Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Spinning: 50min
Calories: 892

I doubt I burned that many calories, but it is what it is.

Spin was good... I was alone today so I can't say I did well, because I have NOTHING to compare it too.

Poll closed... Results... Looks like I am taking a 'DIRT BIKE COURSE' for my next work-out. I am ok with that and glad it won all three VOTES!

Kick boxing is almost done for the season and in just a few weeks I will be running outside again. No more gyms for me! Yay! I still haven't decided if SPINNING will make the summer cut.

I was mesmerized today my locker room chatter and thought it would be a perfect topic for today's blog...

Lock room etiquette...

This appears NOT to be common knowledge.

DON'T talk to me (a stranger) while you're naked.

DON'T stare at me while I am changing.

DO remain covered when walking about (the ocasional breast I can handle, but the naked woman in her 50s, rubbing lotion on her feet - say it for HOME).

DON'T discuss your sexual escapades in a crowd of naked woman (a little polite discussion I can understand, BUT today I learned about a tattoo on a woman's inner high that read 'if you can read this you better have put a RING on my finger' and the standard reaction she gets when I guy sees it... How many guys are seeing it?!)

DON'T comment on my panties EVEN IF it is to compliment me on them.

DO change quickly and DO your best to stay out of the way (there is nothing worse than a naked crowd blocker).

DON'T spray perfume directly on me, by accident (it's not an accident... you aimed and squirted on me).

I think that is it for the day. It's the little things... just don't crowd my space while I am naked, please.

Until tomorrow.


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