-4 (said like the beer). I won't be running or doing anything to impress you so there will be no blogs unless an intoxicated vixen over throws me and writes about binging!

It's my TIME OFF! (I will be back Tuesday FULL BOAR)


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Yoga nearly KILLED ME!

Spin: 50minutes
Hot Yoga: 75minutes
Calories (ish): 2085

Ok.. First something has to go. I can't EVER do that to my body again. I crawled out of Yoga… and I mean literally, my legs wouldn't function because I had drained them of all things holy. I actually had to stop YOGA and sit out, because I was basically having a panic attack. I felt sick and couldn't breath. My arms and legs went numb and my muscles contracted without my help. Brian is SO fabulous he worked with me to fix it. Even taught me a new way to breath (by curling my tongue). It slows the breathing and puts your body at ease allowing for a faster recovery… or in my case ANY recovery.

I had drained my body of ALL fuel. I even snacked an hour before class to make sure I wouldn't crash. I was well hydrated and ready to go. I had no stiffness or tiredness in my legs. Granted the room was hotter than normal and I was bound and determined to continue. I probably should have stopped soon, but I hate that I can't get through a class!

Now… who do I love more… Leslie-Ann or Brian. Who do I cut??? Both only teach one day… Well Leslie-Ann sometimes teaches Fridays, but than I have to give up Boot Camp my new found love.

I am SO confused… was a corrupt love triangle.

… but to go completely out of order. Spinning was AWESOME (Yoga was too minus the panic). Leslie-Ann knows when she has a strong class and she ups her game to compensate. Yesterday I struggled to keep up… it was intense and amazing.

No gym today… I have the Employee of the Month Lunch with the President of the company… and I didn't dress up! What was I thinking?! Oh, right I wasn't. Someone didn't make it home last night and I was worried. (he's ok… just had a lapse in memory).

I also measured and weighed in… weigh in doesn't count (its all water from Yoga). But I am down 20inches overall. WOO! It amazing me to put my belt on the old holes (the ones I wore for more than a year)… it just seems SO ridiculous!

Ok… it’s another busy day!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday DAD! (He's 60 today!)

Spinning (for a cupcake): 45minutes
Calories: 748 (-140 for the cupcake)

Yes, I spun for a cupcake. Sandi didn't feel like spinning and needed motivation. She brought cupcakes and because she didn't want to cheat alone… she brought me a cupcake too. AND I AM GLAD SHE DID! Class was tough… Kerrie was ALL over us. My legs didn't want to, I didn't want to, but I did to eat the cupcake without remorse.

It was ALL worth it!

I think I am going to check inches tomorrow… its time.

Good News on the LUNCH front… Tried another 'Healthy Choice Steamer' (I bought 2 and couldn't let it go to waste) and it was YUMMY! No mushrooms… and lots of chicken. AND only 300 calories. So I recommend the "General Tao Chicken Steamer" but stick by my NON-recommendation of Sesame Seed Chicken and Mushrooms… Ew.

Ok… lots of work to get done.


PS- Activia is STILL working I think I need to cut back. HA!

Monday, May 17, 2010


Run: 13minutes
ABS: 15minutes
Run/Sprint/Walk: 15minutes (4.08km total)
Calories: 735

I am back from the weekend and BOY do I have NEWS! The white pants... the imfamous white pants I have spoke about a dozen times on here... well, this weekend I courted them. I wanted to get in them and I new it was going to take some serious sweet talking! I must have said all the right things, because I slipped into them with NO problem. Yes... the very same White pants that have been giving me the cold shoulder for TWO summers let me in! Yay!

Overall goal #1.... CHECK! (that is NOT me in the pic)

This past weekend I celebrated my dear janey's 65th birthday! Don't bat your eyes and say 'awe...' Janey could run circles around EVEN me. I can only hope I have half as fit as she is when I hit the 65 mark. She had the whole weekend catered... the pool was open, the fire was blazing, the hot tub was bubbling and the music was booming. Ok, so it wasn't ALL for Janey... her son, and one of Richards best friends, is home for a month and this was also his welcome home shindig. It was a good time, but BOY, did I eat!!

