Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Instructor

Spinning: 50mins
Calories: 869

Wow! I am SO glad I was ON STRIKE yesterday. Sandi reported back about the class I missed... and my favorite instructor (can you taste the sarcasm???) was there SURPRISE!

She is a good instructor, but her music choices are terrible and I don't find her class beneficial.

Now.... today's class that is a whole other story. I tempted fate and attended a Wednesday afternoon class with a man named Andy. It was a small class, but that only meant he paid more attention to everyone individually... yup. He watched your posture, positioning, speed and increases. I got nailed a few times for bad posture. I didn't even know it was bad posture until he explained. I found it VERY helpful and loved the class SO much I am switching my entire gym regime to include his class on a weekly basis.

The music was great, the leadership was great... 5 STARS!
Oh AND I weighed in this morning and I am happy to report... I hit 15! Let's see where we are in a week. I am house sitting (again) and won't have access to a scale.
Can't wait for my next work out!

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  1. Way to go Mel! You should be super proud of your efforts!!!