Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Muscle Up: 45minutes
Calories: 536 (ish)

Wednesday is quickly becoming my favorite GYM day. I get a FULL body work-out that leaves me sore, but I don't feel exhausted afterwards. Today was especially tough... my muscle were quivering for most of the class and it was GREAT!

Today I want to share a NEW exercise with you... It's INNER thigh lifts.

It's awkward as all hell, but it works. As Anissa pointed out you don't often work the inner thigh muscles. So for balance we did this... lay on your side, supporting your weight with your arm. Bend one knee (upper leg) and tuck it up to your bum. The lower leg is extended. Rest the bar on the groove of your foot. I used a 12 pound bar, but any weight will work off the bat. Then simply raise your foot with your heel to the ceiling. Simple, right?? See how long you last. Things start to cramp. You can add arms... or not. It's your choice.

It was a good class and tomorrow I am going to try On the Ball, an early class using only an exercise ball. I have one at home and I would love to be able to do some strength training on the weekends.

I also started doing abs at night. Its a great pre-bed routine. I set my timer for 15minutes and I crunch until it beeps. I change it up and go at my own pace.

Something else happen in bed last night... not that... we were watching the biggest loser and Richard asked a question that got my little mind a racing. What's my body percentage lost since February? Interesting concept... I never thought about it. I have lost 35  pounds... which works out to 14.5% loss. I have lost 14.5% of myself. I feel WAY more accomplished looking at it this way. Test it out... how much of yourself have you lost??? Leave a comment... I would love to know.

Ok. Long enough.


Cruise: 9 days (I think)

Pounds to loose: 11(-13) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.9% - Inches Lost: 6

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oops... LONG weekend!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 657

I missed the gym yesterday. I notice when I miss a day. I am restless and down. I need to work up a sweat at least once a day. Yesterday was a bit of an exception. I had to forgo my workout to go to the dentist, where I spent 3 hours getting a tooth pulled. I was SO devastated when I got home I ate a bowl of soup (I hate soup) and went to bed. I hate when my teeth can't be saved... this one was different. This one should have been saved... but my HACK-JOB dentist (I went to a new one yesterday... whom I love) made a mistake last time I was in the chair and cost me the tooth. The good news -- because of its placement. It will be replaced, but for now there is a hole.

BUT that's not the point of this blog. Just one MORE thing... please take care of your mouths. They are the gateway to everything nasty in your body. Apparently me being sick for almost 6 weeks is because of an infection in my mouth (that I didn't know about). I didn't realize how much this ONE tooth was affecting my entire life. 

Ok... now today. I went to the gym with my NEW shoes.

I spun in them... not what they are meant for, but I am NOT buying a second set of shoes for spinning. So I spun in them. They were comfy and they're SO squishy. The down side... the toes on my left foot went numb. That is a BAD sign. I am hoping to run on Thursday and we'll see how good they are.

Class was great as always. I sweat and it felt good.


Cruise: 10days

Pounds to loose: 12(-12) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.9% - Inches Lost: 6

Monday, September 27, 2010

New Shoes!

What a weekend. Let's just say I am skipping the gym today for an urgent trip to the dentist! That is the kind of weekend I had.

Seriously though… what kind of trouble did I get into?

First I took my Visa on a little shopping spree. I swear I am saving up for a house… I needed new shoes. My knees have been bothering me lately and it was time to invest in myself. If I want to keep running and going hard I have to have to right equipment. I don't know if I believe me, because I always have a logical excuse to spend money.

Anyways… I settled on Nike Air Max Moto+ 7 for women.

Nice looking shoe. It has arch support (I am high arched), extra toe room and a lot of cushion. The best PART… the little space under my left sole for my Nike+ sensor. Now I don't have to stuff it in my sock and hope for the best. I can't wait to get running in these. I have to wait though, with the emergency dentist appointment this afternoon...

Hopefully I will be all fixed up and ready to run after I get home. Wish me luck (and I will need it… it has been one of those no good, very bad days… bad tooth, sore throat (again), lost shoe, no gas).

