Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kick Boxing: 45mins
Calories: 764

What a LET DOWN! Maybe I expect TOO much from my instructors, but I want to be excited and motivated through a work-out OR I am likely to NOT work-out. Last nights return to Kick-Boxing was disappointing… We were all over the place during the warm up and than the BULK of the session was the SAME as every other week. No variation and it isn’t fluent movement, it sporadic and uncomfortable. I mean a standard ‘JAB’ ‘CROSS’ ‘RIGHT HOOK’ ‘LEFT HOOK’… is ruined by a doubled CROSS or a doubled HOOK… than the kicks. A roundhouse is off the back leg. THE BACK LEG! It’s for power… she makes demands we do it on the FRONT leg. I don’t listen. The music was, again, TOO LOUD and the cool down was boring and I left early. I got bored. I don’t want to detour people from trying Kick-Boxing… I LOVE IT. I just wish I has better direction!

Better news… I am back on track; weighed in down another pound this morning. So I am back on track. I am hoping to loose another pound by end of the week. We’ll see…

To be continued…


Run: 45mins (FULL RUNNING)
Run/Walk: 8min
Calories: 826

Felt good… felt hard. And then is dawned on me… I only have ONE week left! One week till I am finished this schedule! AND THEN WHAT? I need a schedule to follow… hmm… any ideas?

It also reminded me of a topic… how we measure loss beyond inches and weight. I, of course, get on the scale and jump up and down when it shows a lower number, I also celebrate the inches going down, but what about the little things we measure inside our heads that justify our work-out. The EXTRA hole in the BELT… this I measure. I am on the third hole… in fatter times, I would have to use the second hole. Now (and for weeks) I have lived comfortably in the third hole. OR the way your jewellery fits… typically rings, but have give. They either fit or they don’t… I have one ring I always wear. It is my class ring from high school… it sits on my opposite ring finger (opposite from where I REALLY want a ring). Everyday I try to get it off… again, in fatter days I couldn’t get it off. I would start to feel claustrophobic and get lotion to get it off. I would leave it off and come back to it later. It upset me… silly, but fat fingers?! Come on! Today while I was running it kept sliding around on my finger… because it is TOO big! I know. Great news, eh?!

The last and most important… your favorite pants. They are your favorite because of how you feel in them, how you look in them… then one day you reach for them and they don’t fit! ARGH! The shift in your body is SO gradual you hardly notice, yet now your favorite pants (Mine are White Capri pants) don’t pull up over your BIG ass! My pants are seasonal… every winter I work my ass off (literally) to make sure come spring I can slip into these pants… last year with all my hospital visits and medication issues… they never fit. I never got to where my favorite (and his) pants.

This is one of my short term goals… the pants (there are a few skirts too).

I also decided my schedule for weight-loss. Now my body just has to keep up… 7 more pounds in March… 8-10 in April… another 8-10 in May and finally 10pounds in June to get me back where I want to be. I want to keep working from there to loose another 20 pounds, but they aren’t crucial and AREN’T part of this goal… I heard some where you have to step down… little steps are easier than BIG ones.

So… for reference.

Currently: -9
End of March: -16
End of April: -26
End of May: -36 *fit into FAV pants!
End of June: -46

Scary… laying it out like that, but there it is.

Wish me luck!


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