Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cure for the common COLD??

Spinning: 45min
Calories: 777

I love Nicole's class like I LOVE Doris. She is a tiny little woman, but she DEMANDS attention. Her class is challenging, but not so much that you can't keep up. She keeps you motivated and always has the BEST music. I can find the beat, even if my legs are burning.

Class was FULL today... a clear indicator I am NOT the only one that thoroughly enjoys her class.

I feel like I am getting into the groove of my work-outs, I look forward to them and can finally see the results of my hard work. I moved belt loops this week... I left three and for the first time with this belt am sitting on four. AND my ring, today it FELL off. So as much as I haven't been able to get to a scale or measure myself. I know I am making progress and that makes it even sweeter.

It's also nice to see my success on an unsual week. I haven't been to kick-boxing and I haven't stayed after work ANY day this week (since last Wednesday). I go home to Richard and cook dinner... I have no problem with portions and ALWAYS stick to my 500 calorie allowance. I don't feel overwhelmed or anxious about meals when I am making them and serving them. (I don't know why, but Richard's Mom insists on serving everyone and ALWAYS puts too much).

Richard and I are both SO sick right now, but a sad turn of events has left me unable to take time off to recover... (this week I have to attend a funeral of an old friend who was killed in a car accident). The title reverts back to my inability to ACCEPT being sick. I don't get sick (even though I do). After today's run I had a clear head and didn't feel congested. The remedy only lasted a few minutes, but it leads me to believe working out IS good for me. I am going to try and get Richard out of bed when I get home to take the dogs for a walk... it might do us ALL some good.

I am hoping to squeeze in a KB Thursday and a 7.5km run on Friday. It's Easter long weekend, which means LOTS of food... wish me luck!


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