Thursday, March 18, 2010

Outside AT LAST!

Run: 35mins (5.25km)
Walk: 60mins (not measured)
Calories: 846

I ran outside and I ran FAST... even setting a NEW record for fastest KM. I forgot how much I love running outside, just running. I went home last night... had dinner with Richard and than ran. I ran at a pace I was comfortable and I ran for whatever length of time my body would allow... happily it was 35minutes, before my legs called it quits and forced me to go home.

The air was crisp and my lungs STUNG from the fresh air. I was up most of the night congested from the cold air, but I felt great... despite the PAIN in my legs. Not pain like I hurt my self, pulled a muscle or torn something, but the pain of my muscles being tired... drained of every ounce of energy.

I wasn't sure I was going to run yesterday. Tuesday's double work-out KICKED my ASS! So Sandi and I opted for a walk around Yorkville... for an hour we walked, talked and window shopped... it was a great change of pace and helped speed up the day.

I am a glutton for punishment... I love the results I am seeing with the new diet... the results are AMAZING... and every time I feel tired I think about the scale... what it is going to say in the morning. I am relieved to finally be making the progress I should... it is very motivating.

A quick review... my BRA is fantastic! It came in the mail... I was nervous about the look of it. Another flimsy bra, that cost WAY too much. I strapped the girls in and hit the road... I swear they DIDN'T move! It helped my run, because i wasn't focused on their bounce more of the pace of my feet and the fresh air invading my lungs. I highly recommend it! I am still going to use my first bra for SPINNING and other 'light' work-outs, but never again will I suffer from the uncontrollable bounce of a large bosom.

I have spinning today... despite the tired muscles in my legs. We'll see how it goes...


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