Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's RAMBLE!

SPIN: 50minutes

Sit-ups: 10minutes

Calories: 951

There is a debate going on, on the Loseit! Forum…. It references logging your daily exercise calories. For those of you who don't have Loseit! It's a daily food journal. That allows you to see what you're eating and what kind of calories are going into your body. On top of that you can track and log your exercise. It calculates the needed calorie consumption to be healthy and loose set amount of weight weekly. It also tracks your goals and lets you have little victories as you watch the little line plummet on the graph. Now that we're all up to speed a simple girl asked a simple question… should I log my hours at work, as a cashier, as exercise? I should mention here… Loseit! Takes your exercise into consideration when deciding your daily calorie allowance… it's like a credit card. Working out is paying it off and eating is racking it up. Back to the point… the simple girls post. Everyone is VERY heated about this. Is work exercise? Do you feel tired after? Can you work up a sweat? Do you walk a lot through out the day?

I have actually thought about it a lot. This is JUST a log… much like this blog. It only works if you're honest and even then its just a reference. I think about this every time I add something… food or exercise. Did I really burn that many calories? Did I really only eat that few? Than I go back to… it doesn't matter. My metabolism isn't going to increase because I logged 900 calories over 600. I am not going to loose weight because my calorie intake is under 1200. You know? I don't know how to properly articulate what I mean…. Just something that is swimming around the old fishing pond.

Any who… it was a nice welcome back. Kerrie kills me… I wasn't in the mood today, but I didn't quit. I found myself watching the clock though. We'll see. I want to loose another 2 pounds before my BIG trip… cross your fingers for me.

It's finally home time and I am TIRED!



  1. I have given up on the LoseIt! forums. LoseIt! is an awesome app, and I love it. The forums are way too full of people who like to follow the latest diet fads and argue with each other.

    But I do agree with you. I don't worry that everything I enter is exact. I just try to make sure I am living a healthy lifestyle that includes both exercise and eating healthy, and the weight has and will come off.


  2. Hey Jeff!

    I think that may be a pet peeve of mine... fad dieters! I heard an interesting stat... the ammount of time it takes to lose it is the SAME ammount of time it takes to gain it back.

    I wish the results were faster, but I am ok with a long term transition.