Oh yea… and I got NEW socks. I love NEW socks!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Boot Camp (with a pilates instructor): 45minutes

Calories: 530

I went to the Boot Camp excited to see Bambi. I call her Bambi because the instructor (Bambi) has Big doe eyes and looks SO innocent… until class starts and she BEATS you! I always left her class in pain and happily burning. I haven't been to her 'Boot Camp' in months. In the summer we get half day Friday's and her camp was cancelled.
I was all geared up to BOOT CAMP with Bambi (who's real name is Christine), but she is sick today. Instead we had Laura the pilates instructor. She made me sweat! It was a great class and my arms are sore. I love it.
She worked our abs in a stand position… basically we did the twist.
I actually got it… and enjoyed it.
Hooray for the WEEKEND!



Run: 35minutes
Calories: 520

I ran last night. I am SO glad I did. I said I would, but I never actually do. Let's be honest here... my intentions are ALWAYS good, but what pushed me over the edge was the 2 and half hour drive home because some stupid woman stopped in the FAST lane, got out of the car and proceeded to stand in the middle of the HIGHWAY on her phone... during rush hour. I spent 45mintes NOT moving. To put it in perspective it took me 65minutes to get to work today. It's about 75kms.

Why did that help me run? I was SO hungry and mad when I got home I dove into the death by chocolate. Yes, I eat for stress and I know its detrimental to my goal, but I was MAD and chocolate was the answer.

Death by chocolate is a wonderful dessert made by Richard's Mom. It is Chocolate Pudding (fat free) with brownies, skor bits and whipped cream. It is FANTASTIC and one of my favorite treats.

I figured out the calories and I could ALMOST afford it. So I ran. I ran hard and I ran my fastest 5km ever. It felt good and I am glad I got out there. I came home relieved from the stress of driving and the guilt of Chocolate.

*** I also have to add a hint of goo... Richard hard about my tough day and surprised me with flowers and lunch full of my favorite (and health) snacks for today.

ALL that being said its Friday which means WEIGH IN.

I did it! I hit the TEN. I have TEN pounds left on my journey... WOOT! I thought I would NEVER get here. I also measured inches and lost another 2 and .3% body fat. It was a good weigh in. I feel good about today. I feel good about my progress. I want to drop 4 more before the cruise which is in TWO weeks.

I am hitting lunch time BOOT CAMP today... yay!


Cruise: 14days

Pounds to loose: 10(-14) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.9% - Inches Lost: 6

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunch out!

Workout: 0

Calories: +450

I went to lunch today… with the girls. They always tease me about the VERY small window of foods I'll eat (**See list below). So whenever we plan a lunch date they take me somewhere different. Something NOT Canadian or PUB-ish. Some days it feels like a punishment. Some days it feels like a treat. It's not that I won't try foods… I will try anything once, but if I don't like it. Don't EVER expect to see it on my plate again (**See extenuating circumstances below).

So today they took me to Japanese. I have had Japanese, in fact we had exchange students when I was a kid. I still write to Sae, in Japan, but I never liked the food. I thought I could give it another chance, plus they didn't ask my opinion so we went for Japanese. We went to Yamoto. It was amazing. They cook right at your table (the table seats 15 strangers). Our cook was hilarious and loved that I was new. He even turned my fried rice into a heart. He lit the onions on fire and everything. The food was also really tasty. I had Beef… in three different forms. I don't remember the names, but they were good. I also had Onion Soup and Fried rice. I am a little hungry, but I am glad we went and I will go again. I think it is something Richard would enjoy.

So I missed the gym BUT I got an experience. A healthy trade off for me. Hopefully I can go for a run tonight, but it’s a busy evening. A 20-percent off sale at my FAV store and the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy (yay!).

I also weighed in this morning (like every morning) and was happy to see the lowest number yet. Yup! Cross your fingers for me… I hope to weigh in tomorrow (officially) and be lower. Back on track for the cruise. I will lose 45 pounds before the end of the YEAR!!!!




**Foods I don't like…

- Pasta
- Seafood (or anything that swims)
- Anything meat that once was cute (lamb, deer, rabbit)
- Rice
- Mushrooms
- Spicy things (although I am getting better with this)
- French Fries
- Red Sauce
- Miss Vickie's Chips
- Eggplant
- Brussels Sprouts
- Shrimp (I don't know if it swims, technically)
- Lasagna
There are more, but I can't think… all I can think about is my pudding.

