Wednesday, March 31, 2010


... no cure for the common cold.

I woke up feeling worse this morning... you name the symptom and I AM FEELING IT.

I just need to be better... for tomorrow... for Friday... for the weekend.

I have to say 'goodbye' to an old friend tomorrow and I don't want to be sick. Although who EVER wants to be sick???

I found a GREAT site this morning (by accident) IT AWESOME. Full of tips, challenges and tracking applications. It is suppose to sync with my iPhone (and sensor) to track my runs, but I can't get it to work. Even without that it FULL of usefull information.

Wish me luck. Tomorrow it going to be tough.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cure for the common COLD??

Spinning: 45min
Calories: 777

I love Nicole's class like I LOVE Doris. She is a tiny little woman, but she DEMANDS attention. Her class is challenging, but not so much that you can't keep up. She keeps you motivated and always has the BEST music. I can find the beat, even if my legs are burning.

Class was FULL today... a clear indicator I am NOT the only one that thoroughly enjoys her class.

I feel like I am getting into the groove of my work-outs, I look forward to them and can finally see the results of my hard work. I moved belt loops this week... I left three and for the first time with this belt am sitting on four. AND my ring, today it FELL off. So as much as I haven't been able to get to a scale or measure myself. I know I am making progress and that makes it even sweeter.

It's also nice to see my success on an unsual week. I haven't been to kick-boxing and I haven't stayed after work ANY day this week (since last Wednesday). I go home to Richard and cook dinner... I have no problem with portions and ALWAYS stick to my 500 calorie allowance. I don't feel overwhelmed or anxious about meals when I am making them and serving them. (I don't know why, but Richard's Mom insists on serving everyone and ALWAYS puts too much).

Richard and I are both SO sick right now, but a sad turn of events has left me unable to take time off to recover... (this week I have to attend a funeral of an old friend who was killed in a car accident). The title reverts back to my inability to ACCEPT being sick. I don't get sick (even though I do). After today's run I had a clear head and didn't feel congested. The remedy only lasted a few minutes, but it leads me to believe working out IS good for me. I am going to try and get Richard out of bed when I get home to take the dogs for a walk... it might do us ALL some good.

I am hoping to squeeze in a KB Thursday and a 7.5km run on Friday. It's Easter long weekend, which means LOTS of food... wish me luck!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Back on the road...

Run: 7km (50:24min)
Calories: 809

Back at it Monday... had to make time today. It's incredibly busy at work... I didn't make it to the gym until 4pm. I need to start making the gym a priority. Schedule in with no excuses.

This weekend was full of indulgent... again, I stayed on calories, but it was obvious on the scale this morning. I wasn't frustrated. I knew I would make it back.

We're on... 3pounds to go by April 8th.

Let's go!


Friday, March 26, 2010


Running (distance): 7km (51.24min)
Calories: 800

I wanted to run today and it FELT GOOD! I couldn't decide what I wanted to
do... none of my work-outs seem to push me anymore. I never feel fatigued (unless its Doris's class)... I don't sweat... I don't feel sore. Which is a GREAT thing, but I want to feel like I have taken my very last step when I run... one more and I will collasp. Today was CLOSE. I decided to swtich up my run... I typically run based on time. I run for X number of minutes and when it's over I am done. Today I ran for distance... however long it took me.

I started at 7km. That seemed to be where I ended up on my intervals and timed runs. I am hoping to run Monday's and Fridays... every Friday I will increase my distance to .5km until I hit 20km. My goal is to run from my Front door (in Acton) to Lauren's front door (in Georgetown) by the end of the summer. It's NOT 20km, but running outside, with hills and obstacles, is different.

I feel good after my run. I feel strong and proud... I ran 7km. I remember last June (when I started running) I couldn't imagine running 10minutes straight. I remember telling Richard... this is it... 10minute sets, if I don't make it come find me! We would joke and I remember feeling so PROUD and tired when I finally returned home... having done TWO sets of 10.

It's amazing how your body grows and adapts.

I haven't weighed in yet today... or since Wednesday. Tomorrow morning... cross your fingers I am hoping to be in a new DECADE!


PS - I love how it elevates my mood. I can be in a terrible mood, but after my run i feel better... relieved, content.


I enjoyed last night. We had meatballs and noodles and beans. We had chips and cookies! AH! Now I am nervous... I don't want to waste ALL my hard work, but I couldn't help myself. I was so relaxed and relieved to sit and enjoy a meal with Richard. I stayed WELL under my daily calorie allowance, but I still worry when I fall off the wagon and am tempted by salty treats and sweet goodness.

