Friday, May 14, 2010

Run: 12minutes
ABS: 15minutes
Run/Sprint/Walk: 15minutes (3.92km total)
Calories: 439+186

Thursdays and Mondays are proving to be challenging. They are the days I challenge myself. No classes (except abs, but its only 15min) just me working it out! It felt good... I have gone from a foodie to a gym-ee... I don't know, but I love the gym! I feel good this week... because I HIT my APRIL goal. Today I am down 25 pounds! 25 POUNDS! Woo!

It's early... its about 7:15am... I woke up at 5 to get to work and I know this is a 'work-out' blog, but I am going to detour to traffic and DRIVING. I think I am an expert on the topic... I spend over 3 hours a day in my car (the little bullet) and I only travel 140km ROUND TRIP! and I HATE IT, but I love the subarbs and I love my job so I'm stuck.

First... learn how to drive, before you get behind the wheel, because my safety is in your hands... cliche I know, but seriously. I can only control my little car. This morning I had Mr. Brake-sir-lot in front of me. If you're properly pacing than there is NO need for brakes. Take your pretty little manicured toes off the gas and coast. We're ALL going the same direction and I am sure we're all in the same RUSH to get there.

Ok... I need a breather before I continue the BAD driver rant.


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  1. Don't you know that you have to cover the distance between cars as quickly as possible? Just like speed limits and stop signs are only suggestions, and that line at cross walks is for your back tires. ^.^

    Yay for 25 pounds! *does happy dance for you*