** Places I will eat something I don't like…

- Work Function (or client luncheons)
- First meeting of In-Laws (glad, I don't have to go through that again).
- High End Events (work Christmas party)
- When a friend of a friend cooks for me. (I can tell friends I don't like it)
- At my Dad's (he doesn't let me get away with anything)
- Weddings

Cruise: 15days

Pounds to loose: 11(-13) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

OUT of the PARK

Muscle Up: 45minutes
Calories: 538

Anissa is growing on me… like a sore muscle throbbing as it tries to repair the damage inflicted on it. A little too graphic? I could have said I like her more now than before, but that felt a little simple. Any who, Anissa; we didn’t hit it off on the right foot. She entered my life as the NEW manager, bumping my beloved Erin out of the top rank, the only place I had ever known her. Strike One. Then she filled in for Angela, the weight-lifting guru or all things heavy, and bombed. The class was bad… only because compared to Angela everyone sucks. Strike Two. Then her over perky attitude left me unsettled, she’s a very happy petite blonde and obviously I am jealous. I can admit it. Ball. Last pitch, the crowd is chanting AH-NISS-AH, AH-NISS-AH. She taps the dirt from her shoe and pulls back preparing for the next pitch… it’s a fast ball, the crowd gasps and -- BANG! She knocks it out of the park! Today’s class was awesome. My muscles are still quivering!

She kept me entertained and hard at work, never lingering too long on one core muscle group. It leaves you feeling accomplished and strong, because you don’t have to give up. You CAN keep going. The music was good and she even cracked a few jokes. It was a great class and a great addition to my work-outs this week.


Tomorrow I am attempted to catch the 7:30am SPIN class… wish me luck. I have a lunch meeting, but I don’t want to miss my work-out. Ew. Just the thought of it is making my stomach turn.


Cruise: 16days

Pounds to loose: 12(-12) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spinning... OW!

Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 620

Kerrie was FINALLY back, but I couldn't keep up today. It happen. I hurt myself. I knew it was coming, but I pushed anyways. I would suffer through anything to be skinny. I don't feel like ANYTHING is a good enough reason to stop… even with my knee throbbing I hobble to the gym. Ok… I am being a little over dramatic… my knee didn't look like this.

… I didn't need assistance to walk. I also didn't need to cry over a simple irritation, but my knee hurts. I went to spinning because it is easy on your joints, but still burns a lot of calories. I really want to drop at least 6 pounds in the next 3weeks (17 days).
Anyways, I am just celebrating my good sweat with…
 … I know! How awesome is that?! It's made with SKIM MILK and only 90 calories.
Go me!

My knee is now throbbing… stupid knee.


Cruise: 17days

Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

Monday, September 20, 2010


Running: 40minutes

Calories: 619

I ran today. I didn't want too. I never want to hit the gym lately… I am OFF my game. I am disappointed at my results lately. I understand that stopping everything isn't going to garner better results, but I just don't want too. So I dragged my BIG ol' behind to the gym. I am glad I went. I feel better about it. I like to sweat I feel less like a lazy slug. AND as always my gym is full of incentives. This week they are giving away an ipod touch AND a Wii fitness game… all you have to do is sign-in. I am excited. I never win anything, but I am all about the CHANCE to win. It gets me EVERYTIME.

Richard: Babe, we don't need a Cement Mixer
Melanie: But if we buy it today we have a chance to win FREE cement for a year.
Richard: We live in a Condo...
Melanie: but think of the things we could build.

At that point I get gooey-eyed and lost in thoughts of building things I don't need and never knew I wanted. At least an ipod touch I can use… or better yet give to someone else at Christmas! I won't even take it out of the box! I am cheap… in weird ways.
Shakes for dinner… time to get back on track - YUM!


Cruise: 18days

Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

Friday, September 17, 2010

A happy puppy...

... because everyone loves a happy puppy.

Yesterday's post was a little 'negative'. I am NOT feeling any better, but don't feel like bringing everyone down on a Friday. So look at Moose -- wagging is pretty little fuzzy-wuzzy puppy tail. 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

No work-outs until I am feeling 100%. No point in fighting it any longer. I have the flu and I need to rest.


Cruise: 21 days!

Pounds to loose: 13(-11) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.4% - Inches Lost: 7

Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am tired and FAT today...

What the HECK is going on?!?!?!

I am UNDER my calorie budget (eating less than 1500 a day). I am sleeping 8-9 hours a night. I am hitting the gym 6 days a week. I am running my ass off. I am taking vitamins and supplements. I am NOT eating before bed. I am drinking a TRUCKLOAD of water EVERY day. I cut out FAST food. I rotate weight training with Cardio. It is NOT that time of the month. I am NOT bloated.