Sunday we spent the entire day on the bikes... I end to get my ass in gear, literally. I need my but to be ready for 12hour riding days because in 3 weeks we're off to the East Coast... on the bikes. Its about 3500km round trip. We spent just over 6hours yesterday and parts of me were numb... parts I didn't know could go numb... yay! It was a great ride though... I am finally getting comfortable on the bigger bike (upgraded from 250 to 650). I got it up to 160 (safeyl of course), but had to pull back because it was WINDY! On that note... this will become more of a travel blog for that week and less of a fitness blog. Just a heads up!

Umm... I also tried some new foods this weekend. First... Activia. I am left wondering 'what are probiotics, anyways?' and 'do I need them?'. It doesn't have the same smooth taste as Smooth n' fruity (my yogurt of choice), but it works. I started noticing difference in my body when I started dieting and made needed a nudge in the right direction. The commercial says it works... and boy does it! So... 5 stars for function and maybe 3 for taste.

I also just had a new lunch... 'Healthy Choice; steamers'. Not so good. 330 calories... 60 from fat. I thought this is a neat contraption and it has all the elements to be good, but no it wasn't. I tried the sesame chicken. It had 2 small pieces of chicken and a large helping of mushrooms (one of my veggie related nemisis'). So I won't recommend, but will say 'try it' so I guess I am kind of recommending... a little. I don't know. I am still hungry.

That also brings me to another point, while my Mushroom Chicken steamer was mircowaving I got to chatting with Anne. She is very important at my office and VERY smart... she runs the news room. So we started chatting about lunches. She always makes a full lunch and it always smells fantastic. Anyways... (get to the point, Melanie). She mentioned a diet fact (she is very trim). Your body can only digest 400 calories at a time. Anything after that is stored for later consumption... ie. turn into FAT! This is a very helpful tip... although I am yet to find anything 'real' to back it up. I did find a new diet (featured on Rachel Ray) titled The 400 Calorie Fix, aparently its the new FAD diet, but it may bring some truth to Anne's ramblings (its not offensive, she doesn't read this... :)

And finally my work-out today... it was good. Nothing special happen... nothing amazing to report.

Until tomorrow...


Friday, May 14, 2010


Circuit traning (ie. KICKING MY ASS): 45minutes
Calories: 604 (but I think that is LOW BALLING)

What a FUN class!!! I mean I am struggling to type or do anything that involves BIG movement of my arms (or legs, back or chest), but WOW... that class was upbeat and fun, exciting and new! It was simply titled 'Bootcamp'. I mean that strikes fear in any good gym go-ers heart, but I thought I was up for the challenge (and I dragged Sandi along... she too is up for the challenge and I wasn't going to fail alone :) I kept up, but I will pay for it later. Sandi I think is paying for it now as I keep hearing 'I hate you' from the back corner... in fact, I heard that for more of the class. Honestly I hated me too, just a little.

As much as we hated it... we're excited to go next week.

So what was it??? I titled (and logged on loseit!) as circuit training, but I think it was more than that. It combined step class, with weight lifting and abs class. It was a full out cardio marathon. We were jumping and lunging, bouncing and lifting, flexing and squatting! We were all over the floor and the sweat was pouring off of me.

I am in LOVE!

I followed up with a carton of chocolate milk and I feel good... in a painful kind of way.

Cheers to the weekend!

Run: 12minutes
ABS: 15minutes
Run/Sprint/Walk: 15minutes (3.92km total)
Calories: 439+186

Thursdays and Mondays are proving to be challenging. They are the days I challenge myself. No classes (except abs, but its only 15min) just me working it out! It felt good... I have gone from a foodie to a gym-ee... I don't know, but I love the gym! I feel good this week... because I HIT my APRIL goal. Today I am down 25 pounds! 25 POUNDS! Woo!

