Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Typing has become a chore!

Muscle Up: 45minutes
Abs: 15minutes
Calories: 760

Yes, typing has become a chore, but only because Angela decided to focus, and by focus I mean target and attack, arms today. She has us all over the place with different weights and poises.

It was a good class. Wednesday is as close to a rest day as it gets... I don't do any cardio, unless I feel like going for a run in the evening and lately with my knees I haven't been. In fact, my knees are making me nervous, but if you don't discuss it - it can't be true!

Also have you noticed I am getting taller and leaner in my cartoons? I promise that is NOT intentionally... they all start as stick people. Sorry.

I also don't have an after picture... I tried to take one, but it was after BOOT CAMP - literally and it looked terrible. Now my BEFORE picture looks terrible (as expected) but I can't have them both be terrible. This fact (or the difficulty of finding an after pic) is making me work 4 times as hard, because I thought I was further along then I was. I thought I had lost more and was looking better, but I can't seem to find a picture to reflect that and it's bothering me.

While at Muscle Up I also had time to think... while laying my back pretending to do chest presses, that my arms just wouldn't allow... what's next? I have learned that I need something else... kick boxing, Boot Camp etc. I need to have something to hold me accountable. I need to sign up for something BUT I can't spend money (or a very little bit) I came up with a brilliant idea for the fall and winter months... SWIMMING. Yup, that is going to be my after work workout. I am going to swim twice a week. (Richard might even swim with me) I am going to do laps for 45minutes. It's only $4 a session and I think its a great addition to everything else. You've got to keep it fresh, right?

ha! I just remembered... Little Miss Awkward was in class today. Only today she was directly behind me, which means every time I looked in the mirror - there she was stumbling all over the place. I had to contain my laughter. She's trying and I shouldn't laugh, but I can't get over the lack of rhythm this poor girl has. Picture Steve Urkel in a step class... yup, you're laughing. It's funny... but I know karmically I will get repaid with uncoordinated children. After all they say whom ever you pick on for whatever... that is how your kids will turn out, whether its fat, skinny, dumb or smart. Oh well... I can't help but laugh, sorry future off spring.

OK... I have to go. All this doodling has left me behind today.


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