I am gaining weight... every day. No matter how hard I work.

I should be at the 6-to-lose point, yet I am still hovering around the 16 to lose... 4 pounds UP from Saturday. How does that EVEN make sense????

I want to keep going, but at this point I have NO motivation, because what's the point. I am a fatty and probably always will be... it sucks. I hate it and honestly, I hate myself.

The hardest part for me is... my previous eating disorder. Sorry, I am going to get a little honest right now. I used to BINGE and PURGE. It's terrible, but it worked. I grew up at 25 and decided NEVER to do that again, but its things like this week that make me WANT to do it again. It works... it is terribly hard on your body and NOT a long term plan, but I am SO sick of being patient. Nothing in my life happens as fast as I want it too.

It's NOT muscle... just so we're clear. It's FAT! I measure my Body Fat Percentage once a week.

I am so frustrated... and in 2 hours I have to decide whether I am going to SPIN this afternoon. I HAVE to go to BOOT CAMP... its the last one and I paid for it. I am frustrated to because I do Boot Camp...  pay for Boot Camp yet in the past 4 weeks I haven't lost anything. Nothing. What a waste!!


Sorry... I know this BLOG is suppose to light and fun, but its also honest. This is how I feel today.

Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another Quickie...

Muscle Up: 45minutes
Calories: 500

Angela was back for a guest appearance. Yay!

My muscles are sore... so that's it for today.



BOOT CAMP (hills): 60minutes
Calories: 1000ish

First... I need new running shoes. My knees are starting to suffer and I can't risk it. I also can't afford it, but its a necessary evil. So I will spend the money. (yay! I am getting new shoes).

I desperately didn't want to go to BOOT CAMP last night. I am over it. This is my life... I find something I LOVE. I become obsessed with it and then... I loose interest, get bored and stop doing it. 8 weeks appears to be enough for me.

In fact, I am going to base my next great love on this scale and see if at 8weeks I still 'love' it.

However, you know how this fairy tale ends, because just above the black typing it shows you I did go to BOOT CAMP last night. I did run the hills... the stairs and I did do everything else I was told.

Near the end I looked something like this...

But I still did it and that is what really matters. We started normally... laps. Then we split into groups and ran up the hill and down the hill -- up the stairs and down the stairs. Good times.

I am not overly enthusiastic right now, I weigh in every morning. Most Monday's I am up... in fact EVERY Monday I am up. Typically by Wednesday (and three work-outs in) I am back on track. Not this Wednesday. I still up. Which means I won't be down on Friday... damn it.

BUT who can focus on that... today is our TWO year anniversary (not mine and YOURS... mine and Richards). Yay! Granted we celebrated on the weekend, but today is the REAL day. Two years ago today a freshed faced 23 year snuck into my downtown apartment in the middle of the night with a stuffed oil drop (Ollie, from his recent trip to the oil fields) and a can of Red Bull... to help me stay up ALL night and talk. It was great... who knew two years later I would love him more than ever and be on our way to a REAL life together.

Oh so! Love you x3 always, forever and after.


Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

AH! I have NO time...

Spinning: 40minutes
Calories: 640

Yes... only 40 minutes today. Kerrie was away... again and this week Erin filled in. Not GOOD Erin, but the other Erin. The Assistant manager of the gym who doesn't teach on a regular basis so doesn't have a routine worked out.
She also doesn't direct you... most instructors (for those unfamiliar with spin) tell you when to increase the tension and by how much. They also tell you when to go hard, when to recover etc. Erin doesn't she tells you. Its your work-out she simply cranks the bad 80s music and let's you ride for 40minutes. I didn't even leave early... she just stopped.

I shouldn't be so mean... really she jumped in last minute to prevent the class from being cancelled.

I got a work-out... not a great one, but I have BOOT CAMP tonight... the dreaded Hills in the rain. WOO!

Hopefully something happens, because I want to be down this week... PLEASE!


Pounds to loose: 16(-8) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

I was thinking...

... if you could hike my weight loss graph.

You'd be pretty fit... talk about peaks and valleys.

Just a thought.


Monday, September 13, 2010

It's gross...

... and girlie, but its how I feel today!