I don't wanted to be obessed. I also don't want to deprive myself of things I enjoy... I am MORE likely to quit. So a snack here and there is allowed. I don't know if I am trying to convince you or me, but either way its done.

I am going to run today... trying for the straight 45minute.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

it's Thursday!!

Spinning: 40mins
Calories: 696

Ew! You can't have the BEST class ever and follow it with THE WORST. It is SO disappointing. Wednesday's class was invirgorating and challenging and AMAZING. My legs SHOOK most of the walk back to my desk as I struggle to get through the day.

This class was not only bad, but it was FULL of new people who didn't KNOW what they were doing and I found it VERY distracting. I am not claiming to be a PRO by any means, but I still want it done correctly, (reading back you'll notice I prefer to be in a class of experts I am struggling to keep up with). AND if you are new and don't know what 'correctly' looks like... I want an instructor to SHOW YOU!

I had these 3 guys in front of me... their bikes weren't set up right, they didn't understand the whole 'tension' thing, their posture was TERRIBLE and they walked out half way through leaving their sweaty bikes. It was all disturbing and HAD the instructor shown up on time she would have known they were new and HELPED them.

I barely sweat... I barely struggled and I was BORED!

All that being said... I wanted a KILLER workout, because I am cooking a YUMMY dinner for Richard tonight and I want to enjoy it GUILT free.

Oh well... double the distance tomorrow on the treadmill.


PS - I am nervous this week. I have gotten comfortable weighing in daily... knowing where I stand AND I was just about to break a MILESTONE. I want to see it. Hopefully I will on Saturday when I go home for the weekend...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Instructor

Spinning: 50mins
Calories: 869

Wow! I am SO glad I was ON STRIKE yesterday. Sandi reported back about the class I missed... and my favorite instructor (can you taste the sarcasm???) was there SURPRISE!

She is a good instructor, but her music choices are terrible and I don't find her class beneficial.

Now.... today's class that is a whole other story. I tempted fate and attended a Wednesday afternoon class with a man named Andy. It was a small class, but that only meant he paid more attention to everyone individually... yup. He watched your posture, positioning, speed and increases. I got nailed a few times for bad posture. I didn't even know it was bad posture until he explained. I found it VERY helpful and loved the class SO much I am switching my entire gym regime to include his class on a weekly basis.

The music was great, the leadership was great... 5 STARS!
Oh AND I weighed in this morning and I am happy to report... I hit 15! Let's see where we are in a week. I am house sitting (again) and won't have access to a scale.
Can't wait for my next work out!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I am ON strike... atleast for the next 4 hours.

My SPIN instructor is away and they have offered a not-so-appealing substitute.


I am NOT in the mood today... so I will go to kick-boxing this evening. No double work out for me this week :(


Monday, March 22, 2010

I did NOT want to run today...

... but I did.

Run: 7min (.93km or until I realized the music wasn't working)
Run: 15min (2.09km with music)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 20min (2.55km)
Calories: 626

It felt good to be back on the treadmill (as good as it could feel), but I was NOT in the mood today. I could feel it... right from the jump-off.

Then I am getting into a groove and my iPhone starts to act up... as in NOT WORK (not the whole fun just the app and the prompts). So I hobble off and try to fix it... it decides to work and now I can't find my groove, but the hottest male trainer takes up position beside and I don't want to look like a slacker... so I run.

I finish my 20minutes of running which is to be followed by 35minutes of intervals... which from above you can see DID NOT happen. I ran until I couldn't. I still managed to sneak in 20minutes, but I owe myself 15minutes. We'll see.

I am going home, because I am tired.

Hopefully it is better tomorrow... no Nicole, but maybe someone better, hopefully.


What a weekend!

I had SO much fun!

And with Richard's help... I kept out of MOST trouble.

Started the weekend at with dinner at Montana's. I hadn't planned for this, but our good friends missed us (its been over a month). We still had SO much to do to get ready for our roadtrip we opted for a quick dinner to play catch up.

I ordered my FAVORITE salad... Its the APPLE GOAT CHEESE salad and its YUMMY! Plus with the right dressing... it fits into my 500 calorie allowance for dinner... fate? I think so.

For those wondering it is... a Spring Mix/Iceburg lettuce salad with Goat cheese, roasted red peppers, apples and spicy roasted pecans. I added chicken and switched to a low-fat rasp. vinagarette.

Off to a rocky start... but determined to remain focused.

We shopped after dinner and picked up some snacks for the road/hotel. I knew I would cheat here... if you're going to drink YOU NEED food in your stomach and knowing the 'Frei' mentallity, I was going to drink ALOT!

