Monday, March 8, 2010

The Weekend!

The weekends are DEADLY.

I work SO hard ALL week... and then on the weekend its like the robotic Melanie dies or hibernates and the REAL Melanie, the one that LOVES junk food and hates exercise, emerges.

This weekend was NO different.

The weather was gorgeous. I should have run outside, but didn't find the time. I instead found the time to fondue and watch movies, catch up with old friends and devour a bag of Doritos... yup, that is what I had time for.

As always I stayed under my daily allowance of calories... so I am ok. And Saturday my calories were maxed out with real food... meat, veggies and fresh fruit (even if the fruit was dipped and sweet milk chocolate).

My excuse... after the girls high school reunion on Saturday, I was scared into my monthly visitor and that justifies ALL chocolate consumption. I say I was scared into, because I was late... and as always pondered the inevitable. Than I met with a bunch of new Mummies... and heard the terrible-ness that is giving birth and bingo bango Aunt Flow is in town! So thank you... hahaha

I also started on my new meds last night... and it BETTER get BETTER than this... my pills are suppose to clear out my cluttered mind and stop the headaches. The side effects are drowsiness and dry mouth... I fell asleep for 2minutes and than I was AWAKE! Awake and sweaty... and my mouth is STILL dry! Nothing seems to work either... its like my tongue is the dessert! Should I keep taking these pills?!?! I have to give it at least a week... wish me luck. Poor Richard isn't sleeping either...

Ok. I have to go the gym... and I don't want too!


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