Running: 45minutes (run/sprint/walk)
Calories: 655

Yes, that is my BIG juicy (gained 4 pounds) sized heart. I had an amazing weekend. Yes, I gained 4 pounds (hopefully of water weight) and yes, I drank wine and dined at wonderfully calorie filled restaurants. No, I didn't exercise (at least not traditionally), but I feel good about all of it and ALL of me.

The details... Friday night Richard and I spent the night in. We went to bed early and lounged around watching MY favorite TV shows. This is my FAVORITE thing to do, but Little Mr. Busy body struggles with the 'lounging' part of things and often falls asleep on me.

Oh yea... it was our secret anniversary weekend. Secret because I didn't know ANYTHING about it.

We slept in... more to the point I slept in Saturday morning and around 11 we hopped in the car with an overnight bag and what I thought was ONE bottle of wine. We drove for about 2 hours and ended up at my favorite place in the world... Niagara Falls. Richard booked the same room (in the same hotel) we had on our first adventure together. Its a Fallsview KING suite with Whirlpool tub. Mm - hm... We wandered around Lundy's Lane (for those unfamiliar, its 'the strip' of entertainment). We shopped, went for lunch and ended up in a VERY heated round of BOWLING (Richard won, but only by 11 points after 5 games!) When we could we checked into our hotel room... The End. Kidding! We got settled and put our drinks on ice... Richard had in fact brought TWO bottles of wine and a mickey of crown... the boy had plans. We got all fancied up and headed out. We started at Margaritaville for -- you guessed it MARGARITAs. I had Banana/Wild berry with Captain Morgan Spiced rum... Yum! We sat on the roof top patio and watched the sun set over the falls.

Then we went to dinner. Every year (and every time we're in the falls) we go to Tony Roma's. It's 'our' place. It's delicious. We always order the same thing... BBQ ribs and a hot brownie sundae for dessert. I didn't log this meal... surprise. At this point (on almost empty stomachs) we were both were glowing and discussed everything... by everything I mean... we chatted like it was our first date. Talking about everything that was important to us, from marriage (yay!) to kids, hobbies to TV shows. It was lovely and so invigorating. I felt re-charged and more in love with him than ever before. After 2 years he still gives me butterflies.

We sauntered (because of the double drinks consumed at dinner) back to our hotel stopping briefly at the casino (not to gamble, just to shop and consume the shot of Richards choice... for winning at bowling). With a jager-bomb down the hatch we headed back to our room.

We uncorked the wine, ran the bath and didn't come up for air until morning. (use your imagination).

The next morning we went to breakfast (which was terrible so we'll pretend it didn't happen) and headed home. Refreshed, relaxed and exhausted. We had found our way back to us... sometimes its cloudy, but daily stresses and frustrations. We got home and had a nap (another favorite of mine). Around 3 my bestest friend popped by for a little gossip on the patio. While I was chit chatting Richard went and did the grocery shopping AND made my lunch for today.

We fell asleep Sunday night and I had the best sleep of my life.

Back to reality I gained 4 pounds and decided this morning to have a FULL week of work-outs. Just because I am at a plateau doesn't mean I am going to give-up... like every other time before.

I hit the treadmill today and it felt good. I miss running.

I have nothing tonight, but spinning and Boot Camp tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Sorry to bore you with NON fitness related relationship goo, but I am happy today and I think that fits into the category of overall health.


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 4.5

Friday, September 10, 2010


Every Cell in my being is joining together to protest my will to exercise.
They are on strike. I can't win. I gained again this week… I worked out harder this week than any other and I was really hoping to pull some big numbers, but it appears my body is on closed for repairs. Clearly I lack the common sense to rest. I hate being FORCED to do something… even if it is every fiber of my being forcing me to rest.
I ache all over. I have a sore throat and my head feels detached from my body. I am out of sorts… completely. I am sick… sick and tired - literally.

As for yesterday… what chaos! I did make it down to the gym. I went to Erin's class (two in ONE week) and it was a sweaty mess. I got back to my desk and the computer exploded in urgent emails! READ NOW! URGENT! I only had an hour, before I was rushed to a meeting -- and by 'meeting' I mean cocktail hour at the pub to discuss ratings (we're still number one). I didn't get home till after 7… which means no BOOT CAMP for me. My muscles rejoiced!

I had so much to write today… it is weigh in day after all, but I don't want to discuss it. I am angry with my body.