We headed to Frankford early in the AM... I had a shake for breakfast and avoided the temptation as we stopped at Tim Horton's for BREAKFAST... actaully for Richard's Breakfast.

We stopped in for a quick visit with Amy... and to build the ultimate CAKE (which I never tried). We sculpted a Vanilla/Chocolate/Skor cake... The house LOOKED incredible... Amy had authentic 80's candies EVERYWHERE and movie posters, Ninja Turtle posters, New Kids on the Block posters...

We escaped the sugar overload (for now) and headed to the hotel. I love HOTELS! We were the ONLY ones there and it was nice to have the freedom to be naked... only in our room ;) We than sought out some 'pre-drinking' food. This is where I wanted greasy, carb loaded food. One meal today and I was GOING TO MAKE IT WORTH IT! No such luck... we got lost in Trenton and opted for 'Helen's Diner'. Let me tell you Helen makes a MEAN grill cheese sandwich. WHICH IS ALL I ATE THAT DAY! I am not promoting NOT EATING, but I had intended to consume mass amounts of junk in the early evening and was trying to prepare.

Back to the hotel and time to prepare... oh yea... 80's are BACK and in FULL swing in Trenton!

To the party... and the TOO many drinks, that didn't stay in my system for long. How do you count calories when nothing stays in? A whirlwind of ridiculous-ness and I am back at the hotel with a LARGE bottle of water.

On to Sunday... it is about refueling. No SHAKES today. No exercise... this about survival. I need grease... I need fat... I need FOOD!

Richard is incredible... he brought be breakfast in bed Sunday morning. Yummy!

Than we met up with everyone... to let them know 'yes, I survived'... and FOR BREAKFAST. Richard and I split a HUNGRY man meal. Good for the budget... Good for the calories. Eggs, Bacon and Toast.

Than off to Mum's for Lunch/Dinner... Creamy Chicken and Pasta with CHEESE. Ew... scares me to think of all the calories, but this is life. I can't hide in a bubble where everything is easy. I had a small helping of yumm-i-ness and no second helping. No dessert. I think I am getting the hang of this.

Finally we're on the road home... and ONE MORE meal. Another favorite... meatloaf.

This weekend didn't revolve around exercise... or food. It was about making the right choices and realizing where I went wrong in the past. We managed to spend the entire weekend out of the house and didn't eat ANY fast food. My New Years resolution is still in tact.

I weighed in this morning... and I happy to report it was all worth it. I didn't gain anything. It's like a switch went off to say... you can do this, this time.

Ok... back to work, back to the gym, back to shakes.


Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly WEIGH IN!

Spinning: 45min
Kick-Boxing: 50min
Calories: 1623

Pounds: -13
Inches: -13

I had every reason to be afraid. It was a GREAT class. It was bigger than normal... but we still worked it. We did circuit at the end. It was AWESOME!

This is also my first week using Meal Replacement shakes and has been a tough week, but the sliding scale made it worth while. I was hoping to be down 15 this week, but I am sure that will come next week.

Remember my goal by the end of March (2 weeks) is -16pounds. I have 2 weeks to loose 3 pounds. I think I am GOOD to go!

It's +18 today and I spending my lunch out of the gym and in the fresh Toronto air.


PS - we'll see where we are after this weekend... parties, road trips, hotels and delayed Christmas Dinner... wish me LUCK!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I am afraid..

... of tonight.

I am afraid of Doris's Thursday class. It is ALWAYS small. It is ALWAYS harder than hard... my muscles are still throbbing from Tuesdays CLASS!

I did a SPIN today... I kept up. I sweat. BUT I didn't push too hard... my muscles are SORE.

Ah! More to come... if I survive Doris's class...


Outside AT LAST!

Run: 35mins (5.25km)
Walk: 60mins (not measured)
Calories: 846

I ran outside and I ran FAST... even setting a NEW record for fastest KM. I forgot how much I love running outside, just running. I went home last night... had dinner with Richard and than ran. I ran at a pace I was comfortable and I ran for whatever length of time my body would allow... happily it was 35minutes, before my legs called it quits and forced me to go home.

The air was crisp and my lungs STUNG from the fresh air. I was up most of the night congested from the cold air, but I felt great... despite the PAIN in my legs. Not pain like I hurt my self, pulled a muscle or torn something, but the pain of my muscles being tired... drained of every ounce of energy.

I wasn't sure I was going to run yesterday. Tuesday's double work-out KICKED my ASS! So Sandi and I opted for a walk around Yorkville... for an hour we walked, talked and window shopped... it was a great change of pace and helped speed up the day.

