Thursday, September 2, 2010

Alright kids... here it is.

The much anticipated BEFORE and DURING (I don't have a REAL after, because I am not done).

Please keep in mind I am ready for bed and not wearing any make-up, but I liked my outfit and I felt good so I took the picture. The BEFORE picture is in Vegas and yes, that is Elvis with me. I was in a competition for 'fast-talkers' (sidenote: unoffical second fastest talking in Canada RIGHT HERE) and this was after my performance. Please keep in mind in this picture I THINK I look good. I THINK the weight is all in my head and if I suck it in JUST right, no one will notice the extra pounds I packed on.

Sad really.

Ok. Judge me all you want... I have 13 pounds to hit my first goal and another 30 after that. I can share this TERRIBLE picture because I decided to make a change. I can share this picture, because the girl in the picture isn't me anymore.


1 comment:

  1. Oh you are looking great! I can totally relate to that big disconnect with how you feel like you looked and how you look when you see the photos. Having that moment after seeing my HS Reunion and one of my best friend's wedding pictures is what really kicked me in the butt and got me serious about losing weight. For the record, you still looked pretty and like you're enjoying life in the before picture, just overweight. I know when it's your own picture, your eyes tend to zero in on the flaws, so I thought I'd point that out. I can't wait until I can take a photo and know for sure I won't look big. I'm down 36 pounds, but I still want to lose 40 more.