Good news is… Richard is whisking me away for a romantic anniversary weekend. Yay! I don't know where, but anywhere with him is just dreamy (hehe).


Pounds to loose: 13(-11) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

Thursday, September 9, 2010


BOOT CAMP: 60minutes (in the RAIN)
Calories: 1000

By the title you know there are some JUICY details. Yup, I have sustained damage. I am not thrilled, but know I have to keep my body safe from harm and healthy.

First, it was pouring rain for MOST of the camp. It was also bitterly cold. I was in a tank top, t-shirt and sweatshirt.
This is me shivering with my teeth chattering.

We continued with the very REAL Boot Camp... real as in soldier style; RAIN or SHINE! I always give 110% I am paying to be there. I am there to lose weight... thus I don't complain or slack off.

On a side note... it drives me crazy the ladies that come to BOOT CAMP and don't give it their all. I mean you paid to be here. You want to get fit... yet you complain about everything and constantly slack off. I see what got you to this point... you're lazy. It drives me crazy, even more so when my little group of four was making fun of me as I started the circuit... all because Carrie hadn't blown the whistle yet. Honestly, if I can squeak in a few extra lunges... GOOD for ME!

Anyways... back to my damage. So I am running the cross FULL TILT when my belly starts to cramp. Not a that-time-of-the-month cramp, but a cramp I have NEVER felt before. It actually slows me down. Turns out the heavy exercise (2 boot camps in a row) has upset my digestive system. This made for a very uncomfortable even of 'gases' moving their way through my system. On top of that I twisted my knee... more so than normal and rolled my ankle. They say everything happens in threes, but COME ON!

I am walking with a bit of a limp today and haven't decided what I am doing... I could go to the gym and spin. It's really easy on your joints and still burns a lot of calories. I could skip the lunch work out and head to BOOT CAMP tonight. Still push myself, but not to the point of destruction.

I won't feel right if I just sit around and wait to feel better. I also rest for 2 days on the weekend... hence the BIG work-outs during the week.

I am already upset, because apparently all my hard work has a paid me back in weight gain... 10 is like my unicorn. I want to believe I will see it, but I just can't get there, because maybe it doesn't exist! argh!

On top of all that... I have a work thingy that is smack dab in the middle of my day. I don't want to go, but I think I have too. BOO!

Ok... back to training the new guy.

I will let you know what I decide to do.


Pounds to loose: 13(-11) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 7.5

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boobs and BUMS!

Muscle Up: 45minutes

Calories: 538

You see a lot of Bums and breasts at the gym. I mean you see thighs, biceps and bellies, but mainly boobs and bums. Now I make an effort not to stare unless they're outrageously misshapen, or clearly fake (because then they WANT you to look). Oh yea and this isn't out in the gym I am talking about the change room; where there is no level of insecurity. Everyone is out and proud, many women carrying on conversations completely NAKED. I am NOT one of those girls… I keep it to myself.
Now the point of sharing the inner workings of the change room. Cellulite. Its comforting to know even the pretty girls have it. So I am not completely imperfect. Although on the flip side it tells me I have no shot in hell of being cellulite free… hmpf. Can't win for trying.
Oh well.
The new schedule is in full effect and Anissa was on her game. We did new moves and even got to help sculpt the class with suggestions.
BOOT CAMP tonight… I have never done two days in a row… as always, wish me luck.


Circuit Training...

BOOT CAMP: 60minutes
Calories: 1000 (ish)

I hate Circuit training... for the record. I just want to throw that into the universe and see what I get back. Will it be more Circuit training? Or perhaps the best results from the hated circuit training. Who knows how the universe will interpret my plea.

All that being said... I am going to BOOT CAMP three times this week. I lost track over the weekend... I was sick and bloated, angry and tired. I didn't run (as scheduled) I barely stayed below my calories, but I promise I am paying for it now. I am happiest when my muscles ACHE.

Last nights BOOT CAMP was different then any other. I had fun. I didn't tire and I barely sweat... that is more thanks to the heavy winds than my fitness level, but I woke up this morning on track this morning so the pain was worth the gain.

By different I mean... skate boards, police tape and gas cans. Those were just SOME of our tools for circuit training. I swear Carrie lays awake at night dreaming of ways to torture us. She is so funny! Picture... wait you don't need too.