I am a glutton for punishment... I love the results I am seeing with the new diet... the results are AMAZING... and every time I feel tired I think about the scale... what it is going to say in the morning. I am relieved to finally be making the progress I should... it is very motivating.

A quick review... my BRA is fantastic! It came in the mail... I was nervous about the look of it. Another flimsy bra, that cost WAY too much. I strapped the girls in and hit the road... I swear they DIDN'T move! It helped my run, because i wasn't focused on their bounce more of the pace of my feet and the fresh air invading my lungs. I highly recommend it! I am still going to use my first bra for SPINNING and other 'light' work-outs, but never again will I suffer from the uncontrollable bounce of a large bosom.

I have spinning today... despite the tired muscles in my legs. We'll see how it goes...


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Kick Boxing: 50mins
Calories: 920!

And it was a GREAT Surprise! DORIS instructed the Tuesday Class. I wish that happen MORE often. She is incredible and with PAM (owner) joining the class... Doris pushed it even harder. I have NEVER sweat that much in my life.

I got to the end and my body wouldn't work. My muscle fought every step back to the change room AND I LOVED IT!

We did a FULL warm up of skipping, squats, running, lunges, stretches... followed by and INTENSE on the bag with everything from Punches and Kicks to Push-ups and *BURPIES!

Even the 'cool-down' had my heart rate increased. I am typically ok with sit-ups. I can hold my own and keep up with the best of them, but WOW... this was intense. We started with our legs straight up (as if you're walking on the ceiling) 20..hold... pulse. Then Legs bent, 20... hold... pulse. Then one leg straight up (the other foot is on the floor), 20... hold... pulse. Cross the elevated leg other the other and lift that foot off the ground, 20... hold... pulse. Straigthten the bottom leg (keep the other crossed over), 20... hold... pulse. SWITCH sides... WOW! My abs cried. I feel great today... even a little sore, which is a welcomed pain.

I think I might take today off... and run when I get home. I think REST days are needed and Thursday is another double day with DORIS!

I love how I am feeling right now.

I weighed in again this morning, but I am going to wait to share my results on Friday.

I am nervous about this weekend. It is my brothers 30th birthday and I know I am going to drink and EAT... some many WASTED calories - ARGH! Even Vodka and water is more calories than I want AND that is my drink of choice.


*Burpie is GROSS (very hard) you start in a squat with your hands on the ground and LAUNCH into the air throwing your hands OVER your head then returning to the squat and hands on the ground... that's ONE. We do 20.

PS - I declined a McDonalds EGG McMuffin for breakfast AND a Gooey- fudge filled brownie as an afternoon snack - GO ME!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good News!

Spinning: 45mins
Calories: 795

Spinning was AWESOME! It was an ALL female line-up so Nicole picked the music accordingly. We SPUN to 'Single Ladies' by Beyonce and 'Maniac' by Michael Sembello. It was Fantastic. My legs BURNED through it, but I kept up... even if I didn't increase EVERY time. I am debating Kick Boxing tonight... on MEAL replacements I am not taking in A LOT of calories. So, I don't want to over do it. I don't want to do more harm than good, but I am feeling SO good right now I want to sweat.

Speaking of sweat... I had a laugh this class. I tend to keep my head down... staring at the warning sticker, counting the seconds until its OVER. Today as I looked down I saw...

... a smiley face. I almost snorted during class. I thought it was funny. I think it is even funnier what you think about while working out... anything to distract from the pain in your legs.

I woke up this morning and weighed in... I am LOWEST weight yet. Offically I have lost 10.8pounds, but let's call it 10. Woo!

Fingers crossed the loss continues... I feel good. I don't feel hungry and I finally feel like I am getting somewhere. I know meal replacements aren't a LONG term solution, but if it gets me going again I am happy to utilize it. It's safer than starving myself and I still getting all the nutrients I need throughout the day.

Back to work... shorter blogs, because it is BUSY season.


PS - the BRA finally came today. JUST in time for RUNNING outside... tomorrow morning!


Run: 35mins (5km)
Sit-ups: 20mins
Calories: 793

Woo! I missed my lunch work-out and opted for an after work... work-out. I also didn't want to miss the BEST day we've had, weather wise, thus far.

So I shortened my work-out and did HILLS... enter BIG scary music... DUN DUN DUN.

That was FUN and hard... I think I will work on a hills routine moving forward.

Ok... I have to run to SPIN class!

Good NEWS on the scale this morning...


Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh I ran...

Run: 20min (2.9km)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 35min (5km)
Calories: 887

On Friday... I ran. I ran A LOT and I can't believe I didn't log in.