It's early... its about 7:15am... I woke up at 5 to get to work and I know this is a 'work-out' blog, but I am going to detour to traffic and DRIVING. I think I am an expert on the topic... I spend over 3 hours a day in my car (the little bullet) and I only travel 140km ROUND TRIP! and I HATE IT, but I love the subarbs and I love my job so I'm stuck.

First... learn how to drive, before you get behind the wheel, because my safety is in your hands... cliche I know, but seriously. I can only control my little car. This morning I had Mr. Brake-sir-lot in front of me. If you're properly pacing than there is NO need for brakes. Take your pretty little manicured toes off the gas and coast. We're ALL going the same direction and I am sure we're all in the same RUSH to get there.

Ok... I need a breather before I continue the BAD driver rant.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am...

... starving today! I worked too hard yesterday and my body wants more fuel, but I didn't bring anymore with me!! What to do? The snacky vending machine??? NO! I guess I just have to wait, but I thought I would share.

Good GOD...

... it was fantastic!

Bikram Yoga: 75minutes
Calories: 1255 (I think)

It was HOT Brian... he bought the studio and now calls it 'Shunyata Yoga'. I was a little nervous about going. It's been months and its always a struggle. I wasn't feeling good must of the day and had a headache as I pulled into the parking lot, but I was determined to go.

The class was FULL.

I worked through the entire routine, which is a true testiment of my hardwork, because I have NEVER made it through an entire class.

I spent most of last night re-hydrating and went over my daily water intake by 2litres... I know the unholy consquences of not drinking enough water! I felt great as I drifted off to sleep.

This morning I feel good too... my skin is glowing, my mood it great... despite the 2 hour commute... and I weighed in with a 1 (ish) loss. Its a good day... my hips are a little sore from all the stretching, but I feel good.

Ok... enough preaching, clearly I recommend Hot Yoga to anyone who needs a break from their fast paced life, but I need to get back to work.


PS - Poll Closed... 50% of my readers HATE sweaty gym epuipment - 25% of my readers fear the crazy naked ladies in the changeroom - Nobody sweats the meatheads - 25% of my readers despise the fakers!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

More Yoga News...

I am excited... ok, I started off terrified. I went to double check my schedule with hot yoga, its been a while. I went on to and to my surprise AND HORROR, Milton wasn't included anymore. I was so upset. This is something I was going to do for me... and it was gone. Now you're thinking... its Hot Yoga (and the newest craze) you can go to another studio... NO! I go to this one because I love Brian. He is an amazing instructor and very motivating. I even wrote to my Hot Yoga buddy Mike and told him the sad news... no more Hot Yoga and no more Hot Brian. He wept with me, but above I say I am excited... why??

Brian (yes, Hot Brian) bought the studio and changed the name! He now teaches more classes and lowered the rate so YAY! I just spoke with him and he sounds excited... as excited as a Yogi should sound. I am thrilled to go tonight. I even found out the scheduling shifted... so tonights class won't be a RUSH to get to.

Things really do work out when you need them too... in a very self-involved way.

Ok... I need to finish working and get out of here, because I AM GOING TO HOT YOGA! (check out the link below)




Finally, can't wait!


Some Like it Hot!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The leader of the pack... (Vroom Vroom)

Spinning: 50minutes
Abs Class: 10minutes
Calories: 974

I feel like I am starting ALL over. I feel excited about the gym… I don't know how or why it happen, but I am glad it did. Today I went to Kerrie's Spin class and I… wait for itLEAD THE CLASS. I know, crazy right?? Now the honest truth, everyone followed me, but Kerrie yelled out commands. We were short a bike, so I sat at the front and demonstrated my prefect posture… ha! It was a great class and VERY motivating, because I couldn't slack or slow down… I have 15 sets of eyes on me! I followed that up with an ABS class… I didn't really have time, but I went anyway. I am GLAD I did. Whewf! My muscles are throbbing, but it feels good.

