Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Boobs and BUMS!

Muscle Up: 45minutes

Calories: 538

You see a lot of Bums and breasts at the gym. I mean you see thighs, biceps and bellies, but mainly boobs and bums. Now I make an effort not to stare unless they're outrageously misshapen, or clearly fake (because then they WANT you to look). Oh yea and this isn't out in the gym I am talking about the change room; where there is no level of insecurity. Everyone is out and proud, many women carrying on conversations completely NAKED. I am NOT one of those girls… I keep it to myself.
Now the point of sharing the inner workings of the change room. Cellulite. Its comforting to know even the pretty girls have it. So I am not completely imperfect. Although on the flip side it tells me I have no shot in hell of being cellulite free… hmpf. Can't win for trying.
Oh well.
The new schedule is in full effect and Anissa was on her game. We did new moves and even got to help sculpt the class with suggestions.
BOOT CAMP tonight… I have never done two days in a row… as always, wish me luck.


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