Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Muscle Up: 45minutes
Calories: 536 (ish)

Wednesday is quickly becoming my favorite GYM day. I get a FULL body work-out that leaves me sore, but I don't feel exhausted afterwards. Today was especially tough... my muscle were quivering for most of the class and it was GREAT!

Today I want to share a NEW exercise with you... It's INNER thigh lifts.

It's awkward as all hell, but it works. As Anissa pointed out you don't often work the inner thigh muscles. So for balance we did this... lay on your side, supporting your weight with your arm. Bend one knee (upper leg) and tuck it up to your bum. The lower leg is extended. Rest the bar on the groove of your foot. I used a 12 pound bar, but any weight will work off the bat. Then simply raise your foot with your heel to the ceiling. Simple, right?? See how long you last. Things start to cramp. You can add arms... or not. It's your choice.

It was a good class and tomorrow I am going to try On the Ball, an early class using only an exercise ball. I have one at home and I would love to be able to do some strength training on the weekends.

I also started doing abs at night. Its a great pre-bed routine. I set my timer for 15minutes and I crunch until it beeps. I change it up and go at my own pace.

Something else happen in bed last night... not that... we were watching the biggest loser and Richard asked a question that got my little mind a racing. What's my body percentage lost since February? Interesting concept... I never thought about it. I have lost 35  pounds... which works out to 14.5% loss. I have lost 14.5% of myself. I feel WAY more accomplished looking at it this way. Test it out... how much of yourself have you lost??? Leave a comment... I would love to know.

Ok. Long enough.


Cruise: 9 days (I think)

Pounds to loose: 11(-13) - Body Fat Percentage Decline: 0.9% - Inches Lost: 6

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