And yes... she is really that fit. Unlike MY cartoons this is realistically what she looks like. And she is always catching me! From across the field I'll hear 'Melanie! Let's get going!!' I hate to disappoint so whatever I am doing I do BETTER, HARDER and STRONGER... while she is watching. I swear I stop for ONE second and that's when I get caught! Typically she has a great nickname for you... most of the time it reflects your current weeks indiscretions. Last week I was 'PUB' because I shared my awkward lunch at a pub that week.

It keeps everything fun and we (the other victims of BOOT CAMP torture) laugh along. It's a lot of fun and I am really going to miss it.

I am off to muscle up this afternoon... or body blast... or something. It's a new schedule and I don't really know what I am in for. Wish me luck.


Pounds to loose: 12(-12) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 7.5

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Spinning: 45minutes
Calories: 723

I am SURE I burnt MORE calories than that!!! Erin doesn't let you rest... she doesn't slow down or recover. It is GO all the time. I hate it AND love it. I sweat more in her class than anything else I do -- including BOOT CAMP. My favorite part about her class... the music. I ALWAYS pull something out of the class and add it to my play list.

I thought it's been a while since we discussed music so... here it is. My running library. NOTE: I double up on my favorite songs.

<--- that's me 'pucker-faced' listening to music

Born to Be Alive - Disco Kings
Clear! - Kardinal Offishall
Memories - Ft. Kid Cudi
Pump it - Black Eyed Peas
Take it Off - Ke$ha
Clear! - Kardinal Offishall
Teeth - Lady Gaga (NEW TODAY)
Pump it - Black Eyed Peas
Shark in the Water - V.V. Brown (NEW TODAY)
I'm Running - ft. Sam Roberts
Just the Way you Are - Bruno Mars
If we Ever Meet Again - Timbaland ft. Katie Perry
That's Not my Name - The Ting Tings

And more.... but I don't usually make it that far into my list. As for cool down...

Call to Arms - Angels & Airwaves
Break Even - The Script
Glitter in the Air - Pink

Not that I use music Tuesday, Thursday or on the weekend... I have to have the list ready for when the running takes over my body and forcing me out of the house and on to the road. Lately that doesn't happen. Stupid Rain!

Also... I would like to thank a reader for pointing out the good in me... even in my 'before' picture. I never thought about it like that. I have always enjoyed life... at every size. So thank you for making me remember.

Three BOOT CAMPS this week... I have to do something to get back on track!


I have...

... no exercise to report.

I know 'HOW DISAPPOINTING???' Nah, it was the LONG weekend (the last of the summer), I was sick (and still am, but learning to deal with it) and I got a happy monthly visitor that leaves most terrified (you know what I mean)... not to mention it was COLD and RAINY all weekend.

Look at the river of excuses flow!! I am back at it today with a DOUBLE work-out including; spinning and CIRCUIT TRAINING BOOT CAMP - yay! That's sarcasm. I don't like circuit training. That we have discussed.

Hope your weekend was better than mine!


PS - Happy Birthday NAN! I miss you everyday!

Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 7.5

Friday, September 3, 2010

I hate today.

I gained weight. I gained inches. I gained fat.

I am sick, crampy and cranky.


That's all I have to say. I may have more when I am feeling better.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alright kids... here it is.

The much anticipated BEFORE and DURING (I don't have a REAL after, because I am not done).

Please keep in mind I am ready for bed and not wearing any make-up, but I liked my outfit and I felt good so I took the picture. The BEFORE picture is in Vegas and yes, that is Elvis with me. I was in a competition for 'fast-talkers' (sidenote: unoffical second fastest talking in Canada RIGHT HERE) and this was after my performance. Please keep in mind in this picture I THINK I look good. I THINK the weight is all in my head and if I suck it in JUST right, no one will notice the extra pounds I packed on.

Sad really.

Ok. Judge me all you want... I have 13 pounds to hit my first goal and another 30 after that. I can share this TERRIBLE picture because I decided to make a change. I can share this picture, because the girl in the picture isn't me anymore.


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Typing has become a chore!

Muscle Up: 45minutes
Abs: 15minutes
Calories: 760

Yes, typing has become a chore, but only because Angela decided to focus, and by focus I mean target and attack, arms today. She has us all over the place with different weights and poises.

