Monday, September 27, 2010

New Shoes!

What a weekend. Let's just say I am skipping the gym today for an urgent trip to the dentist! That is the kind of weekend I had.

Seriously though… what kind of trouble did I get into?

First I took my Visa on a little shopping spree. I swear I am saving up for a house… I needed new shoes. My knees have been bothering me lately and it was time to invest in myself. If I want to keep running and going hard I have to have to right equipment. I don't know if I believe me, because I always have a logical excuse to spend money.

Anyways… I settled on Nike Air Max Moto+ 7 for women.

Nice looking shoe. It has arch support (I am high arched), extra toe room and a lot of cushion. The best PART… the little space under my left sole for my Nike+ sensor. Now I don't have to stuff it in my sock and hope for the best. I can't wait to get running in these. I have to wait though, with the emergency dentist appointment this afternoon...

Hopefully I will be all fixed up and ready to run after I get home. Wish me luck (and I will need it… it has been one of those no good, very bad days… bad tooth, sore throat (again), lost shoe, no gas).

Oh yea… and I got NEW socks. I love NEW socks!

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