It was my longest run in a LONG time and it hurt. I have the wounds to prove it, but I felt like I needed to... after a slack week.

I am back this week in FULL swing, with a boost... I am on shakes this week to kick start a loss and gain my motivation.

More later...


Friday, March 12, 2010

it's been an OFF week...

... new meds, special visitors and award ceremonies. My work out has taken a beating! Today I am scheduled to run for 65minutes... and nothing will stop me. It is ALL just excuses, but without results I am loosing motivation. Should I cry about it? Nah... just keep going and hope for the best.

More to come...


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Loosing steam...

Run: 20mins (2.73km)
Nike Weights: 20mins
Calories: 563

Have you ever had someone tell you you're giving up? You're making excuses? I can't handle being a failure... I feel lost and frustrated and my biggest supporter just called me out. I confessed that I want to give up. That I wasn't going to go to the gym today. I am not getting anywhere anyways... so what is the point?

Follow the blog I go to the gym 6 - 8 times a week. I am not making excuses. I think I have EVERY right to be upset about remaining the same weight for over a month.

He says I need to try harder, but gives me a hard time about coming home late every night. I feel like I can't win this battle... I feel like my old ways were the most effective. I am older and smarter than to go down that route again, but really its all that ever worked. I have tried every angle... from starving to eating, the right foods, the wrong foods... adding protein, not adding protein... taking vitamins and not. I have tried getting up early to make breakfast. I have tried breakfast on the run. I have tried calorie counting and carb cutting... I have talked to a naturopath and a nutritionist. I have tried it ALL and nothing works. I thought for sure over loading at the gym and counting calories would make the weight just MELT off of me, but no such luck.

I don't even want to try anymore.

The rest of my life is falling apart and I think that has a lot to do with it. I find comfort in food. I have no control over my life right now... I feel alone and stressed... bored and smothered. I can't even do anything about it... every time I try I am told to be patient. And if you know me AT ALL patience is NOT something I have.

I tried to reach out for help, but (as always) was denied. I thought maybe if me and my partner work out together I will feel more motivated AND we get to spend time together (a complaint for earlier in the blog). He agreed, even seemed excited about it and today he backed out... because, of course I forgot, if it isn't his hobby we CAN'T do it together. The best part... I can write this because HE DOESN'T READ MY BLOG!

Sorry... I am sure I will feel better in the morning. I just have a bad case of the 'Wednesdays'. Pushed and pulled in directions I don't want... dragged around until I am too tired to move.

That's it.

No love!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Spinning: 50min
Calories: 892

I doubt I burned that many calories, but it is what it is.

Spin was good... I was alone today so I can't say I did well, because I have NOTHING to compare it too.

Poll closed... Results... Looks like I am taking a 'DIRT BIKE COURSE' for my next work-out. I am ok with that and glad it won all three VOTES!

Kick boxing is almost done for the season and in just a few weeks I will be running outside again. No more gyms for me! Yay! I still haven't decided if SPINNING will make the summer cut.

I was mesmerized today my locker room chatter and thought it would be a perfect topic for today's blog...

Lock room etiquette...

This appears NOT to be common knowledge.

DON'T talk to me (a stranger) while you're naked.

DON'T stare at me while I am changing.

DO remain covered when walking about (the ocasional breast I can handle, but the naked woman in her 50s, rubbing lotion on her feet - say it for HOME).

DON'T discuss your sexual escapades in a crowd of naked woman (a little polite discussion I can understand, BUT today I learned about a tattoo on a woman's inner high that read 'if you can read this you better have put a RING on my finger' and the standard reaction she gets when I guy sees it... How many guys are seeing it?!)

DON'T comment on my panties EVEN IF it is to compliment me on them.

DO change quickly and DO your best to stay out of the way (there is nothing worse than a naked crowd blocker).

DON'T spray perfume directly on me, by accident (it's not an accident... you aimed and squirted on me).

I think that is it for the day. It's the little things... just don't crowd my space while I am naked, please.

Until tomorrow.


Back at it...

Run: 15min (2.19km)
Run/Sprint/walk: 35min (4.89km)
Calories: 794

I didn't think I was going to make it to the gym. I didn't want to. No part of me wanted to go... I thought I am not getting anywhere and I don't want too. See... this is the point. I get bored with my routine when it doesn't work. I want to give up.

Until Tammy (my arch enemy at work) chatted me up. Asked me how it was going and said "you look good" followed quickly by "I can't believe I just said that to you" I don't think we actually dislike each other, but its a FUN game.

So I went... thinking if my arch-enemy could said something nice, then it must be working. Even if the only thing it is enhancing our my super powers... ha!

