Monday, March 7, 2016

Old lady

I'm an old lady, I don't know when it happen, but I'm old.

My hips hurt, my knees ache and something is pinching in my back. 

What do old ladies do to stay active? We walk. Today I loaded up the boys and hit the road. Thomas was all in running a head screaming 'fall-a me' and 'come get me'. I thought I'd see how far we could get before turning back.

We. Didn't. Turn. Back. 

Thomas walked the entire 3k to the park; running most of the wa,y while Zac and I tried to keep up in the stroller,

We played at the park for a bit and then headed for home taking Mum's 'shortcut', which involved crossing a highway, navigating a swamp and scaling (falling through) a ravine. It was beautiful chaos.

My hips and knees still ache, but I'm
going to sleep knowing I did everything today.

I lived a day with two kids, I didn't just get through it.

Tomorrow the gym. Weights and cardio.


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