Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Introducing the BAND!

BOOT CAMP: 60minutes
Calories: LOTS

**As much as you have faith in me... I am writing this while chewing on a FUDGEEO... you know the perfectly round chocolate delight. I felt like I would be deceitful if I didn't share that with you. Please don't judge me.

Last night was BOOT CAMP. My first this week... and sadly the first of my last week of the goods. Next week is circuit, which I am NOT overly good at and the next week is hills which KILLS me.

Last night Carrie introduced...


Yes, it was as hard as it looked. Yes, I made that face while using it. And yes, I am SORE this morning.

If you aren't familiar with this band let me give you a formal introduction...

Loyal reader, unholy-pain-inducing-utterly-ridiculously-strong Band.

Band, Loyal reader.

Consider yourself introduced. My introduction was not so easy. We started with simple partner work. Your partner would lasso you into this torture device and you, in turn, would try to run away like a galloping horse. To add to this (for your enjoyment) we are doing this on the side of the road while cars drive by and laugh. When it is your turn to lasso your partner it DOES NOT get easier. Now you have to do lunges WHILE your partner tries to get away attached only by the band.

Then there are the bicep curls, tricep lifts and chest presses with the band under your feet.

Then (oh yes, there is more) you work with hills (and your partner). Again being lasso'd you walking lunge up the hill, while your partner tries to stop you with the giant elastic band o' pain. Side shuffle up the ever growing hill. Run up the now mountainous hill and finally alone with your band do SIDE steps.

This is not easy... in fact, Carrie had to stop because she was laughing SO hard at our feeble attempts to walk towards her while 'banded'. In this exercise you stand on the band holding the handles. Now... step to the side and forward WHILE keeping the band under foot. Then feet together and do the other leg... not so easy. The band doesn't want to stay under your foot and the resistance is pulling on you 'but' muscle like you wouldn't believe. Even the few co-ordinated people in the crowd were stumbling all over them selves.

Finally, when you can't handle ANY more you lay on the ground... with the band. First, we hooked it to our feet and did leg extensions. Then we hooked it to our feet and did leg raises. THEN we hooked it to our feet and did FULL sit-ups. Everything is burning at this point - EVERYTHING!

It's incredibly HOT and I am covered in sweat. This BOOT CAMP feels like it has gone on for DAYS... finally at 8pm Carrie blows the whistle and we are free to... fall lifeless to the ground, panting heavily.

And with all that being said... I can't wait till Thursday to do it ALL over again.


Pounds to loose: 12(-12) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 7.5

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