I ran. I didn't do my WEEK 6 (final week) Monday run, because it is TOO long for my lunch hour. I have to wait and do it outside... maybe tonight, it is after all +12 today.

Anyways... I did my run. I barely sweat... it felt easy and simple. Time drifted by and I was done before I knew it. Maybe this work out regime IS working...

I have no spinning partner today, but some bad news is forcing me down to the gym. Running or Spinning away from the drama.


Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend!

The weekends are DEADLY.

I work SO hard ALL week... and then on the weekend its like the robotic Melanie dies or hibernates and the REAL Melanie, the one that LOVES junk food and hates exercise, emerges.

This weekend was NO different.

The weather was gorgeous. I should have run outside, but didn't find the time. I instead found the time to fondue and watch movies, catch up with old friends and devour a bag of Doritos... yup, that is what I had time for.

As always I stayed under my daily allowance of calories... so I am ok. And Saturday my calories were maxed out with real food... meat, veggies and fresh fruit (even if the fruit was dipped and sweet milk chocolate).

My excuse... after the girls high school reunion on Saturday, I was scared into my monthly visitor and that justifies ALL chocolate consumption. I say I was scared into, because I was late... and as always pondered the inevitable. Than I met with a bunch of new Mummies... and heard the terrible-ness that is giving birth and bingo bango Aunt Flow is in town! So thank you... hahaha

I also started on my new meds last night... and it BETTER get BETTER than this... my pills are suppose to clear out my cluttered mind and stop the headaches. The side effects are drowsiness and dry mouth... I fell asleep for 2minutes and than I was AWAKE! Awake and sweaty... and my mouth is STILL dry! Nothing seems to work either... its like my tongue is the dessert! Should I keep taking these pills?!?! I have to give it at least a week... wish me luck. Poor Richard isn't sleeping either...

Ok. I have to go the gym... and I don't want too!


Friday, March 5, 2010


Kick Boxing: 50min
Calories: 864

Congrats to DORIS! She ****ing killed me. And I normally don’t swear, I make an effort not too, but she earned it.

3 people showed up… just 3. You would think that would make it easier. NO CHANCE. We skipped, used weights, and did a circuit training ALL BEFORE getting on the bag. The routines were quick and precise. The direction was strong and invigorating… the class was AWESOME. I feel the BEST pain in the world today. I can barely lift my arms.

That class is why I LOVE working out… the sweat pours off your face and stains your t-shirt. Every muscle in your body aches, but you keep going because it FEELS good!

Exercise of the DAY!

Lay flat on your back. Feet on the floor, knees bent. PUT A MEDICINE BALL BETWEEN YOUR KNEES AND SQUEEZE. Now thrust your hips to the ceiling. Once elevated pulse forward for 20; Than pulse to the left for 20 and to the right for 20 and BACK to the centre. EVERY muscle in the lower half of your body will ACHE.

Than I thought FOR SURE I would be down this week… remember, Friday WEIGH IN. I don’t get it… I weighed myself last night before bed (just out of curiosity) because we all know we weigh more at night. I thought maybe all the sweating I did yesterday I would MAYBE be lower… I was right on the dot of the morning weigh (wow I sound obsessed with weigh ins). I thought for SURE this morning I would be down, but NOPE up three pounds! How the HELL does that happen? I didn’t eat or drink anything last night… and pee’d this morning. What happen overnight? I need to read about this. (I know I keep saying that, but I don’t understand).

2 killer work-outs in one day… I could get use to that.

Off today, but with the weather forecast (+9 on Sunday) I WILL be running this weekend, yay!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

This is a LONG one...

SPIN: 45min
Calories: 806

Sit down, get comfy… this is going to be a doozy. I have a lot of things running through my pretty little head and I am going to TRY and put it ALL in one blog. Get it over with.

First Spinning was… ok. We had the same instructor I complained about last Thursday. The music was better – no can-con, and the work-out was more accessible… meaning I could keep up so I worked harder versus so hard I give up, because my legs won’t carry me the final distance.

I felt worked. I felt tired, but I felt good. First time today I could say that. Have you ever woken up and said ‘I should probably stay in bed today, because I am libel to kill someone’. Yup, that is how I started my day. I had crazy dreams MOST of the night and woke up to tell Richard (he called and told me about this) that if we ever had a cottage no Russians allowed! What does that even mean?! Oh and No, Terry’s… god, knows what kind of dreams I was having. I like Russians. I mean, I am sure I would if I knew any.

I was also battling something this morning that kept me running to the bathroom to excavate my stomach… through my mouth! Sorry, that is the nicest way I could figure out to say ‘I puked’.

