Friday, January 31, 2014

90 day revolution

Tomorrow is February 1st. It marks 6 months post partum and the first day of my 90 day revolution.

I have been going to the gym since November 1, but haven't seen any results. I go three times a week, but I have to admit I am not committed. I am bored. I find elliptical too easy, but treadmill and running to hard. I wanted to join a gym to have the classes, I thrive in a group setting with structure, but the only gym I can afford has terrible classes at inconvenient times. I have tried to find something I enjoy and will stick too, but nothing holds... I am on week 5 of the couch to 10k program, but I hate it and make excuses to avoid the gym.

I received a GC from my Mother for Christmas and I have been holding on to it, wanting to spend it on something good... knowing she had saved up to put $100 on a prepaid visa for me.

Then I saw an infomercial and got sucked in... Jillian Michaels Revolution and my GC was just enough to cover it. This was happening... it took a week to convince myself to purchase this program. I am one to get sucked into diet/fitness fads and then lose interest when they don't work (my husband always rolls his eyes, when I find something new to cling to, in my defense I have found a lot of success with each endeavour, but never long term... I am committed until it stopped working.)

Fast track to tonight... I am anxious to begin, I need to do this, I am tired of being tired. I have slowly gained back all the weight I originally lost post delivery. I can't wear jeans, my gut is too big. I am sick of feeling like a slob... I want to feel beautiful again. I want to feel confident again. I want to play with my son and not get winded, I don't want to buy an entirely new wardrobe... I need to lose 45lbs.

Thus the commitment to the revolution. February 1 to May 1.  I haven't committed to a full detox (which I would love, but I am still nursing) but I have a list of DO NOT eat foods... I made sure to put all my favorites on it and post it on the fridge for all to see.

It includes... chocolate, cheese slices, chips, cookies, white bread, butter, pizza, burgers, candy, ice cream, fast food, pop, juice... there are more, but I can't remember.

I am hoping to follow the diet plan included in the revolution, but I haven't received the package yet... so I don't know how possible that is. It could be full of seafood and hard to prepare foods.

I have watched several of the workouts online and it seems perfect for me... its the classes and structure I love, but in my home... I can do them while Thomas naps. Right now getting to the gym takes at least 3 hours... from feeding Thomas, changing, dressing and loading everything into the car, driving, parking, unloading, signing into daycare, changing, working out, changing, signing out of daycare, loading up, driving home and unloading... etc. It disrupts Thomas's nap and/or meal... it changes our entire day and some days it is just not worth it.

So... tomorrow is the beginning. I am going to head to the gym with Thomas and do the bootcamp class (which is close to the revolution work outs), I am going to restrict and calorie count. I am hoping for 40+ pounds lost by Richards birthday... and that puts me right where I was before my wedding. Not skinny by any stretch but comfortable.

Then I hope to get pregnant all over again... lol

That's it for today... there would be a doodle, but this old girl can't figure out her new computer.


PS. Tomorrow I will post measurements and weight (argh)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Of course lose weight, get healthy... Yadda yadda, but this year I want to slow down and enjoy things. I want to get caught up in the moment... I want to give up multi tasking and be present for everything. 

That means enjoying and being aware of everything that happens around me; including every bite, calorie and workout.

Wish me luck.

This might just be the hardest one yet.