Wednesday, September 15, 2010


BOOT CAMP (hills): 60minutes
Calories: 1000ish

First... I need new running shoes. My knees are starting to suffer and I can't risk it. I also can't afford it, but its a necessary evil. So I will spend the money. (yay! I am getting new shoes).

I desperately didn't want to go to BOOT CAMP last night. I am over it. This is my life... I find something I LOVE. I become obsessed with it and then... I loose interest, get bored and stop doing it. 8 weeks appears to be enough for me.

In fact, I am going to base my next great love on this scale and see if at 8weeks I still 'love' it.

However, you know how this fairy tale ends, because just above the black typing it shows you I did go to BOOT CAMP last night. I did run the hills... the stairs and I did do everything else I was told.

Near the end I looked something like this...

But I still did it and that is what really matters. We started normally... laps. Then we split into groups and ran up the hill and down the hill -- up the stairs and down the stairs. Good times.

I am not overly enthusiastic right now, I weigh in every morning. Most Monday's I am up... in fact EVERY Monday I am up. Typically by Wednesday (and three work-outs in) I am back on track. Not this Wednesday. I still up. Which means I won't be down on Friday... damn it.

BUT who can focus on that... today is our TWO year anniversary (not mine and YOURS... mine and Richards). Yay! Granted we celebrated on the weekend, but today is the REAL day. Two years ago today a freshed faced 23 year snuck into my downtown apartment in the middle of the night with a stuffed oil drop (Ollie, from his recent trip to the oil fields) and a can of Red Bull... to help me stay up ALL night and talk. It was great... who knew two years later I would love him more than ever and be on our way to a REAL life together.

Oh so! Love you x3 always, forever and after.


Pounds to loose: 14(-10) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 8

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