Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunch out!

Workout: 0

Calories: +450

I went to lunch today… with the girls. They always tease me about the VERY small window of foods I'll eat (**See list below). So whenever we plan a lunch date they take me somewhere different. Something NOT Canadian or PUB-ish. Some days it feels like a punishment. Some days it feels like a treat. It's not that I won't try foods… I will try anything once, but if I don't like it. Don't EVER expect to see it on my plate again (**See extenuating circumstances below).

So today they took me to Japanese. I have had Japanese, in fact we had exchange students when I was a kid. I still write to Sae, in Japan, but I never liked the food. I thought I could give it another chance, plus they didn't ask my opinion so we went for Japanese. We went to Yamoto. It was amazing. They cook right at your table (the table seats 15 strangers). Our cook was hilarious and loved that I was new. He even turned my fried rice into a heart. He lit the onions on fire and everything. The food was also really tasty. I had Beef… in three different forms. I don't remember the names, but they were good. I also had Onion Soup and Fried rice. I am a little hungry, but I am glad we went and I will go again. I think it is something Richard would enjoy.

So I missed the gym BUT I got an experience. A healthy trade off for me. Hopefully I can go for a run tonight, but it’s a busy evening. A 20-percent off sale at my FAV store and the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy (yay!).

I also weighed in this morning (like every morning) and was happy to see the lowest number yet. Yup! Cross your fingers for me… I hope to weigh in tomorrow (officially) and be lower. Back on track for the cruise. I will lose 45 pounds before the end of the YEAR!!!!




**Foods I don't like…

- Pasta
- Seafood (or anything that swims)
- Anything meat that once was cute (lamb, deer, rabbit)
- Rice
- Mushrooms
- Spicy things (although I am getting better with this)
- French Fries
- Red Sauce
- Miss Vickie's Chips
- Eggplant
- Brussels Sprouts
- Shrimp (I don't know if it swims, technically)
- Lasagna
There are more, but I can't think… all I can think about is my pudding.

** Places I will eat something I don't like…

- Work Function (or client luncheons)
- First meeting of In-Laws (glad, I don't have to go through that again).
- High End Events (work Christmas party)
- When a friend of a friend cooks for me. (I can tell friends I don't like it)
- At my Dad's (he doesn't let me get away with anything)
- Weddings

Cruise: 15days

Pounds to loose: 11(-13) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

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