Friday, March 19, 2010

Weekly WEIGH IN!

Spinning: 45min
Kick-Boxing: 50min
Calories: 1623

Pounds: -13
Inches: -13

I had every reason to be afraid. It was a GREAT class. It was bigger than normal... but we still worked it. We did circuit at the end. It was AWESOME!

This is also my first week using Meal Replacement shakes and has been a tough week, but the sliding scale made it worth while. I was hoping to be down 15 this week, but I am sure that will come next week.

Remember my goal by the end of March (2 weeks) is -16pounds. I have 2 weeks to loose 3 pounds. I think I am GOOD to go!

It's +18 today and I spending my lunch out of the gym and in the fresh Toronto air.


PS - we'll see where we are after this weekend... parties, road trips, hotels and delayed Christmas Dinner... wish me LUCK!

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