I have opted out of weighing myself everyday. From this day forward I weigh in on Fridays and Fridays only. I was getting a bit obsessed.

Also Richard's best friend is home… so I don't have to worry about pressure to snack at home. I doubt I will see much of him now that Ian is home. They are the definition of BROmance. I am ok with that… I love spending ALL my time with Richard, but I feel bad lately… with him not working he waits all day for me to come home and play and I am afraid I am disappointing, because by the time I roll into the driveway I have been awake for over 16hours and I am TIRED! Last night he so desperately wanted to go from a ride/blade (him on the bike, me on my rollerblades), but I had just spent over 2hours fighting traffic to get home and I still hadn't showered (forgot my stuff at home). I just wanted to get clean and relax. We ended up compromising… I showered and than came outside and he did tricks for me (it’s a BMW bike, not a mountain bike). It was fun.

He wants to invest in Mountain bikes to work-out together… it’s a GREAT idea, but I want to know we'll actually DO IT, before we commit to $600+ for bikes. We tend to get excited about things and than give up. This would be great for both of us… PLUS I am more likely to get in-shape and stay that way if he does it with me. Right now working out means time apart.

Ok… I started to ramble there.

Oh yea… FOOD! Richard laughs every time I refer to myself as a 'FOODIE', but its true.. In fact, he also thinks of him self as a foodie… perhaps even a FAST-FOODIE. So I thought I would share my system… whether it works or not, it works for me. To quote a random person… "Eat Breakfast like a KING, Eat lunch like a PRINCE and eat dinner like a BEGGAR". Seems logical to me… no point in starving ALL day and than going to bed full. So I take a yummy protein shake with me in the morning (not really a KINGs meal, but I am in the car at 5:30am). I pack 3 snacks under 100 calories… today was a cup of fresh sliced Strawberries (Mmm), a green apple chopped up and rolled in cinnamon (takes the edge off and gives me a hit of cinnamon… my favorite spice) and 6 Rosemary and Basil Triscuits (YUM!). It covers my sweet and salty cravings through out the day. For lunch it varies, but is typically last nights left overs (under 500 cal) because for dinner I have a simple bowl of cereal… sometimes a banana on the side, but not usually. Puts my daily calories around 1200 AND in case I splurge I still stay under my 1500 budget. Sometimes I will sneak in a chocolate milk after a work out… or a golden Oreo (my fav).

On a FOODIE note… yesterday (and today) there has been FRESH pizza delivered EVERY hour… its for a promotion and SMELLS fantastic! I didn't cheat. I stuck to my packed lunch. AND in the afternoon our voice-over guy brought in the sweetest butter tarts EVER. I know from the smell… I didn't cheat. I don't even enjoy butter tarts, but I was craving sweet. I ended up packing it up and bringing it home to Dad.. They are HIS favorite and he is quitting smoking so a little treat is deserved.

Bottom-line… I feel good and I am excited this week. I might even break a milestone this week (fingers crossed).


Monday, May 10, 2010

Feels GOOD! (Originally written 'feels god', which I though was highly inappropriate, but funny)

Elliptical: 10mins (the treadmills were full)
Abs: 15mins (the class)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 23:12min (3.30km)
Calories: 748 (ish)

Ok... first day in the groove (first day... HA!), I decided to mess up my routine, add things and kick start this weight-loss, because as much as you can have 'fat' days, you can have 'skinny' days and I am afraid my end of April weight loss was merely that... 'skinny' days. This is my weekly emphiany because I actual weigh the same as I did at the beginning of April (within a pound) so I did hit the dreaded plateau, but a string of skinny days confused and misled me. That being said I have just over 14pounds to loose by the end of May, the scary truth is that is unrealistic, but I am going to go for it.

Back to the first thought... the new routine is...