My commute was terrible… more so than normal. Advice: LAY OFF THE BREAKS! We’re all trying to get somewhere and I am sure it is some little old woman at the front of the pack afraid to break 100kph.

Work is slow and repetitive.

Yup, I am a complainer today. I promise the complained section is almost over.

I squeezed my chest into the same torture device I use every day and cried at every bead of sweat that trickled down my body.

Have I enlightened you lately on the pain I am in? Now is a good time… I have been suffering from a re-occurring case of the BAD BRA. It started out as an good/ok bra, but as the girls start to bounce they rub on the skin just beneath them. This causes terrible sores that are typically bearable, but after yesterdays 60min (ish) run, it was bad. Worst ever… the red blotches traveled across the entire width of my chest and even crept up the underside of my breast. The skin is raw.

So that carries me into my first ‘light bulb’ of the day. I bought a new bra. I researched online. There are a lot of options out there. I chose to read ALL the reviews before dropping $100 on a bra I am going to where 7 hours a week!

I settled on the ‘Moving Comfort Maia Adjustable Strap High Impact Sports Bra’. It ships tomorrow. Hopefully next week it arrives. I am not going to run until it arrives.

The other frustration this morning... I work-out hard. I expect results. I know you are only suppose to weigh in once a week and once I am on track after the house sitting (which I already claimed to be) than I will return to my Friday morning weigh in.

This morning I weighed in hoping to be down .5lbs… NOPE! UP, AGAIN! I tried to ignore it. Weight fluctuates, but still COME ON! I am killing myself over this. That, I think, is where my terrible, no good, very bad day started.

I am ALL over the place today. Sorry.

Next… some fun. Quizzes! I love Quizzes… I found 2 today (on the same website) that I would love to promote. I got 18 out of 24. It’s interesting to learn what 100 calories ACTUALLY look like. I didn’t do AS well on this one, but it also enlightened me on a few things.

This first… that your running shoes should not only be dedicated running shoes (I knew this), but that the sole of your shoe should LOOK brand new. “Running experts everywhere swear by it: Get a new pair of shoes every 300 to 500 miles or every six months, even if they still look pretty good.” I liked this answer only because it means I need to go SHOE shopping. It also means I am a runner… I wore out a pair of shoes. Go me!

Almost there… is your coffee cold yet?!

One more product I want to try… a NEW Febreze SPORT spray… there has to be something to keep my gym bag fresh! Hopefully once we have a washer and dryer at home I can do laundry more regularly and keep the FUNK to a minimum.

Last and NOT least… I have a CAT SCAN tomorrow. Ew! God knows what I will have to write about tomorrow. Hopefully nothing, or at best something that is easily fixed. Something that explains my mood, my forgetfulness and my hatred of ALL things that are my life and MAYBE, just maybe something that explains why I can’t loose weight.

Oh AND I am thinking about getting a trainer… maybe I am doing something wrong.

That’s it!


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kick Boxing: 45mins
Calories: 764

What a LET DOWN! Maybe I expect TOO much from my instructors, but I want to be excited and motivated through a work-out OR I am likely to NOT work-out. Last nights return to Kick-Boxing was disappointing… We were all over the place during the warm up and than the BULK of the session was the SAME as every other week. No variation and it isn’t fluent movement, it sporadic and uncomfortable. I mean a standard ‘JAB’ ‘CROSS’ ‘RIGHT HOOK’ ‘LEFT HOOK’… is ruined by a doubled CROSS or a doubled HOOK… than the kicks. A roundhouse is off the back leg. THE BACK LEG! It’s for power… she makes demands we do it on the FRONT leg. I don’t listen. The music was, again, TOO LOUD and the cool down was boring and I left early. I got bored. I don’t want to detour people from trying Kick-Boxing… I LOVE IT. I just wish I has better direction!

Better news… I am back on track; weighed in down another pound this morning. So I am back on track. I am hoping to loose another pound by end of the week. We’ll see…

To be continued…


Run: 45mins (FULL RUNNING)
Run/Walk: 8min
Calories: 826

Felt good… felt hard. And then is dawned on me… I only have ONE week left! One week till I am finished this schedule! AND THEN WHAT? I need a schedule to follow… hmm… any ideas?

