Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 1 - operation bonding

I don't have a hobby beyond drinking tea, well that and working out, but people are more quick to dismiss the latter. Because I don't look it. And I haven't felt it lately... Life just seems to be weighing me down, literally and physically.

I came downstairs after bedtime last week and my husband dropped hints he's started 'working out'. He doesn't need to. He was blessed with an incredible physique. He looks great, but often feels crappy. So I pounced. 

And tonight we started the 90 day revolution. The same one I did after Thomas and lost 35lbs.

It was an introduction to fitness for my hubby who admitted he just wanted to spend sometime with me #swoon.

We will finish up a week before our 4th wedding anniversary.

Wish us luck! Xo

Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I read this great article (and didn't save or share it #facepalm) about weight loss. A woman lost 80lbs in one year. It wasn't about magic pills or crash diets, just little tricks to help you eat less. 

- use a smaller plate to curb portion sizes
- drink water 30minutes before a meal to help you feel full and eat less
- don't drink with your meal or 30 minutes after; this dilutes your stomach acids that are working to digest your food 
- nothing to eat 3 hours before bed
- put an effort into breakfast
- eat every meal at the table 
- always eat your protien and vegetables first, this should curb your starch intake

And many more, it might seem silly, but these make sense. 

Oh and go to the freaking gym, quit the excuses!

I have 60lbs to lose in 8 months. 


I'm also giving up fast food and still on my chocolate hiatus. 


Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One person

It's amazing how the simple words of one person can change things. Good or bad.

This round has yet to gain traction; nothing seems to 'work'; to lose weight, to feel better, to fit into my life. 

I keep trying, but it all feels half assed, because nothing has worked well enough for me to hang on too, I am results driven.

Today another mother, and good friend, said 'you look great, have you lost weight?' I stifled a laugh (because despite 4 weeks of effort all I have managed to do is gain). She continued, 'it's really showing in your face'. My hand automatically reaches up to feel this face weight loss and for the first time in months I feel lighter.

Tonight I didn't reach for a snack or a treat, because it finally felt like progress, momentum.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Old lady part 2

It's becoming more and more true.

So I am still off of heavy cardio, I made it to the gym today for a new class promising sculpting and low impact #perfect

I get there and... It's all mature ladies. They were wonderful and friendly, but I missed the age restriction by 45 years.

I thought about skipping class and doing my own thing, but the music started and the door was so far away.

Can I say.... I wish I had the energy of these 'old ladies'? They killed it, most of them using heavier weights than me. The high knees, the lunges, the punches. 

I almost started a slow clap with the other whippersnappers in the class (there were 3 of us under 35). 

Because I am all about goals. Goal number 2; keep up with the mall walkers.


Monday, March 7, 2016

Old lady

I'm an old lady, I don't know when it happen, but I'm old.

My hips hurt, my knees ache and something is pinching in my back. 

What do old ladies do to stay active? We walk. Today I loaded up the boys and hit the road. Thomas was all in running a head screaming 'fall-a me' and 'come get me'. I thought I'd see how far we could get before turning back.

We. Didn't. Turn. Back. 

Thomas walked the entire 3k to the park; running most of the wa,y while Zac and I tried to keep up in the stroller,

We played at the park for a bit and then headed for home taking Mum's 'shortcut', which involved crossing a highway, navigating a swamp and scaling (falling through) a ravine. It was beautiful chaos.

My hips and knees still ache, but I'm
going to sleep knowing I did everything today.

I lived a day with two kids, I didn't just get through it.

Tomorrow the gym. Weights and cardio.


Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sod's law

Because everything that can go wrong, will. 

Fitness is on hiatus again. My strenuous workouts and required under garments damaged my milk duct, yes that's a thing... A complicated thing that causes a bleed and prevents baby from getting anything other than a mouthful of blood. 

So my little vampire and I have to rework our routine to fit everything in, 

I'm still going to go to the gym on Tuesday with hopes of doing some weight training and light cardio. I missed step this morning for reasons besides my health/milk production. 

I went re-wedding dress shopping! My best friend is celebrating 10 years of wedded bliss with a formal party. I am so excited! She said yes to a dress and made me want to reach my goal that much more! I have 6 weeks to lose 15lbs, to meet my first goal and spend a day at the salon #hotmessnomore

Wish me luck!


Thursday, March 3, 2016

New gym

We're back at Goodlife. Finally.

But today Zac and I challenged a new gym in Grimsby... Only 7km away, versus our current gym (burlington), over 20km.

Burlington is a premium gym; hot yoga, massage chairs, TRX, premium equipment and constant upgrades... The best instructors, trainers and routines. It's huge. I love it. 

Grimsby is a basic gym, simpler and smaller, slower and more friendly. I felt more comfortable leaving Zac with the sweet older lady in a smaller room, than the decked out, premium room with dozens of kids running around. 

The class was good, the instructor was friendly and motivating. It was a power packed 30 minutes, which helped with my anxiety of leaving Zac alone in a new environment. 

I feel good. 

I hit my 3 times this week! Yay! I'm optimistic about one more class on Saturday. Hopefully for a hot yoga, to stretch out this old body. 

I'm going to weigh and measure tomorrow.

Wish me luck!!