Monday - Run/ABS/Run
Tuesday - SPIN
Wednesday - SPIN & Hot Yoga
Thursday - Run/ABS/Run
Friday - Bootcamp! (new and exciting)
Saturday & Sunday - be active... walk, ride, blade...

I am excited about it and today I was off to a good start... a little rough in the beginning. The treadmills were all booked up so I had to sub in an Elliptical, which doesn't register with my Nike+ sensor. I gave it my all and burned 200cal. Than I ran over to ABS (late) and busted my ass for about 13minutes. Than I found a treadmill and walked for 60, ran for 120, sprint for 60 and finally kill myself for 60. These are seconds... just in case that wasn't obvious. It felt good to get back to running, my sweet lover I missed you. I didn't burn as many calories as a spin class, but I feel acomplished.

I am most excited about HOT YOGA on Wednesday... a work lunch as pulled me out of my spin class (sorry Leslie-Ann) so it will be nice to recover with 90minutes of Hot Yoga... yum!

As for food... Thanks to Richard for packing my lunch as I tried to sleep. New discover (and gross)... Smart Food - Popcorn Clusters. I was ALL excited (I love popcorn) and thought I had stumbled upon a new treat. I happily purchased 4 bags of 130 calorie popcorn for near 4 dollars. I entered the new treat into my food journal (Loseit!) and was all set to indulge in an afternoon snack. First the bag had 10kernels in it, I only had 2 before deciding this is not what I wanted to splurge on. Its tastes very fake... fake caramel, fake chocolate and very bland, considering all the fake-ness. Two disappointing thumbs down. On the upside the rest of my lunch was fantastic and perfectly portioned.

Until tomorrow...


Happy Belated Mothers Day! Even though I think its a SCAM! Shouldn't you LOVE and apperciate your mother EVERY day??? And why do I have to spend money on flowers that she doesn't even like? Or maybe its the BRUNCH and tea? I just don't get it. I suppose I will relish in the spotlight when I am a Mum, but not today.

I am not a Mum... that would be a whole other BLOG.

The weekend is over... which is ok by me. I am happy to get back to the organization of my weekdays. Although this weekend was fun... I am a foodie and the more time I spent near a kitchen the worse it is for my diet.

got st-pierre? Women's Tee Shirt XL-Black BabydollDid a lot this weekend... went to the UA (Union Association) hockey tournament in Hamilton... it was a nice way to spend the afternoon. I miss Hockey games. Traditionally hockey is a HUGE part of my life, but not seen I met Richard. I love that he isn't obessed with sports (GP excluded). It was also nice to learn with him.... we did extensive research on google to learn about 'icing' and 'off side'. Very fun. I love his patience with me. That night we crashed Braden's place for the UFC fights... MMA excites me. It is so barbaric and thrilling. I would just like to point out Josh Koscheck is a WIMP (I have harsher words, but its  family blog). He cried wolf twice in his fight. GSP is going to kill him. Can't wait to see that!!! I love GSP.

Sunday we hiked in Mum #2's back lot with Toby, a 5-month old golden retriever... that is ALL the excerise I got this weekend, but it was enough. I think I need a puppy to get in shape.

Today marks the start of my RE-FOCUS on the gym... wish me luck. I want to loose 10pounds before our ride out EAST. (we leave June 5th for the Cabot Trail... )


PS - I LOVE the abs class even more... I was sore ALL weekend, it was THAT good!

Friday, May 7, 2010

So a few things to discuss… first, I have made a commitment to myself. Insanity. I talk about it ALL the time (on here and off). I want to try it, but I am afraid… in the best way. I know I can do it, I have proved I can commit to things BUT after the money spending this past weekend I am not in ANY position to buy it. So in order to give myself a workable goal I have decided… 30pounds of FAT loss and I will get the program. I am almost there, but I will have to be patience and work my ass off… literally.