It was a good class. Wednesday is as close to a rest day as it gets... I don't do any cardio, unless I feel like going for a run in the evening and lately with my knees I haven't been. In fact, my knees are making me nervous, but if you don't discuss it - it can't be true!

Also have you noticed I am getting taller and leaner in my cartoons? I promise that is NOT intentionally... they all start as stick people. Sorry.

I also don't have an after picture... I tried to take one, but it was after BOOT CAMP - literally and it looked terrible. Now my BEFORE picture looks terrible (as expected) but I can't have them both be terrible. This fact (or the difficulty of finding an after pic) is making me work 4 times as hard, because I thought I was further along then I was. I thought I had lost more and was looking better, but I can't seem to find a picture to reflect that and it's bothering me.

While at Muscle Up I also had time to think... while laying my back pretending to do chest presses, that my arms just wouldn't allow... what's next? I have learned that I need something else... kick boxing, Boot Camp etc. I need to have something to hold me accountable. I need to sign up for something BUT I can't spend money (or a very little bit) I came up with a brilliant idea for the fall and winter months... SWIMMING. Yup, that is going to be my after work workout. I am going to swim twice a week. (Richard might even swim with me) I am going to do laps for 45minutes. It's only $4 a session and I think its a great addition to everything else. You've got to keep it fresh, right?

ha! I just remembered... Little Miss Awkward was in class today. Only today she was directly behind me, which means every time I looked in the mirror - there she was stumbling all over the place. I had to contain my laughter. She's trying and I shouldn't laugh, but I can't get over the lack of rhythm this poor girl has. Picture Steve Urkel in a step class... yup, you're laughing. It's funny... but I know karmically I will get repaid with uncoordinated children. After all they say whom ever you pick on for whatever... that is how your kids will turn out, whether its fat, skinny, dumb or smart. Oh well... I can't help but laugh, sorry future off spring.

OK... I have to go. All this doodling has left me behind today.


Introducing the BAND!

BOOT CAMP: 60minutes
Calories: LOTS

**As much as you have faith in me... I am writing this while chewing on a FUDGEEO... you know the perfectly round chocolate delight. I felt like I would be deceitful if I didn't share that with you. Please don't judge me.

Last night was BOOT CAMP. My first this week... and sadly the first of my last week of the goods. Next week is circuit, which I am NOT overly good at and the next week is hills which KILLS me.

Last night Carrie introduced...


Yes, it was as hard as it looked. Yes, I made that face while using it. And yes, I am SORE this morning.

If you aren't familiar with this band let me give you a formal introduction...

Loyal reader, unholy-pain-inducing-utterly-ridiculously-strong Band.

Band, Loyal reader.

Consider yourself introduced. My introduction was not so easy. We started with simple partner work. Your partner would lasso you into this torture device and you, in turn, would try to run away like a galloping horse. To add to this (for your enjoyment) we are doing this on the side of the road while cars drive by and laugh. When it is your turn to lasso your partner it DOES NOT get easier. Now you have to do lunges WHILE your partner tries to get away attached only by the band.

Then there are the bicep curls, tricep lifts and chest presses with the band under your feet.

Then (oh yes, there is more) you work with hills (and your partner). Again being lasso'd you walking lunge up the hill, while your partner tries to stop you with the giant elastic band o' pain. Side shuffle up the ever growing hill. Run up the now mountainous hill and finally alone with your band do SIDE steps.

This is not easy... in fact, Carrie had to stop because she was laughing SO hard at our feeble attempts to walk towards her while 'banded'. In this exercise you stand on the band holding the handles. Now... step to the side and forward WHILE keeping the band under foot. Then feet together and do the other leg... not so easy. The band doesn't want to stay under your foot and the resistance is pulling on you 'but' muscle like you wouldn't believe. Even the few co-ordinated people in the crowd were stumbling all over them selves.

Finally, when you can't handle ANY more you lay on the ground... with the band. First, we hooked it to our feet and did leg extensions. Then we hooked it to our feet and did leg raises. THEN we hooked it to our feet and did FULL sit-ups. Everything is burning at this point - EVERYTHING!

It's incredibly HOT and I am covered in sweat. This BOOT CAMP feels like it has gone on for DAYS... finally at 8pm Carrie blows the whistle and we are free to... fall lifeless to the ground, panting heavily.

And with all that being said... I can't wait till Thursday to do it ALL over again.


Pounds to loose: 12(-12) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 7.5