Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I read this great article (and didn't save or share it #facepalm) about weight loss. A woman lost 80lbs in one year. It wasn't about magic pills or crash diets, just little tricks to help you eat less. 

- use a smaller plate to curb portion sizes
- drink water 30minutes before a meal to help you feel full and eat less
- don't drink with your meal or 30 minutes after; this dilutes your stomach acids that are working to digest your food 
- nothing to eat 3 hours before bed
- put an effort into breakfast
- eat every meal at the table 
- always eat your protien and vegetables first, this should curb your starch intake

And many more, it might seem silly, but these make sense. 

Oh and go to the freaking gym, quit the excuses!

I have 60lbs to lose in 8 months. 


I'm also giving up fast food and still on my chocolate hiatus. 


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