Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 1 - operation bonding

I don't have a hobby beyond drinking tea, well that and working out, but people are more quick to dismiss the latter. Because I don't look it. And I haven't felt it lately... Life just seems to be weighing me down, literally and physically.

I came downstairs after bedtime last week and my husband dropped hints he's started 'working out'. He doesn't need to. He was blessed with an incredible physique. He looks great, but often feels crappy. So I pounced. 

And tonight we started the 90 day revolution. The same one I did after Thomas and lost 35lbs.

It was an introduction to fitness for my hubby who admitted he just wanted to spend sometime with me #swoon.

We will finish up a week before our 4th wedding anniversary.

Wish us luck! Xo

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