It also reminded me of a topic… how we measure loss beyond inches and weight. I, of course, get on the scale and jump up and down when it shows a lower number, I also celebrate the inches going down, but what about the little things we measure inside our heads that justify our work-out. The EXTRA hole in the BELT… this I measure. I am on the third hole… in fatter times, I would have to use the second hole. Now (and for weeks) I have lived comfortably in the third hole. OR the way your jewellery fits… typically rings, but have give. They either fit or they don’t… I have one ring I always wear. It is my class ring from high school… it sits on my opposite ring finger (opposite from where I REALLY want a ring). Everyday I try to get it off… again, in fatter days I couldn’t get it off. I would start to feel claustrophobic and get lotion to get it off. I would leave it off and come back to it later. It upset me… silly, but fat fingers?! Come on! Today while I was running it kept sliding around on my finger… because it is TOO big! I know. Great news, eh?!

The last and most important… your favorite pants. They are your favorite because of how you feel in them, how you look in them… then one day you reach for them and they don’t fit! ARGH! The shift in your body is SO gradual you hardly notice, yet now your favorite pants (Mine are White Capri pants) don’t pull up over your BIG ass! My pants are seasonal… every winter I work my ass off (literally) to make sure come spring I can slip into these pants… last year with all my hospital visits and medication issues… they never fit. I never got to where my favorite (and his) pants.

This is one of my short term goals… the pants (there are a few skirts too).

I also decided my schedule for weight-loss. Now my body just has to keep up… 7 more pounds in March… 8-10 in April… another 8-10 in May and finally 10pounds in June to get me back where I want to be. I want to keep working from there to loose another 20 pounds, but they aren’t crucial and AREN’T part of this goal… I heard some where you have to step down… little steps are easier than BIG ones.

So… for reference.

Currently: -9
End of March: -16
End of April: -26
End of May: -36 *fit into FAV pants!
End of June: -46

Scary… laying it out like that, but there it is.

Wish me luck!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One Day, Two Entries...

Spinning: 45min
Calories: 806

WOW! I had to write even just a little to APPLAUD Kerry, my Spin Instructor! She killed it today... she was motivating and tough. We did climbs and sprints. I feel like I really pushed it. I sweat so much and my legs are throbbing...

LOVE it!

Back on Track!

Run: 15min (2.36km)
Run/Sprint/Walk: 35min (5.19km)
Calories: 847

I weighed in this morning down 2 pounds and only 1 pound up from last week. I feel better… maybe it was water retention from salty foods (I had enjoyed Smart Food, cheesy popcorn, a little TOO much over the week). I also FINALLY measured inches and despite a gain in my legs (as expected) I am down another 2.5 inches from my starting measurements… that 10iches in TOTAL.

I feel re-newed and excited to get to SPINNING today and KICKBOXING tonight.

Results are my motivation.

Yesterday was a challenge. I knew I was going out for dinner… I knew I would indulge, what I didn’t know was HOW good Vietnamese is for you or how re-connecting with an old friend can really put things in perspective. I had Grilled Chicken over Vermicelli noodles with fish oil sauce and a SIDE of gossip. YUM!

It all went DOWNHILL when I got home to find a sweet aroma hanging in the air. MOM was baking cookies! Damn her! Damn her and her cookie goodness! Yup! I ate cookies! I did it. And I would do it again. They were YUMMY!

I am also excited to feel apart of two amazing forums. I never knew the support that hid in the internet from people I have never met. I am on two (ok, I am on three… but one is for motor cycles and has NOTHING to do with fitness. Although, I am getting in shape FOR riding season; which is FAST approaching (Sorry got off topic for a bit)). Very impressive sites. First is… you have to have an iPhone, but it is an online community for people trying to get healthy. It is FULL of tips, tricks, suggestions, routines and support. I love it. It also tracks ALL my workouts and daily Calories. The second, which I am still learning, is You need nothing, but a love of running. It tracks all your runs, why you run, how you run and connects you with other runners from the beginner to the advanced it is FULL of great information. I am actually considering a joining a running group… I don’t know who I would fair in a RUN group… I am SO competitive I would probably kill myself trying to keep up!

Last Weeks POLL – ‘Both… I can’t do everything outside (especially in Canada)’ won.

Off to SPIN class… wish me luck.


PS - is a GREAT article on tricks to burning more calories a day.

Monday, March 1, 2010

A bit bloated today...

Not only am I coming off a CRAZY week of schedule shifting intensity, I am starting a new month 10 pounds OVER my goal... not that I have gained 10 pounds (just 3), but I haven't lost ALL I wanted too by the end of February.
I am hoping a serious week of calorie counting and work-outs will get me RIGHT on track (not 10 pounds, just 3). Wish me luck. I run today (55minutes) and will weigh in tomorrow AND I have to update on my inches lost (or gained at this rate).
I am also bothered by the fact that in ONE week, while staying under budget and still going to the gym 5 times I managed to gain 3 pounds from eating dinner. My thyroid medication CAN'T be working!!
Stay tuned...