Monday, September 13, 2010

It's gross...

... and girlie, but its how I feel today!

Running: 45minutes (run/sprint/walk)
Calories: 655

Yes, that is my BIG juicy (gained 4 pounds) sized heart. I had an amazing weekend. Yes, I gained 4 pounds (hopefully of water weight) and yes, I drank wine and dined at wonderfully calorie filled restaurants. No, I didn't exercise (at least not traditionally), but I feel good about all of it and ALL of me.

The details... Friday night Richard and I spent the night in. We went to bed early and lounged around watching MY favorite TV shows. This is my FAVORITE thing to do, but Little Mr. Busy body struggles with the 'lounging' part of things and often falls asleep on me.

Oh yea... it was our secret anniversary weekend. Secret because I didn't know ANYTHING about it.

We slept in... more to the point I slept in Saturday morning and around 11 we hopped in the car with an overnight bag and what I thought was ONE bottle of wine. We drove for about 2 hours and ended up at my favorite place in the world... Niagara Falls. Richard booked the same room (in the same hotel) we had on our first adventure together. Its a Fallsview KING suite with Whirlpool tub. Mm - hm... We wandered around Lundy's Lane (for those unfamiliar, its 'the strip' of entertainment). We shopped, went for lunch and ended up in a VERY heated round of BOWLING (Richard won, but only by 11 points after 5 games!) When we could we checked into our hotel room... The End. Kidding! We got settled and put our drinks on ice... Richard had in fact brought TWO bottles of wine and a mickey of crown... the boy had plans. We got all fancied up and headed out. We started at Margaritaville for -- you guessed it MARGARITAs. I had Banana/Wild berry with Captain Morgan Spiced rum... Yum! We sat on the roof top patio and watched the sun set over the falls.

Then we went to dinner. Every year (and every time we're in the falls) we go to Tony Roma's. It's 'our' place. It's delicious. We always order the same thing... BBQ ribs and a hot brownie sundae for dessert. I didn't log this meal... surprise. At this point (on almost empty stomachs) we were both were glowing and discussed everything... by everything I mean... we chatted like it was our first date. Talking about everything that was important to us, from marriage (yay!) to kids, hobbies to TV shows. It was lovely and so invigorating. I felt re-charged and more in love with him than ever before. After 2 years he still gives me butterflies.

We sauntered (because of the double drinks consumed at dinner) back to our hotel stopping briefly at the casino (not to gamble, just to shop and consume the shot of Richards choice... for winning at bowling). With a jager-bomb down the hatch we headed back to our room.

We uncorked the wine, ran the bath and didn't come up for air until morning. (use your imagination).

The next morning we went to breakfast (which was terrible so we'll pretend it didn't happen) and headed home. Refreshed, relaxed and exhausted. We had found our way back to us... sometimes its cloudy, but daily stresses and frustrations. We got home and had a nap (another favorite of mine). Around 3 my bestest friend popped by for a little gossip on the patio. While I was chit chatting Richard went and did the grocery shopping AND made my lunch for today.

We fell asleep Sunday night and I had the best sleep of my life.

Back to reality I gained 4 pounds and decided this morning to have a FULL week of work-outs. Just because I am at a plateau doesn't mean I am going to give-up... like every other time before.

I hit the treadmill today and it felt good. I miss running.

I have nothing tonight, but spinning and Boot Camp tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Sorry to bore you with NON fitness related relationship goo, but I am happy today and I think that fits into the category of overall health.


Pounds to loose: 17(-7) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.6% - Inches Lost: 4.5

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