Perfect AbsSecond, I'm trying something new today; consider it my version of intervals. I'm going to the gym (in 20min) and I'm set to run 8k, but I think I'll run for 15mins. Than head over to the 'ABS' class at my gym. I've heard a lot about it, but I am yet to attend. After that I am heading back to the treadmill for another 15 (wish it was more, but I only have an hour). I think will make me sweat and feel a little better about this whole bloated thing :)

Abs Class: 15minutes
Run: 32minutes (4.5km)
Calories: 690

Love LOVE LOVE! The ABS class… quick, precise and enjoyable. You walk in at 12:45 grab a mat and join in. You work through an ab routine (not just your boring up and downs, but full out leg twisters and stepping planks… I am making up names, but you get the complexity of these). And then you wipe your mat and go… no stretching or warm-ups just right into the meat of it. I tried to RUN-AB-RUN, but I got held up (yup, interns strike again!) and just made it to the AB class, so I followed it up with a run… I went by time (because I was on a time limit) and it worked out well. I think this maybe my new Friday routine, I need to mix things up to keep it fun (and my muscles confused).

Good news… I didn't make the biggest loser thing BUT my good friend, and worthy contestant, did. So I am going to be her cheerleader and do my best motivate her (she doesn't go to the gym now)… so yay! I think she deserves the opportunity WAY more than I do SO… GOOD LUCK BUZZ!

So on to the weekend… the rainy cold weekend.



Ok it's happen. I hit that low... not on the scale, but emotionally. I am frustrated and sick of working SO hard and not getting anywhere. I am suffering from POOR ME.I really thought I was making progress, but this past weekend has snookered me. I thought I was visibly smaller and proud to celebrate my weight loss... I met up with family I hadn't seen since Christmas... I expected a comment or something, than I saw the pictures and holy hell I look like a heffer! They are all candiate shots... I didn't have time to pose of suck it in... wow. Quite the eye opener... now normally it would just motivate me, remind me of how unhappy I am at this weight, but today it just frustrated me.

Above is the irrational, emotional... that time of the month, I'm bloated side of me talking.

Rational Melanie is keeping quiet inside my pretty little head, she knows better than to spout of facts about my reccent conditions... I am retaining water and didn't make it to the gym for ALL my work-outs. I have been snacking and indulging in chocolate and not sleeping. I have been stressed at work and at home. AND I am pretty sure I have a broken toe... how the hell could I expect a further loss???

But I don't want to listen to her... I want to pout and stamp my feet. I want to quit and crawl back into bed. I want to sleep until I can't sleep anymore. The early shift is depriving me of my favorite things... mainly naps, sleeping in and sleep.

I am going to the gym today... come hell or high water, but I am not craving it like I use too. Last night we went for a walk... I was feeling guilty about missing the gym and needed exercise, but with the toe I didn't want to run. We walked for nearly an hour... it was nice to get out in the fresh air and walk with Richard... it was like a little date. We started on my running trail and ended up strolling through the woods. It was good.

Ok... I am just bringing myself down. I vow on my life and my relationship to get back on track next week.

Monday - 8k
Tuesday - SPIN
Wednesday - HOT YOGA
Thursaday - TBD
Friday - 8k

Now... its up to ALL my readers to hold me accountable. Give me shit if I fall off or make excuses... I need your help to keep focused. I don't want to give up this time. I have almost 25pounds to go and I need to do it this time.


PS  - on the UPSIDE pictures are back :)

PPS - I made a graph... to make me feel better...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

No BIGGEST Loser for me.

Sad Face...

Today (I am running out of witty title ideas)

Spinning: 50minutes (of the hardest SPIN ever!)
Calories: 851

It was Leslie-Ann and I wouldn't miss it, but GOOD GOD DAMN it was ridiculous! I couldn't keep up… and I can keep up! She killed it and parts of me died (I am working on the resurection). I love her class. She is SO engaging, even when your body quits you BEG it to continue, because you just don't want to let her down.

My toe did alright… I was kidding when I first said I broke it, but I think I really did. It doesn't bend right anymore and it hurts.

Not sure what is the plan for today… No running or Spinning… I think I am going to tackle the dreaded stairmaster. If I can pull myself away from the entertaining world of work that is piling up on my desk.

Oo… and snack idea. I made Rice Crispy squares last night and YUM! I forgot how easy and FUN they are. Although I made a slight revision… instead of butter I use peanut butter. Yea… try it!

I also CAN'T weigh in the week. I want too... I want to know if I am at my April goal... its a pretty exciting goal... but I can't get to the scale AND there is no point with the water retention that is happening this week... here would be a picture of a bloated sad girl... if I could upload!

Ok… back to work.


PS - POLL RESULTS: 50% of readers (or both of you LOL) would be lost with your jogging pants - Nobody was concerned with their shoes (or high heels) - 25% of readers needed their precious Lululemon sweater (I would be in the club if I voted) - 25% of readers would embrace island life and wear a HULA skirt... the BRAVE few!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Broken Toe is OK!

Spinning: 50minutes

Sit-ups: 110
Calories: 977

What a day! I went back to the gym after WAY TOO much time off and a broken toe. I had to rush to spinning. I am currently training in… WAIT I HAVE BIG NEWS! RICHARD PASSED HIS TEST WITH A 90!! WOO! CONGRATS, LOVE! Ok, where was I? right.. I am training interns this week. A task I requested, but am regretting. I wanted to show my boss I was ready for more responsibility, but I didn't realize how time consuming this would be. We are in PEAK season; meaning we are ALMOST as busy as Christmas. The station are sold-out across the board and we are struggling to keep up. This week I am spending half my day with interns and half frantically working on my INBOX. Anyways… back on topic I had to RUN to the gym to make it to Kerrie's class, which was awesome as usual, but in my haste I forgot my towel (for sweat control), my socks (for non-stinky feet) and my water bottle (for hydration, as if you didn't know). Anyways… I tackled this class on my own I was roughing it… sweat was EVERYWHERE and I was SO thristy, but it was a good class and I came back to my desk more prepared to work.

I am hoping to get to HOT YOGA this week, because it is that time again! I don't know whyI prefer HOT YOGA in the summer… its odd.

No update on The Biggest Loser… so keep your fingers crossed.

Ok I am OUT of here.


The body is a miraculous thing!

... I rehydrated and got back on track yesterday. Today I checked the scale and BAM! I am right back where I want to be.


Spinning today... can't wait... broken toe and ALL!


Monday, May 3, 2010

I indulged...

... every craving!

So this past weekend (since Thursday) you have missed me. It was an exciting time... Richard turned 25 and wrote his CFQ to end his apprenticeship. We celebrated!

I surprised him with a trip to Niagara Falls... where I offered every induglence from food, to booze, candy, to tourist trap. We did it all. I shut down my Loseit! app and only brought out my phone for music. We had a GREAT time... and did a lot of everything. In fact, we went out to dinner 8 times in 3 days! We drank (he had to do 25shots... for 25years and it only seemed fair that he didn't do them alone). I will try to post pictures soon, but that is where I was.

That paragraph opened this 'welcome back' blog, because I hopped on the scale today to see the dammage I had done to my diet and WOW... if I could loose as fast as I gain... I wouldn't be in this mess. It showed I gained a whooping 6 POUNDS! Now... I didn't excerise, barely slept and certainly didn't keep hydrated. I will get a more realistic number AFTER a few days back on track, but wow. Quite the eye-opener... its a sick realization of what got me into this mess.

I am also snookered, because it appears I have broken my toe... the fourth one in line. I would like to say it is an amazing story of heroism or a drunken dare, but really I stubbed it. I stubbed it hard on Richards suitcase... so clearly it was his fault... ha!

More to come... just wanted to re-introduce myself after a brief vacation... 5days out of the gym and 4days off the diet... whewf! Can't wait to get back into it.